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11 February, 2006

Educate, then integrate

It's interesting - and worrying - that the UAE's minister for social development admits that the country's education system is utterly deficient just as the government plans to nationalise the entire human resources sector:

Dr Hassan concluded, "We all agree that the quality of education is not up to the highest expectations. What's going on for real isn't what we hope. We enjoy good services and infrastructure and in all aspects of life, except in education we are so far behind and we will have to work hard and make sure that education responds to whatever is needed."

Here's a clue to the Dishdashes-That-Be: try improving the education system first, then nationalising or quota-ising the workforce. Pushing poorly educated young people into jobs they are unfit for is heading for disaster and doing nothing to dispel negative stereotypes that are already well-entrenched.

"Human resources" is itself an odious term, that sprung up when employees became no longer considered as individual persons (=personnel) but just another resource, like photocopier paper or coal.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD...I agree that nationalization should not be implemented if there is no one suitable to take over a certain position.
I also agree that I had concerns about the education system, but, I am and know alot succesful nationals (i dont like to use ur tasteless word dishdashes)who have contributed alot already...Doctors, engineer, lawyers, teachers, and many other occupations...and they are amongst teh brightest people I have met..
So its not that bad...and there are many who are given their jobs cause they CAN do it.
and yes, there are people who have been given jobs just cause they are the son of so and so..etc..but it doesnt happen as much..
So again its not as bad as it sounds..
It is time to slowly handover the country to its people...

11 February, 2006 06:53  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...


Moreover: If students see little connection between academic performance and job prospects, then you produce undermotivated students, and parents who do not demand education reform. Education reform begins with job market reform. You cannot put all the burden on better teaching or a new curriculum.

"I love dubai" is correct that many rise above the system. As is always the case, any where and every where, it is the system - not the people in it - that is flawed.

11 February, 2006 07:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is time to slowly handover the country to its people...

This prophecy socks! You can't just simply pat all who contributed to the development of this country on tyhe back and show the airport terminal... It's not gonna work like that my brother!

11 February, 2006 11:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi SD,

Can you find out why Chris Fisher's missing from Dubai 92, there must be a story behind his disappearence....

11 February, 2006 12:28  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I LOVE Dubai - without doubt there are properly trained, professional people here, but the jobs you mention are the professional positions which require substantial, international quality education (doctors, engineers for certain).

The problem here is for the middle-achievers headed for middle-management: currently most of them haven't had as good an education as their expatriate counterparts. Another critical issue is that they are not "exposed" - to expatriates, because of all the segregated education, to the workforce, because young people here don't tend to even do holiday jobs, and to the opposite gender, given the segregation in society. HR is an area that involves dealing with people: of all races, nationalities and genders. That's an extra challenge for many of the very sheltered young people here, let alone if they are struggling from an eduational point of view. Add to that the need for flawless, international quality English (at least for most private sector jobs) and there is another major obstacle. Top level local people generally have excellent English: lower down, people really struggle.

11 February, 2006 12:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry, I think I've been asleep for the last couple of months - when are they 'nationalising' personnel depts? Are they going to be completely expat free?

11 February, 2006 14:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Latest on emiratisation, Private sector organisations are being asked to employ locals as Head of PR, so they need to write a few congratulatory press releases every now and then. No performance quotiants, no nothing, just a whacking great salary. I reckon this will perpetuate the myth.

PS, So where is Chris Fisher???

11 February, 2006 15:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PS, So where is Chris Fisher???

Is this close enough?

11 February, 2006 16:45  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

So this report of 9 Feb is false?:

Nationals to take over HR job sector :: Gulf News

11 February, 2006 16:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Clearly "I love dubai" hasn't met many bright people else he/she wouldnt say this. Yes there are some bright UAE nationals but they are so few that everytime I meet one of them I feel like throwing a party! More often than not it turns out that these nationals were either educated abroad or through the private education system or through the public education system of old (which apparently was very good untill..guess what? they replaced a majority of the expat teachers with UAE National teachers)

Our company's HR department went for a majority nationalization almost 2 years back and I have to say that the quality of the service they deliver now absolutley sucks! Their idea of interviewing a candidate is to try to simply negotiate the lowest possible salary. Needless to say this can be down right embarassing at times.

The bottom line is this whether it is the employement system or the education system, competencies develop only through open competition. So neither the education system nor the employment system is going to generate bright UAE nationals if these are not forced to compete on a level playing field.

11 February, 2006 17:33  
Blogger Cracking Boy said...

This is just a poor strategy. Okay, think about why HR section has been selected as the front for nationalization. Well the answer is so simple:

Firstly, you can shove anybody into HR positions since it can accept from a broad range of educations. Secondly, by having nationals at HR positions, the road would be flattened for applying future’s discriminative regulations as this one.

This is definitely a spoiling regulation for UAE nationals and gets the motivations away from them to go for something they like to do. If you look at the way this matter has been brought up by MoL in the original news, it looks like that MoL just wanted to shove 30,000 nationals in SOME jobs and they found HR section just right for this.

If you think companies are dumb enough to let one of the key positions in each organization is exploited like that, you are way wrong… At each organization, this translate to loss of profit and guess what.. all the companies are here just for MONEY. Same stories goes through as they created GROs(Government Relation Officer) alongside PROs and hired nationals for that!

