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22 December, 2005

The Gay Gels of St Trinians

The hallowed halls of UAE academia are ringing with the horrors of Sapphos, as yet again the prospect of hormone injections rears its ugly head to cure the "abnormal":

"Meanwhile, several UoS students have alleged the existence of physical relationships between women students, especially among those living in the female dormitories on campus.

"A student, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, "Only recently, I saw two women students kissing each other behind the dorms. They behaved like a man and woman in love."

"Another student who also spoke on condition of anonymity said, "There are many female students who behave like men on the campus. They sport short hair, no makeup, and do not wear a sheila. Their mannerisms resemble that of men and appear to be physically tough," she said, disclosing that they remain weary of such students who approach pretty female students and ask them for a kiss."

The practice apparently also "prevails in other women's colleges and universities including many located on the University City in Sharjah, HCT institutions in various emirates and the UAE University in Al Ain".

Rigid gender segregation is blamed.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

rather than fantasize about ladies, i want to bring the discussion back to the kt. this is another prime example of their ballsy reporting. also this one from the business section. now, it's a shame the business editor couldn't edit his way through a nursery pamphlet, but nonethless, there is the kernel of a great story here.


22 December, 2005 14:13  
Blogger Blogger said...

Might it be that single sex schools lead to this?

22 December, 2005 14:32  
Blogger secretdubai said...

It is a good article - it's in the business section. Which has always been far better than the news, having quite separate staff.

It's the top line that gives it away whether the writer/sub is a real journo or a Kretin: in this case, the point of the story is in the top line, hence the former.

The article makes a great point about the delayed properties. There are people faced with extra rental bills of up to a quarter of a million dirhams because they properties they planned buy have been delayed 1-2 years.

In a country with proper laws, the buyer would have protection against and compensation for this. Here, neither the government nor the developers give a flying fk about fair practice or consumer rights - or just basic integrity, frankly.

22 December, 2005 14:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'ver heard that homosexuality is "the biggest social problem in the Gulf." I'm not sure how, tho, if it's so hidden.

22 December, 2005 15:08  
Blogger Blogger said...

it is the biggest social problem becuase Western countries don't find it a problem though homosexuality is spread

Otherwise it would have been the biggest social problem in the West too...

22 December, 2005 15:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why is homosexuality a 'problem'? Why should anyone care about anyone's private sex life?

22 December, 2005 15:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Moona: I read on Emirati's blog where you called homosexuality 'disgusting.' What happened in your life to make you so narrow-minded? Or is this a case of projectionism?

22 December, 2005 15:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

moona you are right, i am read your bleg
"We Must fight the Shame societies"

22 December, 2005 16:03  
Blogger nzm said...

Anonymous above

I find that the most shameful societies are the ones that don't show tolerance to others who are different.

Who are you to judge what is right and what is wrong for other people?

22 December, 2005 16:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am superman. Having never done anything wrong in my life, i decided to bring uninformed prejudice to the world. Upon my death, i wish for the carriers of herpes to cover the world in joy. Once we've finished dealing with the starving children in africa, i plan on dropping a few more nukes on their sorry little asses, and then bringing tax cuts to the rich, and "donating" more money to war and destruction. Any criticism of my regime will bring upon the giver certain pain, misery, death, and unimaginable disease.
For i am superman, i am the undying, i will never die, i will continue to fly upon thee and the rest of the world my "undying" stupidity.
After i've finished sipping my starbucks, i plan on giving the man cleaning my car a 0.50$ tip.

22 December, 2005 16:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

nzm: who are you to judge who is wrong and who is right in being wrong and right?

whereupon touche, and a comeback of "Who are you to judge who is wrong and who is right in being wrong and right in the art of being wrong and right?" is fully expected.

22 December, 2005 16:41  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...


Is this the reference?:
The Belles of St. Trinian's

or is there another layer, an updated, more titillating spoof on the original?

I'm afraid I've missed the reference, and without google would have been totally at a loss.

22 December, 2005 16:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thats odd... I wonder why they only pick on the ladies. Its not that gentlemen could have homosexual tendencies, right?

The following article says that the hormone therapy is optional for the arrested homosexuals at that ever so fancy wedding sting.
Dr. Al Markouzi seems to imply that parents have an 'option' to rid their children of this abnormality using medical treatment. For some reason, the authorities dont imply any sense of an option to counter this abnormality. Which is it - option or no option?

22 December, 2005 18:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

its a shame that a country touting to be so modern and culturally diverse has the urge to discriminate in such a fashion

22 December, 2005 18:55  
Blogger Parv said...

Do you think they used the word abnormal enough in that article? I counted EIGHT. Are they trying to make a point?

22 December, 2005 20:15  
Blogger qadi said...

Haha, butch dyke arabs! Now THAT is hilarious!

I've noticed massive(i.e. way above the norm in an open society) amounts of homosexual activity in EVERY culture with imposed sexual segregation... men dancing with each other, "playing" with each other: GAY.

