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30 March, 2005

Freeloading fun

Lola LebCan has just celebrated another birthday. Like most Beirut princesses, she appears to be decreasing in age with each year that passes. We meet at yet another five star hotel for yet another press conference for the launch of yet another obscure and uninteresting company announcement: such is the endless toil of the Dubai PR bunny.

Over a strangely-scented cup of herbal tea from the ubiquitous Ronnefeld or Twinings selection box, Lola points out a journalist on the other side of the room, from the Arab-language brigade of the UAE army of shabby hacks.

"I don't get that guy. He turns up for every press conference we hold. He claims to work for some obscure Arab news agency I've never heard of. I've never seen any example of evidence of his work, published or not."

Lola's theory is that he is just along for the ride: free food and free corporate crap. The utter tragedy of such an existence silences us for several moments.

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