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06 October, 2005

How much?

Expat women are used to the small talk preceding regular requests for paid companionship: "Are you Russian?" "Good eeeevneeng." "Let's be friends."

This nasty abusive worm didn't even bother to beat around the bush in his quest to beat around a bush:

The Pakistani man approached the Filipino woman in the public park in Deira and asked, "How much?" according to an eye witness. The woman, who was with her family at the time, slapped the man in the face, who hit her back.

The woman’s husband then arrived and attacked the man, detaining him until police arrived. "The man asked my madam how much is the rate," the husband said. "It is quite embarrassing because not all ladies who come to the area are bad."

Note to husband: it possibly isn't the best idea to refer to your wife as a "madam" in such a circumstance.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a non-violent person and would rather settle disputes by talking things out -- even shouting is fine.. but never violence.

With that being said, kudos to the husband. I think if more people beat the living hell out of such idiots, they might get the idea.

In fact, I think groups of people should be allowed to join in, beating the living crap out of the idiots.

Extreme cases call for extreme measures.

06 October, 2005 08:18  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

"Are you Russian?" "Good eeeevneeng." "Let's be friends."

Next time somebody asks you this, reply with:

Da, ya iz Rossii. Pazhla na huy.

06 October, 2005 08:27  
Blogger Utsuqushchi said...

tim newman:

I would notice it is better to say: Poshel na khuy! (as this phrase is usually addressed to a man).
But this icedent is not the only one of its kind.It happens everyday to hundreds of expat women in Dumbai.
And if you only knew how many tourists suffer the same. One of my friends took her 14 year daughter to this charming city and when on Jumeirah an idiot like that came up to her and tried to check the "rates", afterwards the girl was in a state of depression and her mother coul not explain that it's not her mistake that this guy had balls instead of brains.

06 October, 2005 10:05  
Blogger eet kreef said...

My wife had her tits grabbed in a RAK material shop becuase "he thought she was Russian...."

06 October, 2005 10:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sad state of affairs.. my aunt who is 45 years old was approached by a young lad of 18 and offered her Dh100 to spent an hour with her...

These men should be flogged in public

06 October, 2005 11:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What i'd like to know is - is this culturally acceptible? A German lady who was offered a few camels while walking in the mall with her bf (the offer was communicated to the bf) said to me that since this was culturally acceptable she wasnt offended.
I thought it isnt... but i'd like to hear from other GCCs and emaratis - if approaching western women for an offer is considered ok?

06 October, 2005 12:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tip on fighting with Pakistanis, never ever give them a change to get hold of you. If that happen, you're dead. They have a very strong grip and 'bear hug'...but they don't know how to fist fight. So keep moving and hit them on the throat, the balls and the feet...that's their weakness. the rest of their body is stone hard.

06 October, 2005 12:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shameful behaviour but clearly a case of cultural conditioning.

Many of the men in this city, including natives of the country, are perhaps not used to women in the public sphere. Their encounters with 'white' women (i.e. eastern european businesswomen) or 'asian' women (i.e. south-east asian businesswomen) make this more problematic. If the authorities crack down (and they can if they want to) on the 'business',then lonely, socially mal-adjusted men will not force themselves on women in public.

06 October, 2005 12:39  
Blogger Utsuqushchi said...

But do you think that all east european women (russian,ukranian etc.) are from the category of 'light' women? There are a lot of dicent ladies aomng them and they do suffer not less than their west european friends.
I don't think that's fair to say that west european girls get offended by these actions and others don't.

06 October, 2005 14:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it's all america's fault...

only joking

06 October, 2005 18:42  
Blogger pixelsonic said...

Well done to that husband. And I'm glad they didn't throw him in jail and deport him for fighting

06 October, 2005 18:49  
Blogger * said...

ooh but thats nasty.
I always find the phrase(in pure PUNJABI):"TERI MAA HORE BAYN TOH ZIYAADA". so delightful.
Infact any phrase that will invoke his mother and sister whom he religiously worships will leave him foaming at the mouth.
This is the true FUNDA of the DESI male.

06 October, 2005 19:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Secret now that smoking has effectively been 'banned'in shopping malls (during Ramadan) it is an approriate time to raise the question of why the ban which was implemented last year was mysteriously reversed last November. I'd like to invite your readers to participate in a short survey on attitudes to smoking in the UAE. Here is a link to the survey:

06 October, 2005 21:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, my wife (Russian-looking) used to get propositioned like that by the Pakistani taxi drivers when we lived in the UAE. I taught her to say "Go f*ck your Mother, you smelly Paki" and it seemed to do the trick.

06 October, 2005 22:28  
Blogger Emirati said...

pixel, the police are pretty reasonable guys if nothing major is commited. I wouldnt expect that from them.

06 October, 2005 23:05  
Blogger pixelsonic said...

emirati, neither would I in this case but I am glad that they do deport people for fighting sometimes, IMHO it helps keep the place as non violent as it is.

07 October, 2005 01:06  
Blogger black feline said...

sista secretdubai..i suggest u do an investigative write-up on expat ladies or even guys..who engage in illicit sexscapade with all these indian, bangladeshi, driver, construction worker...etc i heard so much and i think it will give a more balanced view otherwise we tend to get the impression..thanks to you (no malice intended here)..that all these people are 4ver salivating...come on..there are just as many lonely professional ladies/guys who for reason(s) known to them seek this people for a quick fix or whatever..

07 October, 2005 09:39  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

sista secretdubai..i suggest u do an investigative write-up on expat ladies or even guys..who engage in illicit sexscapade with all these indian, bangladeshi, driver, construction worker...etc i heard so much and i think it will give a more balanced view otherwise we tend to get the impression..

