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14 August, 2005

Flying villas and twirling towers

The problem with yet-another-world-first-unbelievable project in Dubai is that after a while, one stops caring whether they are financially unviable, unfeasible engineering-wise, pointless, or just a complete hoax.

Rotating City is the latest project to join the ludiocrity. It features twenty towers with revolving floors, as well as floating and "flying" villas:

"The whole thing rotates," said the source. "You will be able to acquire villas, apartments, floating villas on water, [and] flying villas [that] elevate in the air. So you have the accessibility to a villa that not only rotates on ground, but it gives you up to a 15 metre to 20 metre up in-the-air elevation. It’s a mind-blowing project."

Doubtless it is, given that the only people who would choose to live in houses that spin around and move up and down are those with their brains blown out.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

That’s just downright stupid!! I haven’t heard of this one yet. Where did you get this from? How is such a thing ever going to be financially viable?

Engineering-wise, it is possible, but at a very high price. This place is turning out to be like a “sheikh’s fantasy island” – sigh !! … when will they learn.

14 August, 2005 16:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would rather live in a freehold villa that falls apart after being built on the cheap than a flying villa that falls out the sky or a tower block that spins out of control.

14 August, 2005 16:39  
Blogger said...

Dubai is turning into a hybrid of Star Trek and Disney Land. At first it was cool especially when I first saw the Twin Towers and Burj Al Arab and all the related development appear...
It was cool the way everytime i left the emirate for a few months and returned, it would of changed completely new buildings here... new roads there (me and a friend even got lost a few times driving in that development between Hard Rock and Jebel Ali coz the roads and buildings kept on changing) But now I think we are getting a little carried away. Coz we have the money doesnt mean we should spend it all at once. Its almost excessive and decadent.

14 August, 2005 16:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bahahaha.. I had to read it from ITP Business to believe it. Okay, no, I don't believe it.

Why does this sound like a publicity stunt for DubaiLand to get some extra attention? I highly doubt that this project is for real.

If it is, then... I'll be damned!

14 August, 2005 18:20  
Blogger waterboy said...

There was a story a couple of weeks ago about a 'Snow City' that was to be built in Sharjah, complete with Reykjavik-inspired Ice Hotel.

Unsuprisingly, the govt then piped up and said they had never been approached for permission for any such project.

While I'm not insinuating that the spinning or snow cities specifically are scams, I think there's a risk that an unscrupulous person could get something like this into a newspaper fairly easily and then use the coverage to lend credibility to a non-existent project and relieve people of their money by telling them it's an 'investment'.

A guy managed to do something similar quite effectively (tho' he did get caught) by spreading rumours in 1999 of a champagne cork shortage. The story even made it into a couple of internationally-read papers.

14 August, 2005 18:21  
Blogger sandsOfTime said...

Reminds me of that fiasco known as "Bubble City". Anybody remember that? Go to

I can think of much better uses for 1 Billion dollars than this boondoggle.

14 August, 2005 18:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at first i used to think that the people that thought up these ideas spent all day playing sim city.

now i think they do the chronic.

14 August, 2005 20:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh.. well, I always told people that ruling Dubai is like playing SimCity with the money cheat ;)

14 August, 2005 22:10  
Blogger Hurricane_ said...

This is the DUMBEST thing I have ever heard. I can imagine a team of ENGLISH, GERMAN, AMERICAN engineers etc having a meeting between themselves "HoW can we sell a ridiculous idea to these idiots" , they pull something out of a HAT and then pitch this idea to a DUMB Sheikh
Sheikh : "WALLAH, can this be done"
The Engineers(with a straight face): "Sure, its worth the try" .
Sheikh : "Yallah, then"

14 August, 2005 23:10  
Blogger secretdubai said...

We don't know they're English, German and American - they may just as well be French, Italian and Canadian.

Most likely in this case they're Martian, Neptunian and Con-Merchantian.

14 August, 2005 23:58  
Blogger Dave Banana said...

its reminiscent of the bubble city that was launched last year and turned out to be an April Fool.

I remember being completely fooled by it as i thought, 'only in Dubai'.

At some point, someone has got to say, 'come on, enough now, this is ridiculous', but as long as the off planners keep piling money in i suppose it wont happen.

15 August, 2005 09:26  
Blogger Parv said...

You beat me to it. I felt compelled to blog about this absurd piece of news as well:

Are there companies that manufacture pills for vertigo? Might be a good time to expand my stock portfolio. Imagine the demand from an entire "city" in the sky.

15 August, 2005 14:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Words fail me.
Dubai has offically jumped the shark.

15 August, 2005 15:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, this certainly seems to be a hoax. Just like bubble city, chess city and the golden dome, it's nothing more than a vision probably by a crazy architect.

As dave banana said, a lot of people will believe this as they'll think "only in Dubai".

16 August, 2005 03:28  
Blogger Dave Banana said...

Chess City is a hoax too?

I believed that one as well. Honestly, I really am gullible.

16 August, 2005 10:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Waiting for Harry Potter City!!!!

16 August, 2005 13:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think this is just bull Sh*t.

it doesnt exsist, it wont happen.

The same goes to bubble city or whatever thats called.

16 August, 2005 14:29  
Blogger black feline said...

I think its a great idea! very bold and innovative...sounds like leonardo da vinci the 2nd in the's crazy but hey it's fun...I cant wait to see it...i wntto be the first feline on it!

16 August, 2005 17:33  
Blogger silentmode_v2 said...

hahaha. i wonder if the electricity goes blackout again while those flying villas are up in the air...

17 August, 2005 09:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you seen I don't know which is my favourite: the masssive glass dome over the multiple ski slopes with what looks like a full-sized arena in the centre, or the collection of multiple sport stadiums (all full of people, and yet no sign of any cars parked).

17 August, 2005 16:43  
Blogger Unknown said...

have you ever left like freezing yourself for like 50 years and come back in 2055 and see what Dubai is like? I don't think it would be fun to wait that long and be in Dubai when you are 76..

18 August, 2005 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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21 August, 2005 11:08  
Blogger mnk said...

it is just so ironical that this world spends a majority of their schooling days studying subjects like history and yet fail to learn the most basic of that subjects teaching...learn from the past!!!
how many of us thought palm island was a wild imagination that is not viable...i think no1 has the right to comment on anyones imagination or the desire to innovate...the many inventions u use today were afterall wild ideas of some one who had to put up with a lot of crap...bottom line the track record of this place has so far been perfect...agreed this s a blog but still ....pathetic

13 December, 2005 00:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubai is just beautifull for visitor who are ready to come for vacation and spend a lot of money.
I know very well Dubai, u like it when u only stay outside the system but trye to know the Real Dubai, then study it from inside.
"to survive in dubai without any problem, it is a real problem.."

10 January, 2007 05:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It sounds like its worth a visit.

11 May, 2008 16:44  

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