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13 June, 2005

Schizophrenic smoking policy

Dubai Municipality doesn't appear to have a clue whether it's coming or going with its smoking-in-public policy. Last year the Municipality ran a massive campaign ahead of a ban on smoking in public places, which came into force on 15th September.

For a couple of wondrous weeks, Dubaians could stroll through shopping malls in clean, smoke free air - tainted only by the ubiquitous reek of oud and body odour. Little children's lungs were clear once more, with prams of newborns no longer used as ashtrays by feckless parents.

But alas! A shortlived joy, with Dubai Municipality going schizo:

"The civic body has not imposed any ban on smoking in malls," Engineer Salem Bin Mesmar, director of the public health department, said in a statement issued by the municipality yesterday.

He went on to say that the municipality had nothing to do with the banning of smoking in shopping malls, despite the posters in malls which said the ban was "by law".

One of the thousands of official leaflets, printed by Dubai Municipality with its logo proudly prominent at the top, reads:

According to Article No. 51 of the Local Order 11/2003, Dubai Municipality has decided to ban smoking in all Leisure & Entertainment places, Shopping Centres and Resturants.

So despite the bylaw, the emirate's foul faggers began fuming again in a fit of fetid glee. Roll forward a year, and their unhealthy habit appears to be under threat once more:

Dubai shopping malls could reintroduce the smoking ban this year. Eisa Adam Ibrahim, president of the Dubai Shopping Malls Group and general manager of Burjuman, said yesterday the group is working with Dubai Municpality to bring back the ban. “We need to make shopping a pleasant experience for everyone including women and children,” he said.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice alliteration. Thanks for the link!

Red Pen

14 June, 2005 12:02  
Blogger Emirati said...

The Municipality is like a train, whose carriages are held together by duct tape. Every move they make usually ends in a disaster

14 June, 2005 21:29  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Let's hope they use something a bit stronger than duct tape for the new Dubai Light Rail!

14 June, 2005 21:45  

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