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13 April, 2005

An ill wind

A masdaar writes to tell of an amusing jail encounter:

"I know a chap who rather unfortunately has spent some time in prison here in Dubai. He told me that while he was "inside" he was speaking to a guy who was very embarrassed about what crime he had committed and refused to tell anyone what he had done.

"He eventually got the story out of him.....

"He was in Carrefour and farted in front of a national lady. She called security who apprehended the guy and then called the police. He was then arrested and jailed for one month for Indecent behaviour in front of a lady.

"Can you imagine the court proceedings? how did they prove it? I wonder if his lawyer used the "whoever smelt it dealt" line as a defense!"

Doubtless the judge ruled that "he who says the rhyme commits the crime."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am curious to know from where you get all these stories? And how many "masdars" you have? Are you running a spying agency in the UAE or what? ;-)

13 April, 2005 07:55  

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