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17 February, 2006

Legal thievery: erroneous parking fines

Parking officials in the UAE are so completely useless, stupid and inefficient, likewise their bosses, that even when proven beyond any reasonable doubt that they have made an error in ticketing, the driver still has to pay:

“I visited a showroom in Bur Dubai and parked my car in the parking lot. When I returned, I found a Dh250 fine ticket on my car. I approached the parking inspector and asked why the ticket had been issued. To my surprise, I was told that I had entered the parking area crossing over the pavement, something which I never ever did in my 18 years driving in the city,” said the woman.

She said when she asked the inspector how he was so sure it was she who did that, he replied that he had seen a “black Pajero” crossing over the pavement from quite a distance 15 minutes ago.

“It was simply outrageous for me since my car, which incidentally is also a black Pajero, had been parked there for about an hour or so, said the woman.

Stupid, ignorant, arrogant, and quite frankly corrupt. Taking money from an innocent person and refusing to admit a mistake is theft.

It's far from the first instance of its kind. Last year, there was a spate of complaints about people being ticketed despite displaying a valid ticket - even when they proved it, they still had to pay:

"Recently, the parking inspector fined me for parking in a free parking area, despite pointing this out to him. Due to his mistake, I had to pay a hard-earned Dh200."

Were any apologies offered? Was any retraining of inspectors announced, or a reorganisation of the ticketing process? No. Lazy, arrogant and corrupt. What an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to the nation. Meanwhile the murderous speeders, tailgaters, and often unlicensed boy-racers go hurtling around the roads with impunity.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too right about these slap-happy ticket issuers...

17 February, 2006 15:49  
Blogger Marcus Aurelius said...

DH 250! Holy smokes talk about steep.

BTW, do they put something on the car to immediately notify you or do they record it and surprise you when you go to renew your car's registration?

17 February, 2006 20:01  
Blogger Marcus Aurelius said...

Wow, rereading I see they give you immediate notification via ticket on the windshield.

17 February, 2006 20:02  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

Corrupt in the sense of skimming from the till or in the sense of shirking (taking leisure on the job)? (One doesn't usually see shirking labeled corruption, but it is and I think maybe that's what you have in mind.) Most us do some of the latter, put some do take it to an art form - especially if there are no consequences.

In other news, I hear the parking lot at MoE is pretty full these days.

17 February, 2006 21:11  
Blogger Dubai Sunshine said...

In countries like the US or Canada, you can contest a ticket if you feel that the ticket has been given to you erroneously. You can actually go to court and appeal the ticket issuer's decision. And you can win if there is reasonable evidence to prove why you shouldn't pay the fine.

I doubt this system would ever work here.

17 February, 2006 21:30  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Corrupt in the sense of why are they unjustly taking money and refusing to pay it back when error is proven.

Incidentally what happens to that money? Is there by any chance performance-related pay for inspectors?

17 February, 2006 21:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a ticket inspector in Dubai, and yes we are corrupt, and stealing ure money. If you need a ny assistance call 1-800-KARAMA

17 February, 2006 22:16  
Blogger Balushi said...

Last nite i was driving in the No-Entry road!

To my luck there was a Police car near the parking lot, as i drove by the police waved at me to stop and he saw that I saw him from the inside mirror!!!

I stopped and Reversed backed, The first thing as customery i had to show my Reg. and license...!!!

blah blah blah... I told the officer "Oh No" with my Hand on my head I started Acting Dumb and Deaf!!!!

I told the officer that i didnt knew that I was driving in No Entry!

The Officer believed me and Let me go with a warning!!! (how stupid he is)

Ok this women isnt as lucky as i am or maybe not a good actor as i am!!!


17 February, 2006 22:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

balushi and other sub-con scum drivers shall be shot on sight.

17 February, 2006 22:53  
Blogger archer14 said...

Anybody remember that article in GN a few weeks back about speeding and radars? The d***heads said, nope, no use installing radars. We'd speed as much as we want to, and you can't do a damn thing about it. Money is pouring in the coffers of the police. What are the naive 'law-abiding' individuals to do of it? They're caught in the crossfire.
But I think the real reason for the police not apologizing? The ratio of offenders to the 'mistaken offenders' which is around 500:1.

17 February, 2006 23:37  
Blogger trobriander said...

Well, SD, it’s not that simple to get the money back once it’s circulated into the system. For the process of reversed payments there is usually a ‘monsieur’ that shows up once a week – if he’s punctual! to sign those checks; of course many questions will be raised and not many cocky officers would like to look ‘reckless’!!!

17 February, 2006 23:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Balushi
"The Officer believed me and Let me go with a warning!!! (how stupid he is)"
Stupid?? or forgiving..a lier...
Either ways...
Please dont generalize SD...
Not all of them like that..some are..

