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09 November, 2005

In the sky with Dubai

Cellophane flowers of yellow and green,
Towering over your head...

Jetlag brings strange and torturous dreams. But never before so disturbed as the vision of Nakheel building brightly-coloured fruit and flower shaped cabin-houses on poles, like large fibreglass lollipops.

Even more disturbed is waking up, and twelve hours later still wondering if it might be true? Was there an article about it in the in-flight magazine? Was it in a Dubailand brochure?

Or is it another construction-crazed prophecy?

Follow her down to a bridge by a fountain
Where rocking horse people eat marshmallow pies,
Everyone smiles as you drift past the flowers,
That grow so incredibly high.

The Beatles were high on drugs. Dubai is high - literally - on ambition.



Blogger samuraisam said...

ever seen the english college primary school on SZR near spinneys?
that is the most disgusting building ever, i wouldn't be surpriesd if it was built by Nakheel. Maybe that is the vision from your dream? it's all painted in primary colours, and it looks beeping disgusting.

08 November, 2005 22:48  
Blogger algergawi said...

you know with all the talk of development and architecture in the city, we have very few really gorgeous houses - mansions!

09 November, 2005 03:58  
Blogger Minkey Chief said...

Just saw a NatGeo "Incredible Islands" feature that mentioned how the Palms can create unpredictable erosion patterns on the coastline. The programme covered all the Palms and then mentioned the World... and I was thinking of this SD post and that Lucy wasn't in the sky with diamonds at all, she was in the sea with sand.

09 November, 2005 04:10  

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