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02 January, 2006

An officer and a gentleman

What is it about Moroccan secretaries? In the latest extra-marital escapade, a senior government dishdash has been arrested for stabbing his Baluchi military friend:

"The national, a senior government official in the UAE, is believed to have employed a Moroccan woman as his personal secretary, but told her not to work in his office. He rented a flat for her where he would go regularly to meet her and pay her the salary there, sources disclosed."

"The official had made an appointment to meet her today at the flat but changed his mind to make a surprise visit yesterday. He found his friend there and, in a fit of rage, stabbed the Baluchi national, who is a military officer, with a small knife on his face and shoulders."

Lest anyone be concerned about this local gentleman's fitness for office, given his dubious morals and violent temper, the article is quick to reassure:

"The UAE national is highly educated and holds a masters degree in business management."

That's all right then. Just so long as he has a degree, we'll overlook the whoring and stabbing.

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Blogger samuraisam said...

i wonder what university he got his masters degree from?
they certainly didn't teach him much.

02 January, 2006 00:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where did this story appear? Usually UAE media would refer to him as Pakistani or Indian rather than reveal him as UAE national.

02 January, 2006 00:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eagerly waiting for balushi's comments on this one.

02 January, 2006 09:23  
Blogger Balushi said...

there are a lot of females like that who are hired as relief women!!! Secretary???

Yeah! same old story of "Fees and Tax"

Why is NOBODY GOING TO JAIL for intention of killing???

what is this? now every tom dick and harry will come up to me to kill me for nothing!!!

we are living in a civilsed world why cant we just talk about it?

02 January, 2006 09:25  
Blogger CG said...

Ufffffff whats the big deal?
They are ALL somebodies secretary (private woman). They just don't wana share with others (quite rightfully so).
At least she gets her salary on time.

02 January, 2006 12:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Heh.. he has degrees, which mean that he stabbed the man pragmatically and scientifically, considering all the marketing and business aspects of it.

Moroccans have a bad reputation in this part of the world. It is the Russian woman equivalent of an Arab. Unfortunately, it ruins it for everyone else trying to make a decent living.

02 January, 2006 12:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well she isn't Indonesian so she probably won't go to prison for adultery; he is a national so he definitely won't go to prison for adultery. I'm sure he will keep his job as well, since no one is naming names in the incident. And it's a good thing he has an education, that just cancels out the attempted murder.

02 January, 2006 12:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD.. nice title to this blog.

another one could be.
'The Local Lieutenants Moroccan Woman'

02 January, 2006 14:44  
Blogger Balushi said...

this Diploma guy is so stupid! Who in his right mind would leave his sheep to a wolf for taking care???

i am very sad that Two good friends had to kill each other! WHOS FAULT IS IT?

You dont need a diploma to answer this... duhh Its a women again!!!

02 January, 2006 15:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So you QOUTE stuff but rarely mention your resources. I would really appreciate it if you’d kindly stick some resources in .. cause from what’ve been reading lately, it all reads like BLAH BLAH BLAH! Cynic!

02 January, 2006 16:41  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Erm... you might try the two links in the blog post above. My colour scheme is a bit subtle, but the links should appear as bolder text than the rest.

02 January, 2006 16:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i wish my secretary would give it up :(

02 January, 2006 19:28  
Blogger scarlettepimp said...

who needs soap operas when we have reality shows like these. it's just getting better everyday in dubailand. and for everyone that wants to know, balushi drives an old ford mustang that says al balushi on its ass.

02 January, 2006 21:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LMAO at anon 19:28 above. Me too buddy, me too! ;)

03 January, 2006 01:11  
Blogger Balushi said...

scarlettpimp ah!! thats my friend its a blue ford isn't it??
works in Dnata.

i have a toyota echo... i love my car.

ford=petrol drinker.

03 January, 2006 11:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

balushi. your comments about cars are like your comments about anything else viz
illinformed and illogical and dare i say it, pretty ignorant at times

03 January, 2006 12:00  
Blogger Balushi said...

Anon, I don't know what you mean by that! But I am not gonna ask you what you meant... because you dont know what you mean.

my friend he puts 75dirhams petrol in his ford and when he goes to abu dhabi and back he has put more petrol as the tank gets empty.

I went to Oman and back with single tank petrol in my car for 40dirhams.

you are those people who drives 4x4wd Patrols on normal raods everyday! Isn't that a lost of petrol?

maybe you have money to pay that, But I don't. I would rather spend my extra money on less fortunates. rather than give it to adnoc so they exploit poors even more.

I cant wait to see the faces of all these rich people when the Trumpet will blow!

03 January, 2006 12:43  
Blogger luckyfatima said...

what is a "baluchi" national and why is the deceased referred to as such? Their is no politically recognized nation of Baloch. Did they mean a UAE national of Baloch origin (Al Balooshi)? Did they mean an Iranian or Pakistani national of the Baloch ethnic group?

Maybe he was related to James Belushi or Monica Belucci.


03 January, 2006 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey I have a Ford MONDEO
fill it once a week... and I drive 48 kms from Bur Dubai to Jebel Ali every day , 6 days a week. so i agree with anon that balushi knows nothing about cars
cheers !

03 January, 2006 15:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

baluchi came from baluchastan or something similar - i think it is in pakistan. they are not original locals, like the al zaabi's for example.

where is seccy today? is she ok? not likt her not to post. maybe she has been hired as a relief woman

03 January, 2006 16:25  
Blogger Balushi said...

Ok this replay is for the Guy in Mondeo!

46km from bur dubai to Jebel Ali??? Are you counting in rupees??

03 January, 2006 17:33  
Blogger Balushi said...

"what is a "baluchi" national and why is the deceased referred to as such?"

If They can call the TAX as 'Fees' and INTEREST as 'Profit'! - Than anything is possible.

Funny thing is that they get away with it.

03 January, 2006 17:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anyone know where elzubeir is?

03 January, 2006 21:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to balushi

what has 46KM got to do with rupees??????????
are you daft besides being ignorant?

04 January, 2006 09:42  
Blogger Alf said...

Hmm..I wonder if he got his certificates attested by EMPOST authorising to be 'private' with a secretary and stab a 'non-existent' country's national....

04 January, 2006 12:17  
Blogger Balushi said...

Mondo why are you saying 46km??? unless u are driving from sharjah.

04 January, 2006 17:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

balushi... go from bur dubai to the last roundabout at jebel ali free zone.. its 48km.. not 46 you imbecile

04 January, 2006 17:50  
Blogger Balushi said...

do you know the area size of Bur Dubai???

04 January, 2006 21:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To mohamed Alzubair,
Moroccan women supposedly have a "bad" reputation in Dubai because people happen to be VERY stereotypical. I suggest a scietific study instead! Am 100 percent the sisters from Egypt, Lebanon, locals...will be worse. Everybody have their dirty laundry, but it's too bad Moroccans get bad mouthed all the time...maybe they are just scapegoats!

09 January, 2006 10:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

where I live (not an arab country) Moroccan women have a very bad reputation too. I have seen what these women do, I did not have to hear about it!

22 January, 2006 00:25  

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