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16 February, 2006

A song of the sandlands

An intriguing sojourn tracking relict hominids in the Hindu Kuch allowed ample leisure for music-making around the campfire. In that remote mountainous wilderness, under endless sky and distant, icy stars, homesickness inspired a song of the sandlands:

The roadworks are such a bloody pain
Y viva Jumeira
My husband's shagged the maid again
Y viva Jumeira

It's gridlock rock around the clock
Y viva Al Deira
The hookers are strutting round the block
Y viva Al Deira

We're stuck in another traffic jam
Y viva Karama
The rent's soared but no one gives a damn
Y viva Karama

The workers still aren't getting paid
Y viva Marina
Our flat's worth half of what we paid
Y viva Marina

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Blogger Harsha said...

Bravo! Bravo!

16 February, 2006 09:55  
Blogger Mr Smith said...

DS - forgive me if you already posted, but i was surprised i didnt see your dulcet tones re the recent Re-Pat article in last weeks Friday magazine of Gulf News.

I wouldnt presume to be able to do it justice & look forward to your observations

16 February, 2006 09:56  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Was that the one about the expats going back to the UK and getting depressed? It was pretty interesting.

I don't think it's really possible to just go back. Travel changes people, whether they want it to or not.

And no matter how mad you get with the culture etc here at times, it's pretty hard to go back to a western country and hear a lot of the ignorance about "ay-rabs". Because working and living here you cannot help but encounter at least some of the good ones.

And while we bitch here because we have personal experience of the "bad" ones, it's hard to take bitching from people that have never met any kind of Middle Easterners, educated/ignorant/whatever.

16 February, 2006 10:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot SD. I've spent the whole morning since 7am humming zippity doo da thanks to Neil and Susan on Channel 4, now I'm going to be humming viva espana for the rest of the day! great!

16 February, 2006 10:26  
Blogger grapeshisha said...

Fantastic, fantastic. Breaks away can provide such reflective inspiration. y viva secret dubai, por favor, yada yada.

16 February, 2006 10:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't ever do that again! I scared the secretary off my laughing out loud ;)

16 February, 2006 11:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

my == by.. freaking typos.

16 February, 2006 11:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ah finally a new SD post to relieve the boredom and boring conversations on the previous one.

give yourself a pat on the back...


16 February, 2006 11:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey SD,

I have been blogging for few months now. Care to visit my blog and leave your comments.



16 February, 2006 11:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Huzzah! Welcome back SD!
Going to see if I can find last friday's Friday mag, sounds quite interesting

16 February, 2006 12:15  
Blogger moryarti said...


16 February, 2006 12:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

/Mumtaz/. I just wish that the Filipinas don't work as maids, or they could have been excluded. *sigh*

16 February, 2006 13:13  
Blogger trobriander said...

Oh dear, a bit of post-trip Don Quijote’s blues.

16 February, 2006 14:05  
Blogger Blogger said...

traffic jam makes people insane i suppose 0_o joking :)

16 February, 2006 16:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

complain..bitch...bitch some more..

i wonder where else you n ur bunch of cheerleaders would rather be ?

16 February, 2006 16:35  
Blogger One Nine Seven One said...

this one made me smile

16 February, 2006 19:23  
Blogger Cracking Boy said...

Brilliant... Brilliant...

16 February, 2006 19:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hindu kuch..u in afghanistan or summin'? would explain the barmy drug induced song you're singing 'round the campfire..ah well..bless yer soul...ta

16 February, 2006 22:20  
Blogger 3li said...

Im probably the only one here that actually got livid at the song,.,. Why only the bad things? What about the hospitality of Jumeirah? What of the friendly traders of Deira? What of the silken saris of Karama? How about saying something about the elegant towers at the Marina,.,. Frankly, I find your lyrics in ill-taste.

17 February, 2006 03:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL 3lo g! Silken saris of Karama... haahahahahaha!

17 February, 2006 08:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oddly catchy, that.

17 February, 2006 10:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i luv humpin n grindin ma filly made in haven

17 February, 2006 11:21  
Blogger samuraisam said...

it needs more cowbell

17 February, 2006 11:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The workers still aren't getting paid"

18 February, 2006 17:49  

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