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31 October, 2005

Hello Heathrow

Surely there is no greater defence against illegal immigration than the grey grim horror of Heathrow Airport? Any wannabe-refugee that doesn't jump straight on the next return flight to downtown Baghdad or war-torn Rwanda surely deserves all the compassion and free mental health treatment Britain can offer.

For these poor foolish asylum seekers that fail to heed the ghastly omen that is Heathrow, there are plenty of advisory posters scattered around in multiple languages: Arabic, Urdu, Swahili, Albanian and French.

The poor French. We knew things were bad since Dubya froze them out, but having to take refuge in the Land of les Rosbifs? Seismologists report earth tremors in Paris as Napoleon turns in his grave.


Blogger BuJ said...

Heathrow's a scary place.. I don't like it.

However, I'm proud to have done two things.. One was to run from the departure lounge to flight BA108 in 10 minutes (terminal 4) skipping through security as I was late for my flight

This demonstrates compassion.

Two was to be able to pass through immigration with an expired UK visa... that was quite a lot of fun.. as I made a bet that they won't notice and they didn't.. Moreover it was in the hypersensitive post 9/11 year of 2002 :)

That shows stupidity from my part :)

01 November, 2005 04:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

compassion and stupidity... normally a rare combination.. but found in abundance in this part of the world.


01 November, 2005 12:19  
Blogger One Nine Seven One said...

One of my fondest memories was arriving at Heathrow at 5pm and after going through customs and then waiting on the tube platform deciding that I was not going to stay and instantly returned back to the terminal and booked myself on a return ticket to Cairo, leaving 9:15 the followering morning.

Ahh, to be young and carefree... (btw that was a couple years ago)

01 November, 2005 13:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The reason for French is probably for people coming from Francophone Africa and other ex-French colonies. As EU citizens, French nationals have the right of abode in the UK.

01 November, 2005 15:04  
Blogger CG said...

heathrow....OMG. it has to be the worst place on earth. Ankara airport is more homely.

01 November, 2005 19:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since I typically fly to the US from AUH, spending a couple of hours in Terminal 4 at Heathrow isn't really all that bad. There are many, many far worse airports. (Philadelphia? Chicago? Frankfurt? Even Schiphol is over-rated, IMO.)

Manchester is worse than LHR, in my experience. But as I said above, maybe my LHR experiences are atypical.

04 November, 2005 15:13  
Blogger kingfisher said...

I think Chicago and Frankfurt are way better than LHR. LHR has been under "renovation" for more than 10 years, without pause. The only worse place I can think of is Toronto (YYZ) which has been under "reno" for more than 15 years, and is still too small. Even Nairobi is more organized and pleasant than either LHR or YYZ. I thnk the world's greatest airport from a passenger point of view is Singapore's - it's soooo pleasant.

07 November, 2005 17:00  

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