22 December, 2005 20:18  
Blogger Blogger said...

the shame societies intended as societies in which you deny your help to others cause you are afraid to be judged ... Don't bring up paralogisms because they don't work at all

I'm not narrow minded i'm Religious that's different that distinguishes me from the trash and i'm proud of it

people can be what they want cause they are protected by the laws but they can't annoy the society and give a bad example to the youth

Remember that with g*ys and les***** the world won't grow up it would go nowhere but to hell

22 December, 2005 21:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Would the UAE really like anyone who is gay to stay away and all the many local people who are gay to be injected with hormones to "make them better"?

Or is it just the case that they should suppress their natural inclinations and live a lie either for the rest of their lives (as in the case of locals) or during their stay for those visiting or working here for a period of time? Talk about head stuck in the bloody sand dunes and denying human life as it really is in all its diversity.

Maybe they should start vetting the celebs who are encouraged to visit... just to ensure they are on the "straight" and narrow and won't be a "corrupting" influence.

22 December, 2005 21:08  
Blogger Emirati said...

fact is, a majority of emaratis want it that way. I didnt express my opinion on the homosexuality itself, only on the UoS's reaction to it.

Democracy is a bitch when its not working to your beliefs.

22 December, 2005 21:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we please go back to making fun of the KT?

They sport short hair, no makeup, and do not wear a sheila.

Is this fair dinkum? You'd think they'd be ever more upset if these students were going about with another sheila draped over 'em.

she said, disclosing that they remain weary of such students who approach pretty female students and ask them for a kiss."

I bet they're getting tired of it, but I bet they "remain wary" of it, too!

Though not (apart from the amusing choice of words) chargeable to the KT's account, I particularly like the bit in the article about combating the problem by "beefing up security." I have this picture in my head of extremely large, female security officers raiding dorms.

Drop your toys and come out with your pants up!

22 December, 2005 23:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, not necessarily for this link - SD keep up the good work, never fails to make the work day pass quicker.
surprised Balushi hasn't had anything to say about this post....

23 December, 2005 04:13  
Blogger Parv said...

I guess Sir Elton John will never be allowed to perform in Dubai then? Shame.

23 December, 2005 12:01  
Blogger samuraisam said...

well, they let michael jackson into dubai, he's a child molestor.

considering the adverse sentences given to cross-dressers and homosexuals, and the leniant sentences given to child molestors, i think its okay to be a child molestor.

23 December, 2005 13:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How can a writer above just say that homosexuality has been a big problem in the Middle East? Can the writer support his/her claim by any statistics or report?

24 December, 2005 02:02  
Blogger _sublime_ said...


24 December, 2005 02:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

one thing i don't understand is that when we want to clean our rooms we always brush the dirt and rubbish underneath our persian carpets! Instead of throwing away the rubbish.

Problems donot solve this way!

Look at the example of labour strike...! only after the protest and humilition of UAE by those poor workers THEN AND ONLY the gov. reacted! and came up with the noble idea of Labour Complaints Hotline.

Couldnt it be done Before???? NO it cannot!

Because the guys incharge of the duties are having their job with wasta. not brains.

now they waited so long untill this happened!

Emarati women or Arab women are not any different than anyother women from the world... they all have the samething between their legs, so they must not segregate the boys from girls!

when i was in school it had all boys, some senior student had a boyfriend from junior classes!

oh Boy nobody wanted to be white in our school.

Now since its scientifically proven that boys and girls shouldnot be seprated, i hope they make the changes... its too late for me, but the ones after me might have a better future.

24 December, 2005 09:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i was in Germany i saw a white amn in a train he was sleeping on the lap of a black man, and the black man was rubbing and caressing him!!! Can u believe that??

they were like Romeo & Romea!

also i have seen girls in the trains they were more romantically showing off more than any husband and wife in the whole train!

there were little kids in the train! I wonder what they think if they see that??

24 December, 2005 12:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are several things people seem to not understand about the Arab view of homosexuality, not to be confused with the scientific definition, which is not a debatable issue.

In a male-male homosexual relationship, the 'man' of the relationship is rarely regarded as gay. The 'woman' partner is, according to Arab culture, is the gay male and is also denounced by society.

In a female-female homosexual relationship, to a greatly lesser extent, it is exactly the opposite of the male-male relationship. In other words, the 'man' party of the relationship is the gay person.

Homosexuality is a rather normal thing and does not go 'against nature' is some people seem to think. When was the last time you looked at nature? Nature has creations that are asexual, bisexual, homosexual and heterosexual. What makes you think some are okay and some are not?

Having said all of the above, same-sex education does increase the tendencies of non-homosexual individuals to engage in homosexual relationships. The same way a sailor or a convict would. In other words, it is purely out of necessity.

In the Middle Eastern culture, there seems to be a misconception that separating males and females will put a constraint on individuals, ensuring that sexual activities are limited. Only this is not true, and I could go on for pages to explain why. One reason would be that marriage does not occur at an early age as it used to be in the past few decades...

I say, live and let live.

