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18 May, 2005

Putting the blue into Bluetooth

The ingenuity of UAE youngsters is always impressive: the latest technology they have adopted for subversive behaviour is Bluetooth. The poor old KT gets it somewhat confused as usual:

ABU DHABI — Abu Dhabi Police have arrested two teenage schoolboys who were videotaped having sex in the toilet of their school.

The two Arab boys, Karim M. (16), and Hisham N. (17), were videotaped by another student using Bluetooth.

As amazing as Bluetooth is, it has not quite yet reached the level of electronic eyesight. But the wireless wonder is already a big concern for Dubai police, who are waging war on dirty messages:

"Dubai Police said yesterday it would continue to hunt anyone using their mobile phones to exchange dirty messages and pictures at shopping malls and other public places. Brigadier General Khamis Al Mazeena, director of Criminal Investigation Department (CID), said a number of people, particularly the youth of Dubai, have taken to “this bad habit as they send pornographic pictures”,using Bluetooth technology, through their phones."

Good news though for toothers hoping to hook up with a man in uniform, there'll now be plenty available at Deira City Centre.



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