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26 May, 2005

A man's home is his car-stle

A warning for the owners of a Rolls-Royce left rotting in a Sharjah parking lot.

A British expat in Dubai had a second car - a sports car - that he rarely used, and left covered up in dust sheets in the underground car park of his building. Some considerable time went by, until a few days ago when he decided to check on it.

As he made his way towards it, the dust sheets suddenly parted and a man darted out and rapidly fled. Closer inspection revealed that this man, apparently a Russian, had been living in the car for months. It was filled with clothes, papers, old junk food cartons, and - most sinisterly - several bottles of unlabelled, odourless brown liquid on the back seat.

It says something about Dubai that people are being forced to use makeshift accommodation, driven out of flats and villas by extortionate rent increases.

It says even more about Dubai that rather than Cardboard City, the average squatter can set up home in an unused luxury motor.



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