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01 May, 2005

The first Emirati on Mars

Congratulations to UAE national scientist Dr Meshgan Al Awar, whose name is included on a CD-ROM left on Mars to commemorate those associated with its Rover explorer mission.

Dr Meshgan, director at the Research and Studies Centre of Dubai Police Academy, has also worked hard to raise the profile of science in the UAE and wider Arab world. She also has strong environmental vision, driving down fuel emissions and air pollution in the Emirates.

Not forgetting an attempt at the eternal question: "Bedouin or Martians?"

"At the recent Festival of Deserts, she initiated a number of workshops and one of them had scientists and astronauts from France engaged in a lively debate on similarities between the deserts of Mars and those on Earth."

It is hugely encouraging to see an Emirati getting international recognition for science, and also great to see a woman scientist receiving such acclaim.


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