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17 November, 2006

Ajman Narcissi

Are "men's beauty salons" the new massage parlours?

AJMAN — The Ajman Municipality has slapped heavy fines on about 84 men's beauty salons for flouting hygiene and health rules.

Salim Obaid Al Mamri, head of the health section at the municipality, said the department recently carried out inspections in 242 salons in various parts of the emirate to ensure that these were abiding by the health and hygiene regulations laid down by the civic body.

Two hundred and forty-two men's beauty salons in an emirate of around 200,000 people? Males in Ajman must be the vainest, most metrosexual species in the universe.



Blogger Wobblydangly said...

Some of these 'parlours' do provide more than just something for the weekend. By the way going back to the booze license debate. Why no license to purchase pork?

17 November, 2006 23:43  
Blogger Ozzy4freinds said...

I think they mean barber shops!

18 November, 2006 02:51  
Blogger Sex and Dubai said...

We highly doubt Ajman's men are metrosexuals. Our bet is these "beauty parlours" offer more than just beauty services - we're pretty sure they satisfy the beasts desires too.

18 November, 2006 13:40  
Blogger Jassim said...

This post is misleading Sd, Most Dubai Expat-folk dont go beyond Dubai and now they are going to think its like Paris or something.

Wow what a surprise for them if they reach there...

Its just lots of sand, a hotel and a choitrams.

18 November, 2006 20:27  
Blogger archer14 said...

I shudder to think if Ajman has this many, how many would Dubai be having...242 x 10 ..or 100?

18 November, 2006 22:22  
Blogger rosh said...

yeah Jassim is correct - 242 men's saloon's should perhaps read 240 men's barber shops, where a haircut cost 10 Dhs, inclusive of tip.

19 November, 2006 09:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How do u manage to spot such inconsequential news articles? :)
I like ur posts coz the topics are always so cutely trivial...

19 November, 2006 11:33  
Blogger secretdubai said...

How do u manage to spot such inconsequential news articles? :)
I like ur posts coz the topics are always so cutely trivial...

Thanks! I'm not sure - sometimes they just stand out from all the general stuff because they're different. The main story here was about hygiene, but I just couldn't get over the sheer number of salons. Little things like this, details, sometimes tell us more about this place than the main stories can.

19 November, 2006 12:14  

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