11 February, 2006 18:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD I agree with most of what you said, except for the segregation part...I went to a private school that was segregated (Latifah School) and went to one of our local universities and did medicine and went abroad for my post_grad and being around all different nationalities and sexes and people with different lifestyle to me did not affect my performance or the way I did my job..and I know many like me...yes may be there are FEW that rae not the brightest..but thats the norms of life..
English should be reinforced in the government schools as I agree many struggle with that.

to the anonymous who wrote at 11 February, 2006 17:33
I have met many bright well educated, capable and compatible local people who are doing and excellent job here in the UAE and I know some who are cant have this negtive stereotype just because of your unfortunate encounteres.
I can proudly say that I am one of those succsseful people, I have lots of acheivments that makes anyone of you here proud. How come I have never met you so I could through you a party when you are able to identify me as "bright".
From my experience, many of the non-locals are impressed when they hear us speak english doesnt matter if its the only thing Im good at...and they are impressed if somehow we diss our own people and their lifestyle...if we are able to see things like they I sometimes questions their judgments of us...actually I question them alot..
So...I agree we need more dedicated suitable local people in the right positions, until that happens we will have to rely on expats..and thats just a fact.
As much as I appreciate all the help and involvmenet...a turn over is good when the right people are present...and being abroad..I only realize that their local people run the when we are capable of doing that, this would be only the natural next step..
I repeat...for those who focus on some part of my comment..only when we are ready.
Enjoy Dubai

11 February, 2006 19:10  
Blogger sandsOfTime said...

Don't be so quick to shoot down the quota system. When I recieved my bachelor's degree from the U.S. I spent six months looking for a job in the private sector. I had every excuse thrown in my face, ranging from "Not enough experience", "We don't have any vacanies (Utter Claptrap)", all the way to "I am sorry, we don't hire UAE nationals", "We would hire you but we are looking for specific families only". God bless the two women who gave me the last two responses, they were very apologetic and honest. I have my current job because of the quota system imposed on the banking sector.

What I find particularly galling is that I was offered a job in the U.S. on graduation at twice my current salary at a major multinational, and turned it down because I thought I was going to serve my country instead. If I knew what was going happen to me, I would never have returned.

We have alot of nationals who are jobless, some highly educated and some not. You have all heard the expression "Idle Hands Are The Devil's Tools".

11 February, 2006 19:40  
Blogger trobriander said...

@I LOVE Dubai
@ I only realize that their local people run the country..

I presume you live and work in North America. Should you decide to remain and live there and be fully part of it, then at some point in time you will have the ‘right’ to be naturalized and become a ‘local’ person to help run their country. Well, for this bit the UAE will never be ready.

Also, there is some sort of pandemic amongst the teenage UAE nationals, which is the high rate of high school dropouts!

11 February, 2006 20:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is this : In a country which largely depends on a multi-cultural workforce, why would you staff the HR departments with people from only one nationality? Don't you by definition need people from different nationalities to take care of the HR issues of a multi-cultural workforce?

11 February, 2006 21:08  
Blogger Mrs. Azucena said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12 February, 2006 03:07  
Blogger Mrs. Azucena said...

Why can we just all learn Arabic and get on with it??? Really, until this anything goes attitude gets checked we will always have stife.

Emiratis will rule and we might as well get used to this fact. I can live with it.

Still, education is a serious matter which is why Emiratis need role models worthy of respect and these can not come from outsiders. Even if they speak the Queen's English and swagger like LL Cool J (I just like him ok?). Anyway who is going to bring up the nation from their Van Winkle slumberfest? No one but their own.
Ma Salaama

12 February, 2006 03:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so sick and tired of all things dubai, I have decided to leave this hypocritical and racist town.

I am going to dedicate some of my time back in home in educating all the people there about the infection that is Dubai and the Middle East.

- RK

12 February, 2006 11:01  
Blogger trobriander said...


@So please dont get things mixed up..and be nice...

Did I get things mixed up? Please refer to my statement:- ‘Also’, there is some sort of pandemic (…) I was simply pinpointing a pertinent issue related to the education system; and I don’t fully agree with you in regards the dysfunction local families – the schools share the blames too, but as you said it that’s another topic.

Furthermore, being nice cannot always mean saying the things that people want to hear. However, I will take your statement as water under the bridge

12 February, 2006 11:40  
Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

12 February, 2006 12:02  
Blogger Parv said...

We all agree that the local school system leaves much to be desired.

But instead on taking stabs at UAE nationals, let's applaud the likes of Dr. Hassan who see and acknowledge a problem exists. And let's admire a President who supports the educational development of his country's youth.

This has nothing to do with brighter UAE nationals emerging from a foreign education on western soil. The local HCTs, DWCs and DMCs are churning out a new breed of educated young professionals, trained by a multi-ethnic faculty.

Studying abroad is not the issue here.

This is about the youth, and the intermediary school system being in dire straits. I, for one, praise the Ministry's efforts, and wish them all the luck.

They need it.

p.s. What's all this fuss over Chris Fisher? Him and his cohosts just come across as unitelligent nimrods on the radio. I guess you'd have to be if your audience's average age was 10.

12 February, 2006 12:09  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

SD is quite right that procuring paper clips is one thing and procuring people is quite another. The former is a task many can do well, the latter isn't.

Organizations need people to function, just as they need paper clips. Organizations need people with specialized skills to do complex tasks. Usually we associate complexity with machines and technology. But there's not much that is more complex than dealing with people, especially in a modern organization.

Notice that I don't find the term "human resources" odious, but SD does. Calling people "human resources" is probably a passing fad, but it reflects an important point. The care and feeding of the people in our organizations is no less important than the attention we give to adopting the appropriate technology and maintaining our machines.

And it's precisely the point of HR that people are not machines. People make decisions, people respond to incentives, people build relationships and interact, people are people.

People are what make economics so fascinating.

12 February, 2006 12:11  
Blogger trobriander said...

This follow up is NOT a reply to any particular aforementioned commenter.

If I may add up, when the locals prefer to ‘pay dearly’ to send their children – out of shear care for a better education to their loved ones – to international schools in their own country, where their children learn the colors of the French and the American flags; shows that the big chunk of the blame falls on the poor local education system.

12 February, 2006 12:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so... where is Chris Fischer??

12 February, 2006 13:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love Dubai - bravo ! well put.
I too have had the good fortune to meet some very intelligent, well educated hard-working UAE nationals who deserve all the help their government can give them.

SD - ur use of the term "dishdashes" is derogatory and quite simply tasteless. Shame on you.

12 February, 2006 14:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the government was serious about raising the standards of its graduates and college-leavers, it might consider reviewing its lecturers'/teachers' pay scales, which have not changed since 1998 in most such institutions. Every year we hear the same old bullshit about promoting education as the key to advancement, but the human resources get ignored - same salary, same housing allowance as years back.

