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17 August, 2005

Motor mouths

One of the most fantastic official denials in the history of dodgy fading pop stars taking up residence in faraway countries to avoid the western paparazzi:

The sources denied reports that the King of Pop was moving with a heavy entourage and that he was driving a flashy red Ferrari.

"We saw the report from a Western network. This is exactly what is resented: baseless gossip that is not in any way related to the truth. He has a limited entourage, and he moves in his Rolls Royce," the sources said.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh come now...who's the one being dramatic now ? They say he drives his Rolls and was even snapped in a mall with fans around him sans "heavy entourage" dew days back. What's so dodgy ?

All you pro- and con- MJ freaks...yeesh !

18 August, 2005 00:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i told u Elvis weren't dead!! And he drives a Cadillac El Dorado...wouldn't be caught dead in them aye-talian jobs.
Long live the Kaing!!

18 August, 2005 01:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never thought jacko could himself drive a car, wouldn't he loose a piece of arm or hand while moving the wheel? Does the story say if he made build caves for kidnaped children?

18 August, 2005 02:31  
Blogger ReginaFilangee said...

and crammed in the boot/trunk were the doubting jurors?

18 August, 2005 09:46  
Blogger YelJay said...

nice blog, SD.

btw, i hope you won't mind, i have added you to my own blog:
Dubai Flipside
You're my inspiration.
Keep it coming!

18 August, 2005 15:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


23 August, 2005 00:39  

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