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25 April, 2006

GN heads to hell, in a handcart

"Lately, the local media has taken an increasing interest in highlighting labour issues which are wildly exaggerated for nefarious reasons.

"This can be judged from the malicious language used by the local press in reporting such issues."

Is this (PDF archive) the most ill-conceived, mendacious, hypocritical government-fawning Kretin Times-style tripe ever published in Gulf News?

"The government, which does not infringe on the workers' rights, has nothing to do with these violations. This is because the UAE is a state of law and institutions, where justice prevails."


Gulf News used to be fantastic, what the hell is happening to it? Columns like that just embarrass the entire paper.

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Blogger grapeshisha said...

I think he writer is from the Arabic paper, Ittihad. No doubt they just stepped over the line of too much syndication.

25 April, 2006 21:01  
Blogger unJane said...

I sent in a letter commenting on this very editorial today. It will be interesting to see if it's published...

25 April, 2006 21:20  
Blogger snow white said...

did the same comment run in Al Ittihad too?

25 April, 2006 22:37  
Blogger John B. Chilton said...

My take, over at Emirates Economist, is that GN published this op-ed to expose such attitudes and arguments. They exist and if all you can read is the English language press you are not aware it exists. (Or, at least, if the GN editor was forced to take this op-ed he/she took the opportunity in other ways to communicate that publication hardly constituted endorsement by the editor.)

I praise the GN for bringing these "thoughts" to light. Hidden away such ideas can mushroom. Exposed to the light of day they can be exposed. And eviscerated.

25 April, 2006 23:10  
Blogger Shaper85 said...

Either this guy is completely clueless or is a local trying to defend his country, or both. Could even be a information minister disguised as a less-than-competant reporter.

"There is no country in the world that welcomes foreign workers the way the UAE does"

Sadly, that last paragraph of his is most likely true.

And whats up with the crayon drawing of a construction helmet with the fish skeleton on it?!

25 April, 2006 23:46  
Blogger archer14 said...

And whats up with the crayon drawing of a construction helmet with the fish skeleton on it?!

Could be an awful rendition of Full Metal Jacket.

26 April, 2006 00:20  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

The Gulf News has been utter crap as long as I have been paying attention to it, which is about 2 years. With writers like Linda Heard, Patrick Seale, and Adel Safty, they could save money by sacking the editorial team and purchasing a piece of software that writes:

Israel, evil, USA, Bush, evil, west, neo-cons, hypocrisy, Israel, evil, USA, colonists, Bush, evil, Israel, the west, hypocrisy, USA, evil, Jews, colonists, etc.

ad infinitum.

26 April, 2006 09:10  
Blogger Nahla said...

Shaper85, you're right about the last sentence in the column. This is the only country that grants residence/work visas with ease, as long as you find a job. I am sure most labourers would rather go to the West, where their rights would be semi-protected, but nobody would let them near a border, let alone in the country. No use preaching labour rights when its someone else's problem. However, that doesnt let the UAE off the hook, that more needs to be done to protect a mainstay of their economy - the labourers.

26 April, 2006 10:28  
Blogger Mohamed Elzubeir said...

tim newman,

though I do agree that it is utter crap, the example you have cited as a reason as absolutely not. These are indeed the views of the people in this region. A newspaper is most likely going to reflect those views. Occasionally (though rarely) it will attempt to challenge them. But rest assured, American publications do the same thing except that you can replace Israel/Jews/US/Bush with Iran/Arabs/Muslims..

Gimme a break.

26 April, 2006 10:46  
Blogger archer14 said...

@ Mohamed Elzubeir
When it comes to journalism, one factor remains of prime importance. And that factor is 'objectivity'. KT has never heard of the word and while GN has been exercising it now and then, it seems to have hit a rough patch with that article.

26 April, 2006 14:15  
Blogger LizzieD said...

@Mohamed Elzubeir...not just 'Iran/Arabs/Muslims'...most Americans can't tell the difference between all brown people and terrorists...They aren't smart enough to know the difference between Persians, Arabs and who's a Muslim and who's not.

26 April, 2006 16:23  
Blogger Cokey said...

LOL !!!