OK, we do get annual increments, but the payscale is exactly the same as before. If you'd come to the UAE in 1998 you'd have stared at 11,000 dirhams a month. Come in 2006, and it's the same starting salary!

12 February, 2006 15:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Luke and I Love Dubai,

Why is "dishdash" derogatory? I just looked that term up online and it took me to a webpage for Islamic clothing. I am not being rude, I honestly want to know why that's a bad or tasteless term? Can one of you explain? thanks!

12 February, 2006 17:28  
Blogger trobriander said...

Sorry SD, but I couldn’t help but to post this link to show the miseries of that shameful war.

British Soldiers ba....ds having Lager withdrawal:

12 February, 2006 18:08  
Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...

Yes...I would love to come back and serve my dear country from the education I got from N.America..
And Yes I was sent because we dont have any residency program for me to specialize in the area of medicine..but I know we are working on it..until then, they will continue to send us.
I can go on and on and on about why we dont have a residnecy program here, but whats the point when I am not actually doing anything about it..but one thing I know for sure..once I am back..I will be one of those people who would help implement changes...
I hope that will make you happy trobriander...and will help you move on to more productive comments.

Regarding the dishadashe question..I think it is degrading and not proper..just like its not proper to call the Sari's the Jean's people..cause it reflects my view of them..."they are just the people who wear this certain type of cloth..thats their whole Identitiy" no its not ok..and you can use it if you want to insult us..and thats fine..cause I cant control what you want to say...
I hope that clarifies this part

12 February, 2006 21:05  
Blogger trobriander said...


Blog Truce :)

12 February, 2006 22:30  
Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...


12 February, 2006 23:33  
Blogger 3li said...

Ok, now that we have a truce: back to the subject!

I myself am a victim of the education system here in the Emrirates, and have to admit that needs reform. But then again I think its about time locals started getting some jobs!

Nationalization is the big bad wolf, but as other bloggers (kudos to them) pointed out, we risk demoralizing the youth of this nation if we take away their chance at a job. And yes HR should be staffed by skilled individuals (to make it an efficient machine) but at least we are trying to make things work,.,.

By the way SD, how do I get my blog listed on the UAE community list? Thanks in advance

13 February, 2006 00:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Shrink...I am sorry, but I didn't understand your analogy. Do you mean it is like calling Indians "Saris" instead of "Indians"? If that's what you mean, I think I's like summing people up by their clothing...I imagine that the reason Westerners do that is not be rude, but they probably have a difficult time understanding how or why people from a certain culture choose to wear the exact same clothing. People will always highlight or draw attention to that which is most different from them. Where I used to live, there was a inordinate number of people who wore clothing from The Gap. And for some odd reason they always seemed to work in PR. So anytime one met someone from that industry we called them "The Gap People." I understand where you are coming from. It's not nice to be reduced to a term of clothing.

13 February, 2006 09:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry to bump into a thread... however check out this very well written article on dubai... SD - perhaps worthy of an article as I am sure there will be a lot of views on this article...,,1708287,00.html


Autonomy from the other site.

13 February, 2006 09:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Moreover: If students see little connection between academic performance and job prospects, then you produce undermotivated students"

This is one of the most intelligent things I have ever read online.

"Why is "dishdash" derogatory?"

Because it shows that you're making an assumption about us based on what we wear. And yes, to an extent you're right, lots of us can be immature idiots. But don't stigmatize us based of the clothes we wear.

You won't even believe the reverse racism I get IN MY OWN COUNTRY when I wear the kandura ("dishdash"). I can't have a normal conversation with people, because they automatically assume I'm there to harrass them.

I tried renting an apartment in Dubai, and EVERY realtor I spoke to asked if I was local. I had to lie and say "no" just so I wouldn't be refused. What kind of screwed up situation is this?

The only thing I ask of the foreigners (i.e. expats) is, if a local is bothering you, call him out on it rather than spread harmful gossip among your communities.

And again, I believe free speech gives you the right to call us dishdash or whatever it is you use, but I also have the right to ask you to stop, because it's harmful, offensive, and racist.

Personally I would much rather people call me an uneducated shitface fucktard than a "dishdash". Why? One insult is based on my behavior, the other is an assault on my identity. And fuck you for insulting me based on what I can't change.

13 February, 2006 11:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ive been to this blog 3 times and theres still no new posting.

this is getting boring.

13 February, 2006 11:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is all ok with sd. she has disappeared.

13 February, 2006 11:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ás in any country on earth there will always be the lazy, arrogant, selfish scum. But in one grand swipe to blanket a whole peoples with generalities is just stupid !

I too have had my share of over-bearing arrogant people trying to cower me into submission by using "this is my country I can do anything to you" threats. (I simply walked into the nearest police station, and the miscreant was summoned and given a ticking off by the very professional local police officer).

That didn't make me any less appreciative of my many UAE friends. I have visited their homes for dinner (had problems with blood flow circulation in my legs after sitting cross-legged for the better part of an hour :-) and we've had some good times with a few "haram" escapades down at Heroes in AD.

Frankly I admire a people who hold onto aspects of their culture and values in the face of mind-boggling modernization.

take it easy and enjoy the last throes of cool evening shamal breezes...

13 February, 2006 11:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think SD is on a short vacation. I imagine that "dishdashes" probably started out an unoffensive, sweet nickname, but has been turned into something ugly...much like the term "queer" has been abused and is now meant as an insult when it originally had no negative connotations. Or even the word 'nigga' which has been taken back by black Americans and is no longer an insult but a term of endearment when used in the right context. Anyway, what I am getting at is that SD does not use "dishdash" as way to insult anyone. Maybe she will stop using it now that she knows people find it offensive. I would bet money that she never intended it that way.

13 February, 2006 12:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Actually you've got it backwards for "queer"-- it used to be offensive, now it's the term many in the gay/lesbian/whatever community (aka the queer community) prefer.

13 February, 2006 13:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last time I checked, dishdash didn't only refer to locals. I suggest anyone getting confused reading the term, and calling it "distasteful" read some books.

