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06 July, 2005

Lost in translation

"So he handed me the new document he'd just typed, and I looked at it, and asked him what the hell it was.

"And he said: "it's your translated document madam."

""But it's in English!" I pointed out.

""Yes madam, I have translated the document you gave me."

""But that was in English too! How can you possibly translate from English to English? I needed it in Arabic."

""Oh, you wanted the document in Arabic, madam?""

One half of Jumeira media couple, Kiki, recounts the exasperating attempt to get her other half, Maurice, back into the UAE, after an incompetent PRO screwed up a visa transfer and left Maurice languishing in the Kuala Lumpur Ritz-Carlton with a six month work and visit ban.

When the document was eventually translated, it was so badly done as to reverse its actual meaning: transferring Maurice's sponsorship from Company Y to Company X instead of the other way round.

Maurice's re-entry options currently look like a choice between sailing round the Strait of Hormuz hidden in the cargo of a dhow, flying over the Buraimi/Al Ain border in a hot air balloon, or travelling by camel up through the Empty Quarter. None particularly appealing in the fifty-degree heat with the likely chance of a lengthy Government hotel stay on arrival.


Blogger Bu3askoor said...

Despite the number of foreigners in UAE, the visa regulations still poorly designed. More complications than needed, no wonder every couple of years we see new laws.

Now i must say, the options you specified are creative lol. I might consult you on my next heist :)

07 July, 2005 10:23  
Blogger secretdubai said...

It's actually a desperate situation - the guy is literally stranded in Oman - and he cannot get back in, despite the fact he has a South African passport, and a Polish (ie European) passport, and no criminal record. His car, his bank accounts, his house, his clothes etc - everything is in Dubai and he cannot access it.

07 July, 2005 11:06  

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