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10 July, 2005

Love's Labours Lost

Good old Dr Al Ka'abi, the UAE's most heroic minister, has hit several nails into very thick heads in his recent comments on emiratisation. The UAE's employment authority, Tanmia, has been strongly criticised for recruiting just 3,100 emiratis over the past four years, despite funding of Dh107 million:

"This means that the country has spent more than Dh34,000 to recruit every citizen, which is enormous," he said.

But wisely, the labour minister has no apparent plans to force quotas on the private sector:

"The private sector will not be able to provide jobs for UAE nationals if hasty and haphazard decisions are imposed on it.

Sadly for Dr Al Ka'abi, less than a fortnight after his greatly acclaimed order for labourers to be allowed to rest during the hottest midday hours, violation is rampant:

Abu Dhabi: Representatives of 15 local companies have been summoned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs for flouting the midday break rule.

The ministry has said that it will issue fines against employers who break the rule and make their workers engage in outdoor work between 12.30pm and 4.30pm this month and next month.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly they don't seem to care much and those construction companies have absolutey no regard for human rights.

They shouldn't just fine them, they should suspend their license to operate if found in violation.

25 July, 2005 23:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think that the number of Nationals employed is very good.
I do not understand the minister's criticism.

Firstly, Tanmia is not only tasked with employing Nationals. It is an authority with expenses. They train Nationals before providing employment. They spend thousands on training courses in Computer skills, English Language, HR courses...

To divide the money going in over the number of Nationals successfully employed and come up with a number he claims is the number spent on employing one National is outrageous.

As I said it is an Auhority that pays its employees and spends a lot of money paying private institutions to train Nationals.

Finally, Tanmia has been doing a great job cinsidering the lack of aid it receives from the private and public sector.

26 July, 2005 10:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

re construction staff break - it is the unreasonable expectations of clients that force all those in construction to work 12-14 hours a day to get the job built.

All the extended break does is make the day even longer. If a 12-14 hour day is not already enough.

I also notice that the men are not even taken back ti teh camps, they are strewn across Dubai trying to find shade where they can and snatching some sleep. Not exactly a rest eh!

If reasonable time scales where applied to projects; as they are in other counries, all construction staff might start to get a better quality of life and not the 12-14 hour/6 day norm that my hubby has been working since we got here.

All becasue Dubai has to be built yesterday.

26 July, 2005 21:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


"Firstly, Tanmia is not only tasked with employing Nationals. It is an authority with expenses. They train Nationals before providing employment."

isn't that the real issue that is rampant in this region?
the training burden shouldn't be on Tanmia. the schools, unis and such like are failing to provide kids with the correct skillset to find employment.

I mean it's fine providing "hotel management" degrees, but honestly, how many hotel managers does even Dubai need? more useful courses need to be encouraged.

this is by no means restricted to the middle east as I knew a lot of people doing "political studies" or similar useless degrees back home, but seems especially endemic here.


25 September, 2006 00:24  

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