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24 February, 2006

Lakes and Springs finally a reality

They spend weeks moaning about their swimming pools being closed, and the minute a beautiful, natural lake arrives right on their doorstep, New Dubaians still can't stop whingeing:

Dubai: Residents of some of Dubai's newest developments reacted angrily after their homes were flooded following yesterday's heavy downpour.

Some people are just never satisfied. They should be thankful that Emaar isn't charging extra for the privilege of having this lovely water feature.

Outside Cell Block G the rain-lake is so extensive that windsurfing and other water sports are taking place, with one resident catching a 25lb turbot earlier in the day.



Blogger Mohamed Elzubeir said...

The road systems here do not take into flooding into account and so lakes would naturally form as a result of the slightest notion of rain.

However, in all fairness, the costs of cleaning up after a flood vs. the costs of having the infrastructure to deal with this kind of situation, given the number of occurrences make the current system the better choice.

So, enjoy the rain and put up with the slightest of inconveniences that come along.. It was a beautiful day and today continues to be. The rain puts me in a good mood, so seeing at this rate in Dubai makes up for any other thing.

24 February, 2006 11:25  
Blogger introspector said...

An interesting analysis would be to see how many sub-contractors of EMAAR have actually purchased.

24 February, 2006 11:37  
Blogger archer14 said...

Isn't it nice to hear from people who spend > half a mil. dhs on a house to find themselves teleported to Venice for a day. And even those buckets in the mall, what a sight to behold!
Truly a minor inconvenience, as said above.

24 February, 2006 14:41  
Blogger Balushi said...

"Some people are just never satisfied. They should be thankful that Emaar isn't charging extra for the privilege of having this lovely water feature."

People are always like this here, even if you send them to another planet they will still moun and groun!

Not so strangely I always find that the above is the western expats attitude! and Mainly its an Housewife.

I dont know what is the problem with them but i will try to investigate and find-out.

But i think the reason is that most of the expat housewife are ignored by their husbands, and their husband are fed up of them so therefore they just moun and groun about everything and anything!!!

above that most of the expat women dont have any physical relationships with their husband anymore! and that makes the problem even worse if not any worser. But husbands are not to be blamed, bcoz they are bored with their wife! imagine eating fish everyday for 3years!!!

so this is leading to all these people to compalin and create websites for Gossips and mummies and bitch behind each others back!!! and to show-off.

24 February, 2006 14:49  
Blogger Keef said...

balushi: what goes on in your head is just astonishing. Apart from all the marriage guidance stuff, though, would you not agree that when you pay a ton of money to rent or buy a new property, you do have a right to expect that it would be waterproof?

24 February, 2006 15:59  
Blogger Balushi said...

keefieboy, the thing is that i have explored alot of things! but before i explored them i use to think just like you and others.

24 February, 2006 18:01  
Blogger trobriander said...

In most cases the immediate rainwater floods carry contaminants such as litter, animal wastes, automobile fluids, fertilizers and pesticides, creating health risks for children and affecting the marine life.

Also, the direct impact of pollution increases hazardous risks to swimmers, high concentrations of unnatural metals in ports and toxicity to aquatic life. These impacts could mount losses to tourism economy, as well as loss of recreational resources.

The duration of the floods is quite critical to the environment, as most toxicity permeates directly into the soil to form contaminant deposits that could wreck a large portion of the land, especially if there are plans for man-made marines and wet lands.

Furthermore, the benefits of rainwater drains are quite effective to control chemical spells and localizing water upsurge.

SD, whoever says it is OK to keep the system as it is, then it is perhaps the Dean Diplomatic Corpse that has miraculously spoken out!!

24 February, 2006 19:55  
Blogger unJane said...

Am I the only one who thinks the persona known as balushi is bogus?Surely no one could be that boorish on a regular basis.

24 February, 2006 19:57  
Blogger missenme said...

I think balushi's wife needs to see a doctor.

If he has eaten fish everyday for 3 years, then she must have a pretty nasty infection...


Get a life, one believes that you know anything about marriage...

24 February, 2006 22:40  
Blogger aussie70 said...

Belushi is great he reminds me of Karl Pilkington on the Ricky Gervais podcast ! Honestly you should host a show on radio or TV it would be a cracker ! keep your advice coming mate it is bloody great !

25 February, 2006 01:19  
Blogger BuJ said...

it's quite sweet and ironic that justice has to come from above.. first the pools are closed then they drive through a pool to get home :)

hope it's fixed though.

25 February, 2006 03:50  
Blogger 1Desi said...

Balushi sounds like a bored asian kid who's watched Howard Stern's 'private parts' way too many times.

Sorry Balushi - u bore the bejesus outta me!

25 February, 2006 10:47  
Blogger cyton said...

I could not refrain myself from making my first posting with a joke in reply to Balushi's comments.No offence is intented. The husband and wife go to a counselor after 30 years of marriage. The counselor asks them what the problem is and the wife goes into a tirade listing every problem they have ever had in the 30 years they've been married. She goes on and on and on. ( and on...) Finally, the counselor gets up, goes around the desk, embraces the woman and kisses her passionately, rips off her clothes and makes mad passionate love to her. Needless to say, the woman shuts up and sits quietly with a very satisfied daze. The counselor turns to the husband and says "that is what your wife needs at least three times a week. Can you do that ? The husband thinks for a moment and replies, "Well, I can get her here Monday and Wednesday, but Friday I play golf.

25 February, 2006 10:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You slay me!

And who pissed in balushi's wheaties this morning? What a pill.

25 February, 2006 17:48  

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