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08 May, 2005

From fiasco to utter farce

Tracy Wilkinson, the Brit thrown in jail without trial for prescription painkillers, has now been acquitted and is free to leave. The entire affair has been a complete and utter farce from start to finish.

We now learn that that official medical records reveal that (some or all of) the drugs she "failed" a urine test for were administered by a police doctor at Dubai airport just before she gave the sample. According to Fair Trials Abroad spokesman Stephen Jakobi:

"They first gave her medication, then they tested her for it, then they flung her in jail.

"This is what was proven in court today.

"It's daft. It's taken almost three months to sort. It's mind-blowing and it's astonishing. It was a 'Catch-22' situation."

Bizarrely, the defence blamed the media for not reporting the case accurately, with "inherent contradictions which had led to confusion."

"Subsequently, the story also appeared in the British media along with pictures of Tracy in the Public Prosecution office where she was lodged.

"The defence lawyers also denied allegations in the foreign media that Tracy was insulted during her detention, stating that this was incorrect and baseless."

The only confusion in any sane person's mind is how Ms Wilkinson languished in jail for seven weeks waiting for a few words on a doctor's prescription to be translated into Arabic. It was only after her story broke in the international media that she was speedily bailed, tried and cleared.

**For legal reasons and the protection of Ms Wilkinson/Lewis, the comments on this entry have been removed

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