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25 August, 2006

Instant whip

Her formerly lily-white skin now tanned to a deep mahogany, spinster schoolmarm Margery is sadly finding that the only oil sheikhs showing interest are those looking for une dame Marocaine and a rather more commercial arrangement.

Trying to fend off these considerably ungallant advances is proving tiresome. After a particularly disconcerting incident at the pool - where an octagenarian olive-oil sheikh became rather too forward with the Ambre Solaire - Margery decides it is time for defensive measures.

So it's off to the camel souq to buy a good stick. After testing out several kinds of wood for flexiblity and sharp sting factor, the schoolmarm selects a gold tipped camel stick to fend off future undesireables. And if she fails to meet a Desert Prince with a herd of actual camels, the stick will come in very useful for unruly pupils back home.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Marge forgets, of course, that the stick generally makes camels move faster!

25 August, 2006 23:25  
Blogger nijaz said...

There is a good possibility that the im-more-richer-than-i-can-handle guys are going to misunderstand the stick for a tool, an innovative mechanism to instigate the rush of hormones, that the figure in the contract is going to increase by a good 1000% and maybe a mention of a merc while the contract lasts.

And of course the word is going to spread out and you're going to find everyone in jannat galli (translated paradise alley a.k.a as that alley by the imperial) with canes, fully utilizing the carrefour back-to-school promotion.

26 August, 2006 06:11  
Blogger Insipid Chagrin said...

Oh, precocious. Olive oil sheikhs and moroccan ladies, and pool trysts proudly sponsored by Garnier. The wonders of frolicking in Dubai.

Garnier behooves the olive oil
As the romance does heave and roil

Choppy waters and unsuitable suitors
With whips no deterent for amorous looters

Jeune fille Margery is so out of her depth
Alas the freckled hopes and the bated breath!

The sandlands offer no romance en route
Dollars squeal and courtesy gets the boot

26 August, 2006 10:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Marge

How about a fake wedidng ring?

And even better, how baout a fake hubby?

Nothing works better than that to "sheikh" away the attention of some unwanted sheikhs.

Me is just back aftre a great trip of Dubai and Sharjah.

Visied the creek, the malls and Al-Ain, but couldnt make it to the beach.

My blog is called RoseColouredGlasses and its on indiatimes.

The link to it is here:

Would love to have you visit my blog and looking fwd to uer comments.



zaki the duckie

26 August, 2006 17:12  
Blogger samuraisam said...

Sounds kinky.

26 August, 2006 17:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think am on another level, I dont get all this Margery stuff! Can someone please explain :)

26 August, 2006 20:12  
Blogger Jamal Panhwar said...

Great post I enjoyed reading your blog.

Thank you.


27 August, 2006 02:10  
Blogger kingfisher said...


it's what passes for satire here in the sandpit...

SD, isn't this becoming a tad tedious?

... or perhaps you could spice up the monlogue with some ... photos... of our Belle of the Ball Margery... in all her glory... stilleto heels, Moby soundtrack, Ferrari glamour... oh, don't forget to airbrush in a decent set of teeth...


28 August, 2006 09:15  

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