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07 July, 2005

Want of wasta

While Maurice broods in the bed-bug-plagued two-star Muscat Novotel, Kiki has been running round like a mad desert hare between ministries and government offices to try and lift his mistakenly-imposed work and visit ban. What is becoming increasingly clear is that this is less a case of following a process, and less even a case of "additional charge for quick processing" (=bribe) than a case of really needing some high-level wasta.

But when Kiki sits down with friends and family to discuss who they know, and who friends of friends may know, the shocking answer is basically no one. Even aged Jumeirah expats growing dusty in their villas for the past twenty years have virtually no UAE local aquaintances. Kiki has no shortage of wealthy, well-connected westerners to call on: the problem is that none of these people carry any clout when it comes to a bureaucratic crisis.


Blogger BreastImplants said...

Hey, it's Varsha.
I'm still alive and ok so far.
And I have a journal up on here now.
LiveJournal just doesn't do it for me anymore.
It's nice to start afresh sometimes.
I hope you're well.

08 July, 2005 01:46  
Blogger Your Man in Dubai said...

How do you get the site counter at the bottom, is it in the 'footer'?

09 July, 2005 12:59  
Blogger secretdubai said...

If you go to - you can get a free one (like the below) - and they even provide an auto-insert thing. It requires giving them your Blogger name and password etc, then I guess their software codes it into your template for you.

09 July, 2005 13:02  
Blogger Your Man in Dubai said...

thanks will try it, would be nice to see if people are visiting,

09 July, 2005 13:10  
Blogger calkoon said...

lol, reality kicks in...

After you've Lived a life detached from locals in the Gulf with impunity, it becomes impossible to penetrate that barrier you've created.

Be patient and observant of customs & norms and you'll probably get through.

Besides Wasta, you can always try getting a good lawyer.... (an alternative if you have a good case)


27 July, 2005 17:57  

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