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29 July, 2005

Blocked, unblocked, and back

From the icy blue skies of Australia to the smouldering grey skies of the Gulf, being safely back in the confines of Cell Block G is a strange delight.

An even greater joy has been the strength of support and encouragement that has led to the proxy-block being lifted. Thank you beyond words to you all.

But if the pervy Pashtun is feeling gleeful at the re-occupancy of his favourite private peepshow, bad luck. A Croaking Frog motion-sensor alarm is being installed on the verandah, aimed straight at his lurking place. Thorny bougainvillea may not have deterred him, but hopefully a raucus frog chorus will send him on his way.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back - a delight to see that you've returned both to the desert and the keyboard. Looking forward to reading more.

29 July, 2005 12:09  
Blogger desertblog said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

29 July, 2005 13:10  
Blogger desertblog said...

Welcome back, lets here more rants and raves about living in Dubai from you!

29 July, 2005 13:11  
Blogger ike said...

Here's hoping that a more 'commercialized' Secret Diary happens.

Complete with corporate sponsors and pop-up advertising, Secret Diary completes the promotion that Etisalat started, resulting in more blogs posting brazen, no-holds barred text—with the hope that they also get blocked and start a profitable online presence.


29 July, 2005 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

delightful to have you back! you've been missed.

29 July, 2005 16:03  
Blogger Emirati said...

WB, I see the Etitossers backed down. Looking 4ward to more posts from u.

29 July, 2005 16:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder whether being provocative is more dangerous than self serving? Have you not learned your lesson yet? If not and you persist, perhaps you should be more substantive in your criticism as well?

29 July, 2005 16:34  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Thank you every one!

And anonymous - "learned my lesson"? What lesson might that be?!

29 July, 2005 17:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Welcome back, fellow celebtrash fan ....

29 July, 2005 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go on " secret dubai" rock the boat ... sooner or later you'll fall off ... this is the mid east hon ... Not Aussieland where freedom of expression is only reserved for pale skinned red necks.

29 July, 2005 19:36  
Blogger News Blog re-Blog Team said...

Glad to have you back Secret Dubai, Rock on & Keep it Blogged!

All power to the bloggers. :)

29 July, 2005 19:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Secret dubai,

I for one would just like to say that I like the blog just as it is. I actually spent the last two days (was able to do this due to current unemployed status) reading the entire thing.
Keep up the good work and welcome back of course!

29 July, 2005 20:03  
Blogger Emirati said...

To anonymous,

Believe it or not, you live in the UAE where secretdubais blog is not only allowed, but loved.

If you dont like the fact that etisalat under the UAE governments authority opened this site, then perhaps you should go live in

A- North Korea
B- Lybia
C- Saudi Arabia

Where I think the leaders of those countries would be very sympathetic to your cause, but not here buddy.

29 July, 2005 21:33  
Blogger Emirati said...

And although I may not agree with exactly everything secretdubai says, I follow the saying

"I may not agree with what you say, but I will fight not against you, but for your right to say it"

29 July, 2005 21:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To all the detractors:

Freedom of expression is necessary for the well being of a country. The only exception is in the birth of a new country, for the sake of stability.

The UAE is, al7amdulillah, on its feet. Censorship standards are beginning to loosen, and the locals have been thinking for themselves more than ever whilst still maintaining a healthy degree of morality.

Freedom of expression is not a problem; it is a solution. Those who disagree with me should seriously consider leaving my country (the most open-minded in the region) and go live in any one of the more conservative countries.

If it's backwards-thinking you want, I'm sure you'll be happier than a pig in shit in another GCC country or even Iran. Just don't bring your backwards politics to my country, because I'll be damned if I let you get in the way of the UAE's success.

Welcome back, secretdubai

-abu sa3ood

29 July, 2005 21:43  
Blogger SillyBahrainiGirl said...



30 July, 2005 00:23  
Blogger Unknown said...

Hi, welcome back. Could we exchange links?

30 July, 2005 11:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey, welcome back and looking forward to reading more.

30 July, 2005 12:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lesson is that you are being watched and that this is not quite the open society we may wish it to be. Things you may take for granted in your home are not necessarily available here, and you should know that. Now that your experience has validated that, are you going to continue full speed ahead and if so, why not throw all caution to the wind and let it all hang out while you still can! ;)

30 July, 2005 15:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

emirati, chill dude. This ain't necessary:

If you dont like the fact that etisalat under the UAE governments authority opened this site, then perhaps you should go live in

A- North Korea
B- Lybia
C- Saudi Arabia

Where I think the leaders of those countries would be very sympathetic to your cause, but not here buddy.

The reality is this is not quite the open and free society you may want it to be. We're all adults here; naivete is a sign of immaturity. Etisalat blocks certain material it says is offensive to the people and culture of this country...a country which I think is a pretty good one, too, if you can get around the Dubai traffic. Knowing this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that this incident happened, and now that it has, and before it happens again, will secret leave it all out on her computer keyboard or not. There's where I was coming from. Ease up bro', ok?

30 July, 2005 15:56  
Blogger Once the Conman said...

Welcome back... MR FAMOUS!!!!

30 July, 2005 20:34  
Blogger Once the Conman said...

OOPS... Ms Famous!

30 July, 2005 20:39  
Blogger Dave Banana said...

Good to have you back SD.

31 July, 2005 09:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great to see your return to the blogosphere!

Welcome back.

31 July, 2005 13:17  
Blogger BreastImplants said...

Unbelievable, isn't it?
Things like this make me feel hopeful about living here.

31 July, 2005 23:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One thing I fail to understand is why countries that want to achieve everything "western" .. in terms of malls, buildings, attitudes etc etc .. don't embrace the most basic of values from those same places that seem to inspire their aspirations ... FREEDOM ! ! .... FREEDOM in every sense of the word. As long as someone does not physically harm someone, or openly abuse someone, they should be free to say and do as they may please. LET FREEDOM RING

02 August, 2005 01:39  
Blogger BrainSyke said...

discovered you following a bunch of link around the web...well not too many.

02 August, 2005 23:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you have been dearly missed. 'nuff said.

06 August, 2005 13:27  

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