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16 December, 2005

Shoplifting scum of society

Adult shoplifters are loathsome. One can somewhat disregard youngsters' pilfering as childish pranks, but when it comes to grown-up people stealing goods from shops - it is abhorrent.

And forget the sob stories about "taking a loaf of bread to feed their starving children" - no ones hungry baby is going to be helped by a pair of overpriced candlesticks from an upmarket furnishing store, or a scarf from some designer boutique. Everyone has sympathy for the genuinely needy - not some nasty grasping bitch escaping with a watch inside her bra, most likely resulting in a poor filipino shop attendant losing her job over it.

What these foul thieves also do is cast every other shopper under suspicion, meaning an endless, time-consuming hassle of having to surrender ones shopping bags when entering certain stores, or having them sealed into a stupid plastic sack.

The inconvenience is enough to make anyone consider with some relish the reintroduction hand-chopping for these scumfolk of society.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have witnessed a shop lifting incedent were an innocent looking lady in her mid thirties was caught stuffing some towels and a tshirst into her oversized purse.

What is even more shocking is that she claimed that she was going to pay for all of the items and the only reason she stuffed them in her bag is because she didnt find a shopping cart!!

16 December, 2005 04:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the longest time, I have always considered that 'taking' from large greedy corporations was okay.. as long as you're not stealing from an individual. Then.. something happened.. I worked at a gas station (my freshman year in college) ;)

And people shoplift all the time. You develop a 6th sense with these things and catch them before they even do it. But what I ended up doing was paying from my own income to cover up for some kid stealing a chocolate bar or some idiot college student walking out with a pack of Swisher Sweets (cigars). The boss never wanted me to pay, but I did before he even found something was missing. Those are marginal, what hurt my wallet the most was the drive-offs.. they fill up their tank and just take off without paying.

And as you have put it, the poor philipino/indian/whatever salesperson will end up being punished for it. The businesses here are ruthless toward their own employees and they take the heat for the shameless acts of those who couldn't care.

Oh well.. an inconvenience to me as a shopper is fine when you consider the risk that someone will always have their monthly salary cut because of some shoplifter.

16 December, 2005 09:23  
Blogger dreamz said...

shop lifting is bad ...but some cases, there are people with that habit..........:D

16 December, 2005 11:10  
Blogger dreamz said...

me is put in a comment to one of ur earlier posts..the one on smells:-) hav sort f raised a genuine prob...tell me if u can find a solutuion

16 December, 2005 11:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mohd Elzubeir - oh come on ! why wud anyone so stupidly pay for anothers crimes simply to cover up for them - esp if the shop lifters are total strangers....

16 December, 2005 12:02  
Blogger CG said...

When my daughter was 2 years old she opened a small bag of sweets in Spinneys and started eating them. I made her go and apologise to the Security guard and then to the till to fess up and pay. She was terrified and has never ever forgotten it. I hope she never will.

16 December, 2005 13:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 16 December, 2005 12:02

Very simple, cause it happened during my shift.

16 December, 2005 16:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To continue to Anon.. it's not always possible to catch shoplifters or those who drive off without paying. Stores always expect this and actually acknowledge it. It's not like you would be on the phone with the police every time this happens. How many times do you get to see the car plate number.

Anyway, it was an experience. I never worked anywhere that placed me in that kind of responsibility.

16 December, 2005 16:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mohamed Elzubeir

you have lost touch with reality and what really happens with real people, in general. Even if this happened during your shift, who cares - its not the norm of human behaviour.

psych doc

16 December, 2005 19:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

there was one famous actress from hollywood who was caught stealing underwears! i think its vioona rider?

16 December, 2005 20:43  
Blogger BrainSyke said...

Are we forgetting the GITEX craze 6-7 years from now...before they started ticketing for enterance?

school going pupil flocked, flicked, and swiftly snatched items as large as modems and CD-ROMs and stuffed in their back packs.

It was unbelievable. For most of them, it was the thrill and the rush; and amidst the young teenagers were mature folks robbing with pure malice

16 December, 2005 21:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

_I_ have lost touch with reality? And I suppose you are, Mr. Anonymous? Bah.. there's just a difference between those who you can trust with your life and those who have the "who cares?" attitude to life.

16 December, 2005 21:15  
Blogger samuraisam said...

brainsyke you'll generally find that people in a larger group will cause more trouble, as the punishment will normally have to be spread out across 20-30 people, take for instance when the students a few years back were caught smoking weed, arrested, then forgiven.

16 December, 2005 22:14  
Blogger * said...

Oh I say! Who was that chick with Angelina Jolie in "Girl Interrupted?"
She shares her surname with a very popular Prophylactic ?

16 December, 2005 23:01  
Blogger qadi said...

The should make the offender walk in public holding hands with most hairy, fat, and generally revolting woman(if its a man) or man(if its a woman). He/she would then wear a placard saying, "I'm with stupid," with an arrow pointing towards their undesirable companion.

17 December, 2005 00:04  
Blogger BrainSyke said...

SamuraiSam: Very intersting observation. I must agree with you there; that certainly offering a good strategy!

17 December, 2005 01:02  
Blogger _sublime_ said...

Thanks to shoplifters we all get to suffer constant semi invasive monitoring by overly attentive salespoeple following us around like criminals.

I don't know how much to blame them and how much to put on the consumer society we have where people are made to feel that they absolutely need and deserve by right to constantly be getting a hold of some nice new trinket.

Nah, I blame the shoplifters. I like to think that, sooner or later, they all do get caught. Hopefully the Dubai Police at least pretend that they're going to chop the thieves' hand off and then drop the ruse at the last possible minute, laughing out loudly. That would teach 'em ;)

17 December, 2005 01:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How would you feel about stopping by at Carrefour's on your way home from work, then the security guy would tell you to leave your huge bag at the specified counter. I was horrified about the idea of entrusting my company laptop to a few attendants in exchange for fish and veggies and stuff. So I gave in to having my bag sealed. It was discomforting pushing my cart around with my "sealed" bag in tow for everyone else to see... it was humiliating. I hope Carrefour will display their laptops inside a locked section or something to that effect.

19 December, 2005 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have never stolen anything in my entire life, but the thought of stealing has crossed my mind recently. Sometimes I think it would be great to walk out wal-mart with a free goodie, but I have never actually tried. Some people steal because they are poor and cannot afford everyday items. I on the other hand am a poor citizen, and I have never stolen any goods in my life even though I have sometimes needed them. So when it comes down to the nitty gritty, stealing from mom & pop stores is a selfish thing to do, but stealing from a big corporate store might not be so bad after all. If everyone stole from corporate stores, we could wipe them off this planet and that my friends would mean goodness for man kind.

This is just an opinion of a broke 19 year old kid... errr adult?

05 May, 2007 13:38  

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