24 December, 2005 13:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I liked this quote in the article,

Al Marzouki added that girls with such abnormal tendencies should be treated medically because the behaviour could be caused by hormonal imbalance.

as if human sexuality in adult women or men for that matter is a result of an hormonal imbalance. What is unbalanced is the society's view of marriage and how difficult and expensive it is for men and women to marry. Didn't the former ruler of the UAE put a cap on the amount people had to pay to marry, and isn't that still largely being ignored? Maybe it's too obvious to me, but people that age want to express themselves sexually, and that's a good thing. The hows and the whys are what need to be addressed. God knows we've got enough sexual dysfunction without making more mess with societal restrictions out the yazoo.

24 December, 2005 15:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you moona for this fabulous quote:

I'm not narrow minded i'm Religious that's different that distinguishes me from the trash and i'm proud of it

I think I'll have that engraved on a metal plaque for my desk.

As to the Gels of St Trinians, they do not have the outlet of dating so ...

24 December, 2005 16:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You're right, it is a class quote. I half-expected him to say: "I'm no bigot, I just hate all these evil, child-corrupting queers!"

I also like the way he found the whole thing so distasteful that he couldn't bring himself to type "gays" and "lesbians" and had to use asterisks.

24 December, 2005 16:23  
Blogger Alf said...

Hmm... maybe we should have Yorks, Rush Inns and Imperials serving the female population, and now preferably close to female dorms.

This market continues to show blatant and pre-historic male dominance and ignorance!

Keeping women in the background and hidden from mainstream doesn't prevent them from 'doing it'. Open your eyes or maybe just look beyond the 'big structures'

24 December, 2005 18:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm not narrow minded i'm Religious that's different that distinguishes me from the trash and i'm proud of it

Aside from the incorrect grammar above, that reads to me as: I'm not narrow minded, I'm just a fanatic.

24 December, 2005 18:26  
Blogger Emirati said...

well pro-homo anons, like it or not things are going to stay that way. It is the will of the Emarati people and it will be carried out.

24 December, 2005 20:10  
Blogger Emirati said...

Another note, the pervs seem to be taking a stand for lesbianism, it seems they somehow strive to defend it more than say the issue with the gay wedding in ghantoot.

24 December, 2005 20:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

These are children of Sodom and Gomorrah. Their habits and practices are unnatural.

This is abnormal behaviour and it is evil. I pray this sickness is strongly suppressed in the jazirat al arab.

If these sick ones cannot control themselves they should be exiled to the west, which seems to love them so much. Send them to Germany or America. They should lose their nationality.

24 December, 2005 20:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Or simply turn them from landlords to tenants!

Or change them from Sponsors to Employees.

Or maybe ride in Camel Races!

Send them to Germany and they'll take the Beer Festival to an Annual Ritual.

Send them to US and they'll go to LA and be in Firdaus!

25 December, 2005 00:01  
Blogger _sublime_ said...

I like the arab mentality on this subject...sweep it under the rug and beat on the rug a bit and khalas!

Very efficient. But sooner or later you'll need a bigger rug and eventually the rug will be too big for the room and it will end up flowing out into the street anyway :)

Better to just quietly tolerate it but not encourage it, I'm sure the majority are experimenters who grow out of it sooner or later and what's left can work in the film industry where nobody will notice.

25 December, 2005 04:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Are you referring to the Online edition of KT? Because I thought I saw this on the front page of the print edition.

25 December, 2005 09:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Emirati, Moona et al: It really saddens me to see locals who can be so progressive and open-minded when it comes to economics, politics and more...but who will regress to almost child-like immaturity and puerile 'disgust' at homosexuality. It's. None. Of. Your. Business. ...what people do in their bedrooms. It's not for you to judge. Let's leave the judging to the God whom you claim to love and respect so much.

26 December, 2005 12:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

standing ovation for Anon 12:53! Hear, Hear! That's why the West won.

27 December, 2005 02:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yea ANON 12.53


29 December, 2005 01:26  
Blogger Shula B said...

I've heard that it is spreading in high schools too. Hormons are too high.

29 December, 2005 18:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is how being homo can be termed "abnormal". It is narrow-minded and uneducated people like these who give gays and lesbians a bad name.

I also dont believe in the fact that it's medically curable. Some people are born with the traits (not with the body parts, just the traits) and I dont think they can be cured. So why harass and isolate them?

"There are many female students who behave like men on the campus. They sport short hair, no makeup, and do not wear a sheila".

Its a shame that such stereotyping exists in a country that is emerging as a well-diversifed economic hub. Girls who choose to sport short hair and dont wear make-up CAN NOT be automatically classified as lesbians. It sickens me to hear such much more back-ward can people get?? Some girls choose to stay that way because they're more confortable with that look; not because they're homo!

I say grow up people. There are others who may not be like you, but they're still allowed their dignity. Respect them as you would respect others.

30 December, 2005 14:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Theres nothing we can do about it ..
Look at it practically - it'll happen even if girls and guys are in the university.
It depends on their beliefs ..

31 December, 2005 20:40  

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