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17 May, 2005

X-rated mascara

Can there be anything more delightful to the Khaleej Times than a chance to trot out its ghastly babu expressions and facial-twitching cliches of mock-shock? A make-up ad, allegedly making a mascara tube look like a dildo, inspires the following:

"raising many eyebrows!" - this is apparently a hilarious pun on eyes/mascara, hence the exclamation mark. Just in case of their readers missed it, which hopefully they did. Ditto: "more than what meets the eye".

"tongues are wagging" - whose? Theirs? See also: "But, critics ask...". Who? What critics? The article does not mention a single one.

"naughty-eyed" - quite simply the most execrable quaintism since "eve-teasing".

The only excruciatingly embarrassing and inappropriate billboard ads in recent times have been those proclaiming: "Dubai's Only English-language Newspaper". "With Fearless and Courageous Reporting".

Advertising - yes, you've guessed it - the KT itself.



Blogger Chanad said...

You beat me to it. I was going to blog about this too.

The amazing thing is that the KT article was much more risque than the billboard it talked about. The image in the photo looked pretty tame to me.

There was a time when the KT was a serious paper, but now it's just a tabloid printed on broadsheet. Actually, it's only the frontpage which is stupid... the rest of the news is run of the mill.

I like how they refer to themselves in the article, eg. "It was uncovered by your favourite number one newspaper that..." Ah..

18 May, 2005 04:48  
Blogger secretdubai said...

The business section is still OK, but the general news just a joke.

So are you based in Dubai or Bahrain (or do you just travel here on business?)

18 May, 2005 05:00  
Blogger Keef said...

Damn, you beat me to it! I'd seen the phrase 'your favourite number one newspaper' used in previous articles in KT. And also the series of lamppost ads on Jumeirah Beach Road. KT is really losing it.

18 May, 2005 17:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

And did KT see fit to comment on Nivea's now-infamous "more moisture, more pleasure" billboard? That must have had them coming out in a cold sweat ....

19 May, 2005 21:21  
Blogger AHSAN GHORI said...

Cant understand why people are after this sex thing.Its as natural as you brush your teeth or eat your food or matter of fact answer your natures call.Look at it that way & things will be clear.No need to hide behind the bushes.For children they have to look past the billboard into the horizon.

22 May, 2005 11:02  

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