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30 July, 2005

Mist of JOY!

Mist of JOY! JOY with MISTY Mountains and Springs!
Scroll around in the lush GREEN Mountains!
Shower and get wet in the Chilly Weather!

These lines introducing an advertorial on Oman's Khareef season are oddly beautiful. The Khareef is a rain-bearing fog that descends on Salalah every summer, bringing waterfalls and mist, and greening the hills and valleys.

"Chilly Weather!" may seem a strange reference in a tourism brochure, given most holidaymakers seek sunshine or good snow for skiing. But in the arid, scorching, clammy Gulf, with the mercury stuck in the mid-forties, cool rain is a kind of fantasy. No wonder over 200,000 tourists visited Salalah for last year's Khareef. Standing in the sprinklers in dusty Dubai is a poor substitute.

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Blogger Once the Conman said...

lol... I, in Qatar, second that.
And again... welcome back!

30 July, 2005 20:36  

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