13 February, 2006 13:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somewhat off topic - don't know how else to contact SD. This UK-based SD reader would love to know what you and your readers make of Adam Nicolson's encomium on Duabi in today's Guardian - a six-page spread with photos in the paper's second section.
Wonder if his trip was sponsored!,,1708395,00.html

13 February, 2006 14:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon UK based SD reader 1401.

Think grapeshisha touched on it today at her blog, though not in detail.

13 February, 2006 14:33  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Hello all. I am as guessed overseas at the moment. Not in Al Wathba or dead... yet ;)

Re dishdashes: the word has no derogatory meaning and I will continue to use it as it amuses me. Ditto saris, shalwars, palefaces, janes, afrabs and a host of other descriptive terms.

I've done a lot of thinking about this blog. I've seen other people's blogs becoming increasingly sparky, fearless and controversial. I on the other hand increasinly pussyfoot around subjects for fear of offending people. It is getting lamer and lamer here - and to people that complained about that, my apologies.

No more. I'm jack shit of people taking offence when half the time something is satirical, or they misunderstand it. If this blog offends you, don't read it.

If you want sparky, subversive, biting commentary, then this is the place to be (assuming I can ever resharpen the blade I've been blunting since last July).

Oh - and the "if you don't like it leave" brigade? If you don't like me here - make me leave. See if you can get me deported if you're so incredibly offended by a few blog rants - the results on my hit counter would be astronomical when I blog that.

Those that stay around and continue to get the jokes (such as they are) - thank you all of you. Very sincerely.

13 February, 2006 15:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you go girl !!!!!

its your blog.. we enjoy it.. to hell with the muppets (oh my have i offended anyone) who want PC here..


13 February, 2006 16:04  
Blogger grapeshisha said...

Now that is what you call free speech!

13 February, 2006 16:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

M.R.R.T ...

"And fuck you for insulting me based on what I can't change."

Fuck you for thinking that you can't change anything. You think we can??!?!? This is YOUR fucking country!!!!!! Or maybe your father did not tell you that you should change? When will you grow up and start using your own judgment????

Until YOUR country segregates people based on nationality, and your countrymen behave like all powerful thugs, you and the rest of you decent people can only be smered with the same brush. Regretfully so. As we the expats all are from the moment we land, by all.

I almost had it today reading the "response" of Mr. Al Tayer re the new six lane highway in the Springs/Lakes. Now, please, tell me - what do you think of his response? I do hope it gets printed in EVERY real estate magazine in the world, so the likes of him and EMAAR are left with cash needing laundry only ... or better, high and dry.

So you did not get rid of me yet; but, YOU that understand the problem SHOULD be the one to change things. Not me - I am gone one day, you have to live here, man. Wake up.

13 February, 2006 16:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lets not all get carried away here, you all seem to be drifting away from the main idea of this post?! For the people who think that its unfair to employ UAE nationals in HR.. SCREW YOU.. I’m a UAE national I’ve studied in a private school in Dubai, a military school in the UK, and went to Stanford U and now doing my PHD in Kings. If you expats see that I’m not highly educated then you probably should take out your umbrellas because I’m going to make it rain insults on you. Why is it you expats gulp when you see a “dishdash” who speaks proper English? As a matter of fact I have a brother who studies in a local college and guess what he scored 9.5 on his IELTS exam where on the other hand his British teacher who has a PHD in English literature scored 8.5. most of the expats who come to the UAE are not highly educated if educated at all. We have seen teachers who used to work as truck drivers GMs who worked as camera salesmen and even PR managers who worked as waiters. So to all you expats believe me when I say this you are welcome to stay here but please get a life. We are not living in 1970 any more. By the way there are 11 million US citizens who are illiterate. Any of you people who think so little of us please look around find a “dishdash” sit down with him for a cup of coffee hell get a drink for all I care and talk. This might not work with all locals and I’m certain it will not work if you try it with an expat but just try to blend in.
PS. by the way who the fuck is Chris?!

13 February, 2006 18:44  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

7DAYS - Fisher back - Something about getting stale.....

And, about "Secret Dubai Unleashed"? This going to be interesting.

13 February, 2006 18:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


look forward to the real you coming out... as i have stated before this is the welcome antidote to the BS KT and GN i am subjected to everyday.. so please unleash the dragon! Or as GNR said:

Dont damn me when i speak a piece of mind.
Cuz silence isnt golden when im holding it inside.
I;ve been where i've been i've seen what i've seen
I push a pen to the paper cuz its all a part of me.

13 February, 2006 19:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

21 boottles of beer on the wall
>I’m a UAE national I’ve studied in a private school in Dubai, a military school in the UK, and went to Stanford U and now doing my PHD in Kings.<

This makes you despotic in the making, ‘SIR’. One day an Emirati who went to a local school and later to the University of Zayed for height techs industries, and lastly is getting his/her Phd in ‘nations’ will look at you in pity.

13 February, 2006 20:32  
Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

13 February, 2006 20:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have seen teachers who used to work as truck drivers GMs who worked as camera salesmen and even PR managers who worked as waiter

Yet, they are bosses in your country !!!

13 February, 2006 20:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

PHD in Kings and rain insults!!!

Things are not looking good back at Eaton.

13 February, 2006 20:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Until YOUR country segregates people based on nationality, and your countrymen behave like all powerful thugs, you and the rest of you decent people can only be smered with the same brush. Regretfully so. As we the expats all are from the moment we land, by all.

I think you're trying to say that since Emiratis as a whole judge expats as a whole, it's justified for expats to do the same. If that's what you mean, you are an idiot, and you don't speak for most expats when you say that.

So you did not get rid of me yet; but, YOU that understand the problem SHOULD be the one to change things. Not me - I am gone one day, you have to live here, man. Wake up.

Again I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but it seems to me that you got the impression I was griping about not being able to change things. In fact, I was saying the opposite; things should be changed, which is why to insult someone based on their dress (which is an expression of culture), rather than behavior (which can be rectified with discipline), is pointless and harmful.

It's like that old Christian prayer that goes something like "God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; the courage to
change the things I can; and the wisdom to know the difference."

13 February, 2006 21:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So till then...enjoy being the boss

We will, we all work at Emaar!!!

