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18 December, 2005

A Chinese feast

A literally tasty snippet from 7Days, as vegetarianism flourishes among construction labourers:

"Workers avoid labour camp over false rumours of Chinese cannibal.

"Workers at a Jebel Ali labour camp have given up eating meat amid claims one of their colleagues was a cannibal who snacked on a body kept in a freezer.

"Though there is no evidence the claims are true, the Chinese men are sticking to a strict vegetarian diet because they say they’re worried they could end up dining on one of their colleagues in the camp’s canteen."

The trouble started after a fight broke out between two groups of labourers:

"Police were called to the scene, and wild stories soon began to spread that officers had discovered the half-eaten body of a Filipino man in the freezer of one of the men involved in the fight."

Who could blame this innovative chef? Anyone who has mistakenly bought the cheap "Indian mutton" at Spinneys would swap it for human flesh in an instant.



Blogger Dengrous Boy said...

wayne shawarma?
chayneese good!

18 December, 2005 01:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a weird post, what happened to the glory days of dissing etisalat and the dubai government....back with the sarcasmic michael moorish blog reporting! down with just weirdness!

18 December, 2005 01:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

write what you want, it's your space. If they don't like it, they can read something else, like People magazine or something. --DB

18 December, 2005 06:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You cannot really expect good Indian mutton or other Indian goods at Spinneys..thats like hoping for tasty fried rice from Satwas' Ravi Restaurant(famous for Paki food)..

Spinneys might have everything, but to be sure you get the best in Indian stuff, hit Choithrams or the Al Maya outlets..even Carrefour is better than Spinneys for the subcon stuff!

18 December, 2005 10:54  
Blogger * said...

Crap! You dont get very good any meat at Spinneys.In AbuDhabi at least. Their FISH counter is laughable. However their service is worth it. Otherwise theyr'e just a bunch of overpriced tossers.

18 December, 2005 11:01  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

Must be kinda hard to pick up a leg or an arm with a chopstick.

18 December, 2005 11:27  
Blogger Parv said...

Agree with anon@10:54. Spinneys is hardly the ideal vendor for Eastern fare. I bought some Australian beef from Spinneys once. Not only did it smell bad, but tasted equally horrid. To prove to myself that it was just a bad batch, I went back the next week for another.

Yuck times two.

Two things I've learned from this experience:
1. I'm a sucker for punishment
2. Australian beef smells (and probably tastes) like cow poo.

SD - as always, apologies for digressing.

18 December, 2005 11:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't anything from India that comes from a cow. I had Indian beef one time and thought I was going to die. It's local or New Zealander beef for me!

18 December, 2005 11:48  
Blogger CG said...

If you buy any meat products from Spinneys you are risking your life. ALL of their meat smells disgusting and has done so for the last 27 years. I don't know what they do with it, I really don't. It makes me feel ill to walk in their shop.

A week ago I found myself forced (quite literally) to run into the new Spinneys near Jumeirah Mosque to buy something for a near-starving son. We looked at the ready-cooked-food counter. He chose a chicken & something pie. The guy gave it to me and it was not hot. I asked him why not. He said he can microwave it for me....not the point I said. It is neither cold nor hot. How long has it been here? Since early morning was his reply. How early I asked. Before the store opened he replied. It was now closing in on 3pm....hmmmm so lets assume this pie has been luke warm for 8+ hours.....the bacteria would be dancing by now.
I asked to see the manager (i know, I know) and the trainee manager arrived. So sweet she was too. I asked her if she knew what temperatures food should ideally be kept at. She played with some words and eventually admitted that she had no clue, whatsoever. Great I thought, and this is a young lass in training for manager.
The next day the manager called me. He apologised. Then he went on to ask me if I could tell him the best way to store these pies/samosas etc.....LIKE WHATTTTTTTTTTT? you are calling me to ask this and you are the manager of a FOOOOOD store. This is so hilarious it is not even funny.

18 December, 2005 12:14  
Blogger samuraisam said...

wagyu beef rocks your socks.

18 December, 2005 12:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spinneys sucks- They are way over-rated and over-priced and their "fresh foods" are rarely fresh.

18 December, 2005 13:48  
Blogger AD MAD said...

How about something take the taste away


1 year out of date - fresh off Spinney's shelves

Yum Yum

18 December, 2005 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not only the meat is a no no in Spinneys, they also provide inedibles named TESCO or something.
The country that this comes from must be under UN food programme to avoid nationwide starvation.

18 December, 2005 14:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a good idea sourcing foodstuff from India anyway. What's gained in terms of cheaper prices is lost in terms of quality and hygiene. I would think they would get much better quality from South America or New Zealand. Indian meat is probably donkey meat dressed as mutton.

18 December, 2005 20:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sd, i miss the old you.

18 December, 2005 23:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grapeshisha is alive. she must be imprisoned in abu dhabi.

19 December, 2005 00:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dodgey shwarma, dodgey meat, bird flu, human flu, er, spinneys mutton.

keep to the veg like the chinese blokes. thats how they do karate.

19 December, 2005 01:07  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

So, can anyone recommend a decent source of meat in Dubai? I'm mightily fed up with Spinney's too.

19 December, 2005 08:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Try Park and Shop, they have a UK trained butcher - good for meat, horrendous for fish - go to either Karama fish market, or Co-Op on Al Wasl Road. Both excellent!

19 December, 2005 09:55  
Blogger CG said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

19 December, 2005 11:09  
Blogger CG said...

PARK & VOMIT is equally as bad as Spinkeys.

Go to Choithrams on the Beach Road. They have excellent meat and a soooper dooper butcher called Robert who will get you what you require.

19 December, 2005 11:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder who got served the Peni s!!!

19 December, 2005 22:15  
Blogger CG said...

Typical Balushi to think of that

20 December, 2005 12:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

based on experience (just a mere three years in dubai):

Carrefour is not a bad source for australian or new zealand beef. I like the way their fish counter smells - fresh and fishy! It feels great to leave carrefour with my "catch" all cut and cleaned.

So far, the hubby's not complaining yet..... :-)

24 December, 2005 16:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

28 December, 2005 17:15  
Blogger monty said...

What the F are u commenting about Indian meat for? I wonder where foot and mouth, mad cows diesease and yet to be discovered diseases sprung up at. No one has died from eating Asian meat, may be a few by chewing on a bone, but for gods sake, you lot have healthy looking, good smelling - diseased crap that might as well have a bag of antrax shoved up its rear for live stock... digest that u lot!

16 September, 2006 20:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best food is served by spinneys.
Trust me

06 May, 2007 17:20  

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