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12 August, 2006

The Glorious Twelfth

The Glorious Twelfth dawns, and as open season is declared on grouse shooting, lilywhite-lovely spinster schoolmarm Margery is readying herself for her annual hunting trip in the sandlands to bag a brace of oil sheikhs.

Air travel is set to be a nightmare, thanks to the latest so-far thwarted plot of the shaitanic extremists, but come hell or high water or explosive water, Margery is destined for these sandy shores.

One exciting thing for Margery is that while the weather is always the same, and the traffic always abysmal, Dubai's Rapid Development® means there is always some new delight to visit. Last year it was Ibn Spud. This year Hell of the Emirates will stretch before her in all its shopping-encrusted, cafe-strewn, skiing-gilded mall-glory.



Blogger snow white said...

And to Marjery we say - best of British and tally ho... But sadly most of her targets are currently loitering in Europe, with a good proportion cluttering up the narrow streets of the Riviera with their gas guzzling motorbeasts.

PS she also has the new - and probably still unfinished - BurJuman extension to explore.

12 August, 2006 23:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

OK, posts of George Galloway on Youtube in the last Blog entry; check out the same man a few months ago. Insane.

If you can bring yourself to open the site, this one asks more questions than it answers...

13 August, 2006 10:45  

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