13 February, 2006 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes the UAE Nationals should and will take over this country in their hands...but the day they will start doing it will be when they replace each and every poor subcontinental bricklayer...

Learn how to build your country before you want to run it, learn about dignity of labour before wanting the plush jobs and learn how to treat people equally before trying to compete ...then you will rule not only your own country but the world...

13 February, 2006 21:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

salaam all,

frankly... what's the point of being educated if we cannot have civilized conversation??? Let's cool down a little.

Now... we can view the current issue at least from three perspectives:

1) economic impact on companies and the country's growth

2) effectiveness as public policy towards promoting uae human capital

3) fairness of imposing 'emiratization'

Firstly, the emiratization is just a 'tax' on the private sector.

A restricted pool of candidates for HR departments (only nationals) means it will be harder to find enough skilled people for all companies. That is likely to result in increasing costs due to the necessity of training or, as it happens sometimes, redundancy (keeping a national as a figurehead while someone else does the job).

So in the long run, either companies adjust to the new reality or, if the burden is too heavy, they take their business elsewhere. My guess is that the performance of the HR departments will eventually be just the same as it is today, whatever that may be :-)...

Secondly, I'm not so sure emiratization is the most effective solution to help nationals in the long run. I believe that promoting small and medium enterprises by greatly reducing the bureaucracy, restrictions and initial costs, investing in private equity and incubators, and creating a stronger relationship between colleges, government and companies are more effective ways to garantee sustainable growth.

Finally, as for those who may feel this measure is not fair, I would suggest them to first scrutinize their own countries' policies with regards to movement of labor. Depending on your nationality and level of education, it is almost impossible to go to work in a rich country. Honestly, how easy is it for a poor and little educated South Asian to get a job in UK or France? At least they can work in the UAE.

All countries take measures to protect their own. Of course, at least some countries give you a chance to become a citizen, but that is usually a long and difficult process, virtually impossible for the poor.

13 February, 2006 21:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear Sirs,
I am from the ivory coast
and Currently working for the sewage systems dept. in the municipality. I heard there are jobs as GMs for wastewater co. in the UAE. Please consider my attached CV.

13 February, 2006 21:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lol abidjan!

Enjoy the hols SD

13 February, 2006 22:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@the shrink

"and diss..and bite the hand that feeds them..."

Its the expats who have been feeding your ass. Like SD said dishadashe is not a bad term, ever heard you guys referred to as TENTS

13 February, 2006 22:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

doo dooo

13 February, 2006 22:39  
Blogger 3li said...

anon 21:37, if you really worked at emaar you would know that Mr. Abbar is your boss.,., anon 21:46 if you dont like it then leave (or dont visit if you dont already live here),.,.anon 21:51 I agree emiritization is bad in the long run; case in point: look at the disaster of qatarisation! You should not force criteria on people, it works against both the employer (his prefered type of worker is being limited) and the employee (he probably wont live up to employers expectations). Coming to think of it, you said all that :-)

The shrink, you rule.

If you dont wish us (locals) good will and live here as an expat,.,. GO AWAY,.,. anyone who is like that is a waste of human skin, and a drain on humainity,.,.

13 February, 2006 23:34  
Blogger samuraisam said...

Location: Toronto : Ottawa : Canada

the_shrink, you are quite a joke.
I suggest you get cracking on those reading skills of yours before you become a psychologist.

People who can't understand satire entertain me.

Psychologists who can't read. Entertaining concept.
How on earth will you manage learning Piaget's theories?

I can't understand why you are getting antsy over the term "dish dash", you can't even recognize the fact that it isn't even specific to the UAE.
I have to say almost every local (and not just locals) i've ever met is under the opinion that Australians run around like Steve Irwin jumping upon crocodiles in the deep jungle, and that Australians regularly say "Shrimps on the barbie mate"; guess what? Australians don't even say shrimp, it's frowned upon, like saying lobster instead of crayfish.

I always manage to see the humorous side of this generalisation, even though it is entirely unfounded and 100% untrue; I poke fun at my friends, and they manage to see the humour in it, sad that you can't /:

Pretty sad you describe expats as "enemies", I trip myself over in laughter of the image of every single expat leaving Dubai; oops, in 15 years the oil money finishes and i'm sure you'd be really glad that the "evil" "racist" expats are gone; sad the forefathers of the UAE put all the effort into diversifying the economy, and getting expats into the country to build it, and then have the younger generations ask them to leave.
Conflict of interest? Unpossible.
Screw building an indoor ski slope, screw building the tallest building in the world, screw having the biggest airline, just kick all the expats out so the tourist attractions can look like pretty statues.

13 February, 2006 23:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

>3lo G<
>anon 21:37, if you really worked at emaar you would know that Mr. Abbar is your boss<

Then ask him why he hired GMs who worked as camera salesmen and even PR managers who worked as waiters, and spare us the nuisance.

As far the_shrink, I truly pity her as she will put her back out from all the hatred she has for other people. I know that all local women are polite – I think it’s time for her to come back home.

14 February, 2006 02:09  
Blogger Hot Lemon& Honey said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

14 February, 2006 03:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

M.R.R.T. ,

>>Again I'm not quite sure what you're saying, but it seems to me that you got the impression I was griping about not being able to change things. In fact, I was saying the opposite; things should be changed, which is why to insult someone based on their dress (which is an expression of culture), rather than behavior (which can be rectified with discipline), is pointless and harmful.<<

Exactly my point. You did understand. Then, tell me why is this country's running based EXACTLY on the above wrong approach?

Until this country is run on racial prejudice, as it is now, and not on personal merit, waiters and truck drivers will be teachers and CEOs BECAUSE OF THEIR PASSPORT. A subcontinental engineer will be paid 10% of what a local high school graduate is and 20% of what a "UK/US/AUS/NZ" fresh graduate with absolutely no experience is. Fair? Don't think so.

Let's go back to HR: HOW can you interview someone that has a specific skill set you know nothing about? The only thing you can do is bring the salary down as much as possible.

There is nothing wrong in Emiratization, it should be done, PROVIDED that Emaratis work in ALL strata, commesurate to their education and experience. From sweeping the streets to running EMAAR.

