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01 August, 2005

King Fahd is dead

A time of mourning for Saudi Arabia, as King Fahd dies:

RIYADH, Aug 1 (Reuters) - Saudi state television interrupted regular broadcasting with recitations of the Koran and one Western diplomat said he had information that King Fahd had died in hospital on Monday.

"Sources at King Faisal Specialist Hospital have informed us that he (King Fahd) is dead," the diplomat said. He did not give further details.

Eighty-one year old Crown Prince Abdullah takes the throne, while international observers fret about the future succession.



Blogger Once the Conman said...

... May he R.I.P.

01 August, 2005 12:15  
Blogger monkey16667 said...

Hey, maybe we will get a couple of days off here in the UAE.

Would be nice to chill at home for a few.

(Dont visit it if you are easily offended.)

01 August, 2005 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The word I'm hearing is we just might get a few if not one day off. Stay tuned, tomorrow will tell. I like how respectful the Emirates are even to neighbor dignitaries.

01 August, 2005 16:58  
Blogger Hurricane_ said...

People in the UAE are thinking, hmmmm , it would be nice to get a few days off (lets be honest here FOLKS),may be now we can build the BRIDGE that the SAUDI's were opposing.
Here in the U.S. (and I am sure in other western countries) all the news is HOW THIS WILL EFFECT THE OIL PRICES.

01 August, 2005 17:25  
Blogger El Sid said...

BBC obituary...and this man was the de facto leader of the worlds muslims???

'He had a reputation as a playboy in his youth, with allegations of womanising, drinking and gambling to excess. Indeed, it is claimed that he once lost more than $6m in one night at the Monte Carlo casino.'

01 August, 2005 20:58  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Pocket change, one sadly (and bitterly) imagines...

01 August, 2005 21:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We look forward to a possible holiday whilst this man meets his Maker. Truly, may the Almighty give us more worthy lives than that, so that when our day comes, we will be remembered in sadness and with a sense of loss
... even kings must end their days as all men dust and dirt.

02 August, 2005 00:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

CRAP! No Holiday?! Am I the only one disappointed? I thought that this was a sure bet day off! Now... govnt offices are closed for a whole week so watch out you guys - if ur driving back home on al diyafa/al riqa roads!

Disappointed expat

02 August, 2005 08:59  

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