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12 January, 2006

Queen of the Nile

Friends hoping to see Lola LebCan dripping with gold scarabs and chanting hieroglyphic curses when she arrived back from Egypt at Christmas were sorely disappointed. Rather than see any of the great wonders of Al Masr, the PR princess (now a PR consultant queen) previously barricaded herself upon a leafy island in the Nile, during her extended work sojourn in the land of the Pharoahs.

"You can just about see the pyramids from my apartment window, at least when it's not smoggy. And with a strong telescope," she excused herself at the time.

This time, all has changed. Now best friends with the Sphinx ("the pyramids are amazing!"), Lola has even adopted an Egyptian Arabic twang. Over iced McQahwahs in some ghastly mall cafe, she explains why:

"The problem is that if they hear you speaking in a Lebanese accent, they automatically assume you're a porn star."



Blogger Dengrous Boy said...

lebnese porn star. i want number.

12 January, 2006 21:46  
Blogger BrainSyke said...

What kind of rediculous remark is that?

12 January, 2006 22:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I should admit that I am still in dark.What SD is talking about?

12 January, 2006 23:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lola? Is she retarded ?

12 January, 2006 23:26  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Lola? Is she retarded ?

Well, she has voluntarily chosen to work in PR in the Middle East, so go figure...

12 January, 2006 23:49  
Blogger archer14 said...

hidden meaning of story = don't speak in lebanese?

12 January, 2006 23:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The problem is that if they hear you speaking in a Lebanese accent, they automatically assume you're a porn star."

well obviously..if you go around greeting people with "keefuk?"

13 January, 2006 01:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mmmmmmm... porn star.. (homer simpson voice)

And, HEY! What's wrong with PR in the middle east? Sure as hell beats journalism around here.

13 January, 2006 01:17  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Sure as hell beats journalism around here.

The question is not so much which is better, but which is less worse :(

13 January, 2006 02:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I take back the retarded comment. First read through I got the impression of a very flighty woman whom I had never heard of.

Sorry Lola

PR in the Middle East ... I bow before you my queen.

13 January, 2006 02:59  
Blogger Al Ain Taxi said...

Nice to hear news from Lola again

13 January, 2006 09:02  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Isn't Lebanese an anagram?

14 January, 2006 01:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't mean to sound completely dim, but who is Lola?

14 January, 2006 02:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ditto, anon @ 14 January, 2006 02:55
I've feely sadly left out of the fun..............

14 January, 2006 09:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

unjane@ 14 January, 2006 09:07,
Dont be. The archives are there. Read the SD archives, from the very first post, and catch up with SD. It's really interesting I bet.
B T W I love the stereotypes that SD identifies. And even better are the nicks for them like "Sheikhmobile" and "Jumeira Jane"
Lola LebCan is just another nick i suppose.

14 January, 2006 09:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha LOLA LEBCAN brilliant SD brilliant!

pshh Lebanese

14 January, 2006 10:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do you need to know Lola to understand this post? Are you guys retarded? It's just a nice little story about a friend of SD's who said something funny.

15 January, 2006 14:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it just me or are Arab women really pretty? Man, they are so damn seductive! It's not just lebanese; in fact, local women covered completely look so damn seductive too!

I need to get married and get a friggin' life!

15 January, 2006 15:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15 January, 2006 16:31  
Blogger ReginaFilangee said...

Excellent, was wondering when Lola was going to creep up again. She is the master of delegation, so goodness knows how she will be a consultant?!

17 January, 2006 17:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why did god have Jesus born in Bethlehem instead of Beirut?


Because he couldn't find any virgins in Lebanon

18 January, 2006 21:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That has to be the lamest joke I've ever heard

04 January, 2009 15:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lmfao. good one bro

17 June, 2009 18:26  

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