Though there will always be discrimionation, and every country does protect its own, generalizations and broad brush strokes are not acceptable - as you yourself say - IF this place wants to be really what it looks it wants to be. If it wants to be a failed experiment, then ... it is your country, my friend. You are the only one who can make the change.

Wishing you luck.

14 February, 2006 07:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"As a matter of fact I have a brother who studies in a local college and guess what he scored 9.5 on his IELTS exam where on the other hand his British teacher who has a PHD in English literature scored 8.5."
Had to laugh at this...IELTS is capped at 9--the highest you can get is 9--there is no 9.5!!
& why would a teacher with a PhD be taking the IELTS...
Thanks for the laugh...

14 February, 2006 10:37  
Blogger CG said...


Scores are given on a band scale from 1 to 9, with one representing almost no English ability and 9 representing total fluency.
9.5 must represent a grandiose fool.

14 February, 2006 11:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

'Tents'? I think you'll find the current popular nickname for arabs amongst westerners is 'trick or treaters'.

14 February, 2006 11:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very ugly indeed!

If the locals have a problem with the word "dishdash" then we shouldn't use it, period! But, it seems SD and a few others like to piss on others and rub in their "superiority". It could have been very easy for SD to apologize for using that term, but she chose to stand up to her right to "free speech" (a la Jyllands-Posten).

I have long advocated that the West has lost all its moral (moreso the Europeans, at least the Americans have some sense). You guys can go around calling whoever whatever you feel like, but just remember one thing : the bubble you all live in is destined to burst one day.

For all those who see this as hostility on my part please be advised that my motive is to knock some sense into people. You can be racist in your living rooms, but for the Love of God respect peoples' sentiments when you are talking to them. You are being as stupid as the "leave my country if you dont like it" when you say "dont read my blog if you dont like it"! This is public space, man, please try to be a little respectful!

Finally, I am not too happy with Emiratization either and I figured I should be back in my own country no matter how "third world" it is.


14 February, 2006 12:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD - let's call a spade a spade - your use of the word "disdashes" is offensive simply bcoz taken in the context of the sentence you used it in, it comes across as demeaning. To reduce a people to an item of clothing they wear is insulting - i fail to see the humour even thou, as usual you back track trying to summon the legion of juvenille fans to your defence.

14 February, 2006 12:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al republican.

please hurry back to 'your country'. what with all the democracy, fantastic standard of living and crimefree streets there, it would be foolish to even contemplate hanging around here.

14 February, 2006 12:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amazing, people are offended, yet they keep on reading. Totally idiotic.

14 February, 2006 12:24  
Blogger samuraisam said...

This is public space, man, please try to be a little respectful!

Public space?

If it was public space, you'd be able to edit everything, what's that? you can't?

The title iirc is Secret Dubai Diary; not Public Dubai Diary.

ahh. fresh idiots like lambs to the slaughter.

14 February, 2006 12:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I've done a lot of thinking about this blog. I've seen other people's blogs becoming increasingly sparky, fearless and controversial. I on the other hand increasinly pussyfoot around subjects for fear of offending people."

SD, I never told you to stop using the term "dishdash". Say whatever you want. That's what I love about free speech. Just know that it is offensive, and that if you say it to my face, I wouldn't think too highly of you.

"Oh - and the "if you don't like it leave" brigade?..."

Er, I think that includes you SD. Didn't you just say "If this blog offends you, don't read it."

"See if you can get me deported if you're so incredibly offended by a few blog rants"

Side note: I wish us locals would stop with the deportation threats. I agree, it's all very silly.

Anyways, I still like your blog, and still object to the word "dishdash". Call me an "idiot Emirati", ok. Call me a "spoilt loser fuckfaced local", fine by me. But call me a dishdash, towelhead, sandnigger, now that's just offensive.

Why? Again, one insult is to my individual behavior, the other is to my culture.

14 February, 2006 13:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...§ion=0&article=77749&d=14&m=2&y=2006&pix=kingdom.jpg&category=Kingdom

In Saudi, female beggars beat the shit out of a hotheaded man.

14 February, 2006 13:07  
Blogger 3li said...

Sorry, but ive got to point this out:

Al - republican, M. R. R. T : so if you dont like my country (or blog), you should stay?
Or the alternative I should change the country (or blog) for you to like it, right?

(al-republican,) Its not stupid, its logic.

And to clarify (just in case): never once did I say I support deportation, I said "if you dont like it then leave", I never said I would kick expats out.

There! I believe my tracks are covered!

14 February, 2006 13:15  
Blogger 3li said...

By the way, how on earth do I get my blog listed on the UAE community blog?! ( I tried the gmail, didnt work)

14 February, 2006 13:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Public space or public property doesnt give people the right to edit/delete things in it. If your stupid logic were applied to public parks, I could rip off the lamposts and trees in it and take it back home with me.

You obviously didn't understand what I was trying to say, or perhaps you don't want to understand (in your blind obedience to SD). It's not even funny how big of a suck up you are of SD! Seriously, man, grow up and stop trying to be funny when your jokes are dry. But, maybe I am asking too much of you as calling someone "dishdash" and finding it funny is really retarded!

14 February, 2006 13:48  
Blogger archer14 said...

You dress me up, I'm your puppet
You buy me things, I love it
You bring me food, I need it
You give me love, I feed it

And look at the two of us in sympathy
With everything we see
I never want anything, it's easy
You buy whatever I need

But look at my hopes, look at my dreams
The currency we've spent
I love you, oh, you pay my rent
Pet Shop Boys - Rent

This may not make complete sense...but hey, it does make some sense.

14 February, 2006 14:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

" I could rip off the lamposts and trees in it and take it back home with me."

Yeah,we need it a lot in pakistan.

14 February, 2006 14:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

no wonder there is a shortage of lighting in the parks these days...

al republican.. shame on you !

14 February, 2006 14:10  
Blogger samuraisam said...

You obviously aren't very aware of the wonders of the internet. A public space on the internet is very different to one in real life. is your friend.