Expat girls going with taxi drivers and construction workers? Rather than asking SD to do an investigation that would be akin to investigating the moon's cream cheese composition, why not give us a brief article on what you've heard?

07 October, 2005 11:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought of importing Blow Dolls for these starved creatures?

That would be a million dirham idea for any business person out there ! Think about it ??

Big Toys for Big "Paki" boys

would be acceptable as the theme of the store or the Business name !

I bet you would see more happy cabbies and Labourers ....

Instead of these hostile,hormone raging imberciles ... with eyes sticking out their sockets ... everytime a breathing woman passes by!

07 October, 2005 13:41  
Blogger pixelsonic said...

Maybe a little hard to get some alone time with your blow up doll when you share a room with 4 other blokes.

08 October, 2005 03:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not long ago, we used to hear and see the in the newspaper that some or others was arrested for harrassing ladies in public places. It used to be strict order from Sheikh Mohhammed. Manier times the photos of Locals also used to appear. God know what happened and all of a sudden they stopped these news (or may be they stopped arresting people for the same reason.)


08 October, 2005 08:50  
Blogger black feline said...

timmy boy,

there are many desperate housewives/single expat ladies out there..including guys like u intention is not to turn the table's a fact..even with gardener! where are u? ivory tower and armchair i bet

08 October, 2005 11:37  
Blogger Poshboy said...

Black feline.. that is why I avoid the Lime Tree and the bars at Scarlets and Longs as some of the women seem to pack hunt!! only joking!

Anyway, it is not just the Russian Girls that get the grief. I remember a female friend of mine whenever she was wearing a dress and looking quite glam going out in the evening was asked by Taxi drivers which entrance to the hotel she wanted. This did only happen when she was getting a taxi on her own.

English White female being asked by taxi drivers if she wanted to go in the service entrance becasue they thought she was in the servicing industry.

I mean. come on!

08 October, 2005 13:59  
Blogger 1Desi said...

Non violence has no place in this picture I'm afraid - kudos to the husband for beating the crap outta Mr. Pervy Asian. Indian or Paki, British or Local - anyone behaving like that deserves some 'personal' attention. I'd do EXACTLY what the phillipino guy did if someone would come up and pick on my wife. Heck I'd probably leave him a couple'a permanent reminders! The only problem is (and i'm sure every single asian expat thinks about this) that had the perp been of the UAE variety (no disrespect folks - there are black sheep in all sections of society), I'd be thinking will I get deported? while providing him the 'correctional' service(I provide it just the same).

I for one think that this whole russian thing's made life for us 'normal' people much better - They (those fkin pervs) don't bother brown women all that much anymore. Wish the same applied to western women.

The problem isn't just the men - What about the working girls who proposition themselves? They need to build a 'sin city' or something - why not set up a piece of land between Dubai and Al Ain and turn it into one big, happy, brothel?! All the pervs and madams of Dubai never need to leave the place!

08 October, 2005 14:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I must apologise on behalf of this obviously degenerate man, and only request you to consider that most Pakistanis (pakis, idiots etc etc as referred to in this auspicious site) are not like this.

Pakistani taxi drivers and labourers come from a particularly rough and tribal part of the country and do not reflect Pakistanis as a whole.

That said, I do hold that there is no shortage of perversity in people of other nationalities too. Surely the entire clientele of the hookers that seem to abound in thousands are not just from Pakistan.

Ever heard of the western pervs who go to Goa to catch a few young indian boys for breakfast...?

there are many examples but let's not get into this now...

08 October, 2005 19:31  
Blogger black feline said...

that's my point really...the other side of the coin..u have ugly expats gal/guy who is more than willing to pay 20Dhm for a quick the taxi..stairway..dark alley..even their home..i know it for a fact.

09 October, 2005 14:44  
Blogger desertdamsel said...

well, two things:

1) Interestingly enough, the only time I have ever been propositioned in Dubai directly (ok, perhaps I'm just minging :-) ... is by a local guy in a dishdash in a white 4x4. I was waiting for a taxi at the traffic lights, when he pulled up and wound down his tinted window and mouthed 'how much?'

2) As for women using men for their paid-for services, this is untrue as far as I know and absurd. Plus if any woman needs to be, ahem, 'serviced' in this town, all she needs to do is take a trip down to Longs, or Scarletts, or Rock Bottom. The men there are mainly gagging for it and I'm sure they don't cost much more than a taxi ride home.

10 October, 2005 00:25  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

Plus if any woman needs to be, ahem, 'serviced' in this town, all she needs to do is take a trip down to Longs, or Scarletts, or Rock Bottom. The men there are mainly gagging for it and I'm sure they don't cost much more than a taxi ride home.

Trying to find one sober enough to perform might be tricky though. :)

10 October, 2005 11:38  
Blogger Poshboy said...

Yes.. good point re the Longs, Scarletts etc etc bars...but then you should may also add on JimiD's and Waxies on to the list...

11 October, 2005 16:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

gulf educated married young indian muslim girls (age 18-28) are very very naughty now a days... they are ready to do anything with anyone behind closed doors... how much is absolutely 'zero'!!! it is a big shame for india and indian consulate & muslim husband should teach them importance of keeping traditional values.

27 October, 2005 17:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Unfortunately prostitutes dont look so different from every other woman on the planet so how's a guy to know?
I think there should be strict laws (or tribal justice)forbidding men to solicit any woman...prostitution should take place (since it has to) in predetermined geographic areas and nowhere else.

31 October, 2005 21:15  

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