Thats a hillarious article by a stupid local. Looks more like hes writing on a blog trying to defend UAE. Masterminds ?? Lol !!

"The issue became very sensitive after it reached a level that would threaten the reputation of the UAE."

HAHAHAH What reputation ?!?! A country for money laundering? A Safe keep for all the Mafia? A Country with absolutely 0 history and culture! loll...its so funny!

Who the fk is this idiot? ORAIMI...If ur reading this, U THE BEST ! Aaaaaaahahahaha

Thanks for the hearty laugh!

26 April, 2006 17:29  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

American publications do the same thing except that you can replace Israel/Jews/US/Bush with Iran/Arabs/Muslims

And? What's your point? That the Gulf News is not crap because there are American publications that are equally crap?

26 April, 2006 19:57  
Blogger Mohamed Elzubeir said...

Tim Newman,

Not sure if you actually read my post. I did not argue whether it is crap or not. I simply am saying that papers reflect public opinion. So, your entire logic is flawed. Public opinion is crap, not the newspapers. Gulf News sucks for different reasons, this not being one of them.

26 April, 2006 20:14  
Blogger Mohamed Elzubeir said...

lizzied, Americans don't have a monopoly on ignorance. Arabs have more than their fair share of it -- and so do every other peoples. That's beside the point though. Read my latest post, answering Tim.

26 April, 2006 20:17  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

I did not argue whether it is crap or not. I simply am saying that papers reflect public opinion. So, your entire logic is flawed.

Wrong. Your logic is flawed.

A newspaper can be judged solely on its content, and the content of GN is garbage, whether this content reflects public opinion or not. A good newspaper prints a range of opinions, and does not produce garbage simply because that happens to be the prevailing opinion of the time.

27 April, 2006 00:00  
Blogger SIN said...

Oh come off it! The crap that is printed in newspapers in the UAE is decided by the head honchos who have strong connections with the government. That's how it is and that's how it will always be.
If some poor brave soul attempts to print an anti govt. story, they get their wrists slapped and promptly lose their jobs. Fact with Emirates Today, Gulf News and Kretin Times...if you don't believe it then check the credit lines carefully and see how names of writers disappear after a few negative stories.

27 April, 2006 15:52  
Blogger Wobblydangly said...

Anyone seen this from The Guardian? Can't be true as there was no mention of it Gulf News- usual west trying to create negative publicity about the East.,,-5752708,00.html

27 April, 2006 17:20  
Blogger Shaper85 said...

Hah! A gay sheikh? And the brother of Khalifa? Who knew? Its no wonder then that they keep him kept away in Switzerland.

27 April, 2006 18:13  
Blogger Mohamed Elzubeir said...

A newspaper can be judged solely on its content..

Ah.. so I suppose Egyptian papers, which do have a healthy dose of opinions from across the spectrum are good? Yeah, let's not talk about the layout, distribution, etc. Yup. A paper can be judged solely on its content. Yup.

I suggest you take another look around you. Life is not that simple.

Anyhow, a debate with you is pointless.

27 April, 2006 19:05  
Blogger Tim Newman said...

I suggest you take another look around you. Life is not that simple.

I appreciate that you may find a discussion on the quality of newspapers a bit complicated, but the subject really is quite a simple one and looking around is not going to achieve much by way of greater understanding.

I'd also hesitate to extrapolate the complexities of Gulf News opinion pages as applicable to life in general, but maybe you have found a connection?

27 April, 2006 21:44  
Blogger Minkey Chief said...

I'm not sure if this thread is dead yet, but am posting anyway. I think some people are confused about what exactly the opinion and editorial sections of the paper are for. Archer, objectivity is the goal for the news pages, but not for the opinion and editorial pages. A good editor will pick a range of opinions - maybe the paper agrees with them, maybe not. It's not really fair to judge a paper based on whether you agree with the views in a column on an op-ed page...

28 April, 2006 07:33  
Blogger Dubai Spy said...

Arrite ive made a poor attemp to make my own blog but just a better and spicier version of Secret Dubai. Its called Dubai Spy

28 April, 2006 21:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm going to step out on a limb here and say the GN is now a slanderous rag with little journalistic ethics.

30 April, 2006 14:45  

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