As for your "brown nosing" accusation, please learn how to read. I respect SD greatly, she has managed to promote blogs in the UAE greatly; while I do not agree with everything she writes, I do agree with a lot of it.
I don't suck up to anyone.

I do however defend the internet and people in general from idiots. I can't stand most of the commenters on SD's blogs, people disagree completely and then continue reading, and then bother to comment, and then they load up on yee good ol' "if you don't like it leave" tripe, and then when a bit of "if you don't like it don't read it" is dished out, they continue with completely oblivious points. The delicious irony and idiocy displayed by certain commenters is too great to resist. Sometimes I do resist it, but most of the time I simply can't.
The blatant double standards really aggravate me.

I defend the internet from stupidity. Until the time arrives when an IQ quota is applied to the internet, I shall not give up in my battle.

As for my sense of humour, when people stop thinking Australian's run around like Steve Irwin then i'll stop with my uninformed predispositions.
Because I think that's what you're poking at.
You're taking the word "dish dash", and you're stretching it out and insinuating it means something else, It says "dish dash", I can't see anything else, can you?
Again with my point about reading, I read the word "dish dash" not "insert generic racist comment here", I don't know what you read.

14 February, 2006 14:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You can see the racism in the stereotyping of Australians as Steve-Irwine-types, but you fail to see the racism in stereotyping of Arabs as "dishdash"? And then in the same breath you say that peoples' double standards aggravates you?? How is that for "fresh idiots like lambs to the slaughter"?

I have to agree with you, Samuraisam, the Internet needs to have an IQ check for its subscribers and we just might end up having lesser of arrogant idiots trying to act like they know what they are talking about.

14 February, 2006 15:04  
Blogger samuraisam said...

you sound like Detective Dipshit.

As for my sense of humour, when people stop thinking Australian's run around like Steve Irwin then i'll stop with my uninformed predispositions.

Where do you see the word racist/racism in there?
Again, please read the supplied material.

14 February, 2006 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


on holiday?

14 February, 2006 15:13  
Blogger trobriander said...

@at least the Americans have some sense

I should hope it doesn’t include the ape war on Iraq!

@You are being as stupid as the "leave my country if you dont like it" when you say "dont read my blog if you dont like it"!

Frankly speaking I give a zilch attention to those racist remarks. Every person has the right to be a racist if it chooses to within the law – of course, along comes the unnecessary mishaps such as your comments!

14 February, 2006 15:29  
Blogger trobriander said...

@ahh. fresh idiots like lambs to the slaughter.

Poor Lambs


14 February, 2006 16:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of no benefit
A woman is beaten by her husband/boyfriend in every 18th second in the US; 100,000 women are abused in Germany; two million women face beatings in France; 28 per cent among every 7,000 women are physically attacked in Britain.

The result is from recent study conducted by NGOs in these so-called developed nations. So how can one believe that Valentine's Day is of any benefit to lovers or married couples?

14 February, 2006 16:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Trobriander:

I only said that the Americans are relatively more sane than the Europeans. I say that having traveled and lived a bit in both places.

I am a staunch opponent of the "War on terror" let alone the war in Iraq. Please read my previous postings on various threads trying to defend the Iraqi/Islamic cause against some of the protagonists of the US' trigger-happy tyrant.


14 February, 2006 17:03  
Blogger trobriander said...


The recalcitrant belligerent views with respects to the aforementioned as a mere form of rebarbative racism OR silly prank have, unfortunately, misplaced an opportunity to retrospectively contemplate the connotation that carries with it.

‘Ensemble’ or attire has, through out the years, been an integral part of world’s nations’ progressive wealth - not patriotism, and will remain so until end of humanity. Examples vary from Gandhi’s rejection to the English slacks for the support of India’s local sewing industries, to the Sans-culottes of the French revolution to distinguish themselves from other classes at the height of the struggle.

Therefore, the national dress could often represent a form of Marxist – psychoanalytical interpretation of a transitional period in the time of a young nation’s history.

I have hitherto refrained from commenting on the SD’s dishdash because frankly speaking I, all long, have found it rather lucid or even cogent to the current development of the UAE – bear in mind lots of other middle-easterners don’t even think of wearing the Dishdash. Also, the impression I have from SD’s blog; is that she can’t only be a racist or disrespectful period. Or even so she tries to toss in an insult leisurely. If you notice each time she used it was meant for a metamorphic point in time for the young people of the UAE.

If I were a young local then I would surly look for the Dishdash when it appears as a reference to yet another tangible topic.

14 February, 2006 19:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mrrt - well spoken - couldn't agree with you more.

we come back, largely bcoz of the wide variety of people we can interact with on blogs - some plainly dumb and some we learn from from.

thanks to al republican and mrrt - i enjoy ur comments

PS. trobiander - that was an interesting attempt at sounding smart

14 February, 2006 19:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD, glad to have you back and as Chilton put it, "Secret Dubai Unleashed" certainly ought to be interesting.

It is quite odd to have local citizens on the defensive, about their very right to work vs. expats. This country is like no other when it comes to its demographics.

Mr. Military school, PhD guy.. perhaps you are right about a good number of low-class no-good westerners making it through the ranks here in the UAE and the gulf in general.. but as you have said, these are not the 70's anymore.. people like that are becoming harder and harder to find. Certainly though, they do exist.

Very much like uneducated locals, regardless of degrees they hold, or claim to hold.

Point is, whether you are educated or not, the country still very much depends on foreign help to run it. A transition will not be easy, but it will happen, whether 'expats' like it or not.

14 February, 2006 19:34  
Blogger trobriander said...

@PS. trobiander - that was an interesting attempt at sounding smart

At least you have read it. Thank you

14 February, 2006 19:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


SD, SD where art thou? Please put another post and lets move on...

14 February, 2006 20:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

While I agree with Samuraisam's rant about the stupidity of many of the posters here, I have to admit, he's quite an SD suck-up. Always instantly leaping in to her defence like the internet superhero he is.

mrrt thanks for dispelling myths.

14 February, 2006 21:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noted, with no small degree of irony, that this so-called drive for 'nationalisation' or 'Emiratization' is focused on that key area of the economy, the HR sector! I guess it's perceived as one of the cushiest numbers in the private commercial world.

