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13 March, 2005

The mean streets of Al Shariqah

Murder and mayhem in the media as the Sharjah Slasher stalks the streets of the UAE's most extremist Emirate. The situation is not helped by the fact that the police waited several weeks to confirm reports, despite a rising tide of panic. Both Khaleej Times and Gulf News report that the attacker is still at large:

GN: Police have finally admitted four women have been attacked by an unidentified man, and are calling on residents to remain down.

KT: The Sharjah Police, in a statement issued yesterday, reassured members of the public that the police had intensified their patrols and increased the number of police officers in all parts of Sharjah in order to arrest the serial attacker.

But according to free rag 7Days the slasher was jailed a fortnight ago:

7Days: Sharjah police said yesterday that they had apprehended a man believed to have attacked women walking alone at night on the emirate’s streets. In a series of incidents, between February 13 and February 20, four women in different areas were slashed with a knife by an unknown assailant, Sharjah police said. Police arrested the man around two weeks ago but refused to comment on the rumours and reports to make sure the suspect held was in fact the "Sharjah Slasher".

In what must be the most futile request in the history of humankind, Sharjah police are "urging people to stop exchanging rumours and stories on this incident." The main rumour going round is that the knifer is targetting "unveiled women" and "women in tight jeans", which will doubtless arm the supporters of an even more draconian application of the decency laws, which already ban alcohol, bars and nightclubs, internet cafes after 10pm, shisha pipes, and the mixing of men and women.

No wonder Sharjaris are resorting to stabbing one another: there isn't anything more interesting or amusing to do.

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