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03 August, 2006

Storyteller decapitated

Some creepy puppet called the Wise Old Storyteller has apparently had his head and legs stolen.

If only someone could do likewise to the rash of Modheshes plaguing the city.



Blogger Woke said...

Sure it looks creepy.
As for the the Hydbird Mo, Disney will take away his arms and legs, Michelin his body and Yahoo his head if notified.

03 August, 2006 08:43  
Blogger SIN said...

Operation Annihilate commences at 0100 hours with a secret bonfire ritual in the heart of Hatta desert. Location on a need to know basis. But if you really need to know, follow the light from the raging fire and when the welcome smell of burning plastic and paint welcomes you, you shall be there.
PS: Entry only allowed if you produce a little bonfire addition of your own.

03 August, 2006 11:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok completely off the topic but has anyone else heard that TOM CRUISE and KATY HOLMES are coming to Dubai for their wedding? A freind of mine said that an island on The World has been readied for this wedding and there is a flurry of activity and beefed up security for the wedding to be held sometime this month?

Sigh... TOM :)

03 August, 2006 12:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 12:49-

I wont be surprised considering this came in the papers yesterday:

03 August, 2006 13:06  
Blogger Keef said...

I bought a fluffy Modhesh for OffSpring. Overjoyed, he was!

03 August, 2006 13:43  
Blogger flamin said...

my niece loves modhesh...and I love it too :$

03 August, 2006 16:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I Hate modhesh from the bottom of my heart . Modhesh is poorly designed mascot and the name is weird too .

03 August, 2006 18:42  
Blogger anonymous lurker said...

re: tomkat.

there are murmurs they will be getting hitched at the scientology center any day now.

03 August, 2006 20:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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03 August, 2006 20:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow its very nice just tried it in arab, right to left system also, the also takes to english directly it seems but to arab if u have arab in browser

07 August, 2006 15:00  
Blogger reDevil said...

Hate Modesh.... I feel like running him over, everytime I see him on the road side.

11 August, 2006 16:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haha enough said. modhesh is the scariest mascot after michael jackson. no wonder you see screaming babies at the mall when they see this yellow monster.

12 August, 2006 05:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anyone fancy joining me for a Mr Blobby run to the UK? Dubai customs allowance is only 4 x Blobbies per passenger, but if enough of us join together we can replace the Modhesh with the far more upmarket British ('this-is-rubbish-we're-all-better-than-you') version during a daring dawn raid.

26 August, 2006 11:46  

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