As for getting their country back - forget it, folks! You sold it back in the 1970s, when you decided that hard labour was not for the likes of you - much better to go shopping, or stay at home and breed.

Now, if you're really serious about claiming back your nation, try getting a job in construction - or any sector that involves real hard work!! But it's much easier for you to run away from that, isn't it...

Also, I've noticed some snooty comments from locals about their teachers having worked as waiters or truck-drivers. The mere fact that these people look down on such jobs shows me how far they have yet to go in coming to grips with the real world. Many well-qualified people have worked in the past as barmen and cab-drivers, usually in their student days. It's quite common.

But Emiratis have no idea of this, as they live in a private bubble that is coocooned from the harsh light of day. There is always somebody around to do the hard work for them. For that reason, they will never develop the work ethic, and will never be able to reclaim their country.

14 February, 2006 22:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

[The West] can go around calling whoever whatever you feel like, but just remember one thing : the bubble you all live in is destined to burst one day.

This is hilariously ironic seeing as we're discussing Dubai, Home of the Bubble City on just so many levels.

14 February, 2006 22:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tobriander, it makes sense to have a chill pill to put an end to your verbal constipation. Choc-a-bloc with words in your mouth have you.

p.s - All of you people need a PhD in Dishdashs or something?
Haven't u heard of 'freedom of expression'

14 February, 2006 23:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy Valentines Day secret dubai. I miss you. I hope you are not with someone else.

15 February, 2006 00:20  
Blogger trobriander said...

@Anonymous 14 February, 2006 23:08

1-chill pill
2-verbal constipation.

if you managed to say all that then i take your words for it !!!

PS. Happy Valentine's Day!

15 February, 2006 01:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

a local friend of mine is actually convinced that it was 'UAE nationals who built this country'.
When asked to elaborate this statement, he cleverly explained:'petrol money pays the labour, construction and all expats...locals own petrol and land on which everything stands, therefore, we built the UAE.

To my knowledge, this theorem is widely shared among the locals.

Hard truth is, most younger nationals never tasted salt, tears nor blood and most likely never will in their lifetime.
They don't know the pain of money hard earned, work discipline, humility and respect for the under privileged. Expats make up for that missing part of their DNA.

This is why they will never get their country back...they never had it in a first place.

15 February, 2006 02:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@15 February, 2006 02:52

Hey, what is this????

"This is why they will never get their country back...they never had it in a first place. "

What is this.. a Dubai hating blog??
Shame on you all...on you and what you consider freedom of speech..All of you

15 February, 2006 02:59  
Blogger samuraisam said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

15 February, 2006 04:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's more of a Green-eyed Dubai envy blog. All these young kiddos having nuthin' but negative vibes to share.

Get back to ur day jobs and quit screwing around, otherwise you may be the next ones crying foul after getting "emiratized"

trobiander, sandy and co. - jealoisy can't be too good for ur health

15 February, 2006 11:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anon @ 14 February, 2006 22:50

Regarding my "bubble burst" comment to the West, I agree with your point about Dubai being in a bubble!

Hahaha, well said, bro!

15 February, 2006 11:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where was the outrage when the Taliban destroyed the statues of Buddha??

Where was the outrage when expats in KSA are arrested for practising their religion???


15 February, 2006 12:02  
Blogger CG said...

You are all fecking wrong.
My father built Dubai.
Have a nice time SD


15 February, 2006 12:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My source informs me that SD has not been let back in the country.

15 February, 2006 12:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awww... just as we all started getting cuddly here....

15 February, 2006 12:58  
Blogger grapeshisha said...

Dont be silly. She has done nothing wrong. Rumours shmoumers.

15 February, 2006 13:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grapeshisha -

ur shisha pipe looks pregnant

15 February, 2006 14:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Stop starting rumors about SD you morons. She is fine.

15 February, 2006 14:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD is in Koh Samui sipping up her Margaritas … eat your hearts out guys.

15 February, 2006 16:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


SD was abducted by an unidentified flying object

Ufo Watch News.

15 February, 2006 17:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is she wear bikini

15 February, 2006 17:43  
Blogger Emirati said...

Im sorry, never get our country back ? Since when did we ever lose it ? You think we are going to just give it up to an expat majority ? you are sadly mistaken my friend.

15 February, 2006 18:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the uae belongs to me.
i own it.
does anyone want to purchase it?

15 February, 2006 19:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

on a lighter note dubaienquirer's got a new issue out... always good for a chuckle.

15 February, 2006 19:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if secretdubai is going on holiday and not going to blog, she could at least tell us that. now there is nothing to do.

16 February, 2006 08:52  
Blogger MJ said...

I'm late again, but I will post a comment anyways and hope someone will read it.

The local men and women who worked and built this country from the 1960's are the one made it what it is today, and these men's lives were not as easy as you think, they worked for it, they traveled for their education and made it what it is today. I personally know many who went throw that, and one who went to study in Egypt and had to help in a kitchen to pay for his education, and he is proud that he did that, that he worked for it.

I'm not denying that all these people from many countries HELPED in building it, but if they didn't help someone else would have done so, so don't come and act as if you own the UAE anything more than the money you get and a place to live. I'm not denying that the UAE would never have been what it is now if it closed itself and didn't let people from all over come.

Maybe locals didn't build the buildings we are so proud of, but without what locals did, the UAE won't be what it is now, and I dare you to deny that and say that it would have been like it is now if Emarati's didn't work for it until the British left and then build it.

If they didn't you wouldn't be here, living on our land and earning you living here and if you don't like it then I really suggest you go rot in your country.... why are you here anyways? to say what you just said?

17 February, 2006 02:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey death to 1desi... you just stank up this blog... btw, didnt you mean ...'behead 1desi'?

18 February, 2006 10:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You guys have 18 months until we invade the HR manager positions. Did u pack ur bags already? muhaaahahaa

29 June, 2006 01:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i say

i dont care cuase i shall die someday

so i have more important things
i want to achive or attend

see you all

judgement day

some in heaven

some in hell

07 July, 2006 00:42  

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