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27 March, 2005

Hymen harrassment, part two

When will men finally learn that absence of a woman's hymen is no valid indicator of her lack of virginity?

The story concerns three Indian students - one female, two male - who very stupidly, given the cheapness of taxis - drove back home drunk at 4am from a party in Sharjah, the wahhabi emirate. Unluckily, they were pulled over by the police.

According to a mutual friend: "the cops took the girl back to the station, and she spent four nights in jail, where she was submitted to a virginity test because the cops couldn't understand what she was doing in the car at 4 am with two guys."

It should be borne in mind that many police in the UAE come from third world countries such as Yemen, Syria and Sudan, where young women generally do not mix with young men, so they find this confusing when they come here.

Luckily for the girl she was a virgin - not that she had any legal or moral need to be, being a non-muslim expatriate - but she was then "interrogated in a locked room by these mullah CIDS who didn't believe the test results, they asked her the nationality of the feamle doctor who did the test.

"In jail she was treated like a prostitute, the female wardens would kick her awake and the poor girl got her period in jail and they wouldn't even give her a sanitary napkin. In jail, she met this Pakistani girl who'd been in jail for 45 days for talking to a guy in a tinted car, the poor girl had no relatives in Sharjah so there was no one to get her off on bail."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

28 May, 2005 20:04  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I am loathe to do this because I hate censorship, but the post above contained a phrase that would be considered extremely offensive and inflammatory in this part of the world, so I have had to remove it. Here is the rest of the text:

Anonymous said...
Interesting - when it comes to lambasting Christians (see the Mission Impossible post), people love to comment on it - usually demonstrating an anti Christian sentiment. Nobody wants to touch this one, though. There may be a lot of problems with local police in every country, but this kind of stupid test would not happen in a Christian country. We don't have the same idiot hangups as do [three words removed].

I will be the first to agree with you that this test is stupid and offensive and it would cause a public outcry if it happened in a European. I would be the second to agree that it is a practice which derives from a more primitive, less enlightened tradition.

I also realise that in an ideal society, one would be able to use the phrase you used without fear of reprisal. But I do live in a more conservative country, and while I rant and rail about certain things, out of respect for my host country and and out of regard for my own safety, there are certain phrases I don't use and things I don't say.

29 May, 2005 22:31  
Blogger Harsha said...

erm...where did you get this story from and are you sure they were students?

14 March, 2006 16:55  
Blogger secretdubai said...

From another student at the university. It never made the newspapers as far as I know.

14 March, 2006 17:06  
Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Im not sure if I can believe all of it...
But SD I can assure you virginity is not tested on the presence of abscence of the hymen...there is more to it...its not like "do you see a hymen doc?" "no hymen" "oh she is not virgin..put her in jail"
The way viriginity is tested...(ie penetration or no penetration) is different...and its to graphic for me to explain..but you can double check with a Gynecologist.

14 March, 2006 22:41  

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