18 February, 2006 05:09  
Blogger Harsha said...

yea Balushi , if he lets go.. hes stupid..if he had written u a ticket - he'd be corrupt cuz he dint give u a warning!!

and yes the inspectors do have a quota and also, once u issue a parking ticket fine, theres no way to reverse it.

18 February, 2006 09:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yes ticket inspectors are commission based. Its 'supposedly' to guard them from being 'derelict' in their duty. What however happens is that they become 'trigger happy' and issue fines for such offences as 'we didn't see the ticket clearly' or ' it was on the passenger side of the dashboard, not the drivers'. !!!!!!!

Balushi said
"blah blah blah... I told the officer "Oh No" with my Hand on my head I started Acting Dumb and Deaf!!!!"

that must have been easy for you eh?

18 February, 2006 09:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the Spinney's on Trade Centre close to Burjuman I got a ticket for parking where I see other people parking all the time (on the right - in what I assumed were parallel parking spaces). I honestly had no idea I wasn't supposed to park there! I could have easily parked on the left in one of the slant-parking spots. The problem was the total lack of no-parking signs. Of course I naively called the police to try to protest the ticket and was told "sorry, we have no such system". Yikes. I'd like to say I learned my lesson and that the fine served as a deterrent, but I still find it hard to know where I can and cannot legally park!

18 February, 2006 11:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nowadays, they are also saving on paper, they no more place that white paper on your windshield to show that you were fined,
instead they are using a mobile device that registers all your car details. Amazing!!!

18 February, 2006 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD get some mouth wash and clean it from your dirty choices of words..and while you are at the pharamcy get some ativan...prazac and if thats not available...go find the arab men who "make love to you"..i would love to use the "f" word here.. to get you some Hashish...or "E" you will feel much better
Dont freedom of speech here...and please dont ask me not to visit your blog..cause I might step down to your level and say..get out of my country...

18 February, 2006 20:22  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I don't do drugs, nor do I sleep around.

How interesting that you, the easterner, are the one recommending those activities to me.

And you're totally welcome to visit my blog. And express your opinions. I believe in a free world and free speech.

The only comments are censor are ones that are obscene or defamatory or obviously breaching UAE laws. Yours, by the way, is borderline for its drugs and sex references. That isn't really something to be proud of, is it? Why don't you try and express your views more sensibly in future?

18 February, 2006 20:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh talk more than you think...
Drugs and mom would wash my tongue with soap if she heared me say that...but you konw what...I got desensetized by hanging out with the westerns at my private school (bless them all and their hickies at the age of 13)...
So no..its not my language..its a language you udnerstand...
And suddenly...SD is talking about respecting something in the UAE...stop the B.S and keep on showing the real SD who hates her self for having to live here...and please no B.S about caring about this country...that SD has faith in..
You just are a bitter woman..who has nothing to say but negativity..
and by the one is waiting for your spare us your positive or negative opinions..
There is Sh.Mohammed who can actually do something to your to him rather than going on and on and on and on about the same old same old thing..

18 February, 2006 21:12  
Blogger secretdubai said...

..I got desensetized by hanging out with the westerns at my private school

Oh here we go - it's the west's fault again! Ever heard of personal responsiblity? Of free choice? It doesn't matter where or how you learn bad habits, once you adopt them they are yours, and only you are blameworthy of using them.

If you think we are all so vile and libidinous and corrupt, why emulate us?

18 February, 2006 21:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD...the point was..I am speaking your language for you to understand..and no..I dont speak like that with my people...I have more respect for them

18 February, 2006 21:26  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Well - I don't discriminate. I wouldn't speak to any nationality, religion, gender or age with any more or less respect that another.

I guess that's where we differ.

You think it's fine to speak rudely to a western person because you perhaps think we are worth less or deserve less than you. I think we are all equal.

18 February, 2006 21:35  
Blogger Your Man in Dubai said...

check out this site!!!

21 February, 2006 12:42  
Blogger Cloggy said...

Anonymous, think for 3 seconds of the people who you obviously look down on! Its those "terrible" expats (with their horrible habits) who have built this country under the excellent vision of the ruling families of the UAE. If all those people were to leave the country think who will do your laundry, clean your streets and built all those new developments.
Please have some respect for the people around you and remember one thing: Never kick the people below you on your way up, you will meet the same people again on your way down.

21 February, 2006 23:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I share the same experience...I parked my car in Bur Dubai, in a parking area, paid the parking charges & dispalyed the receipt on the dash board. On return (well within the time) I found a ticket for parking fine of Dhs 200 for 'illegal Parking'
I am not sure of th eintensions of the traffic officer..! Do they get a share of the parking fines they impose??

26 December, 2006 10:42  

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