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25 December, 2006

Winter Sandyland

Traffic roars, are you listening?
In the sun, sweat is glistening
A beautiful sight, we're happy tonight
Walking in a winter sandyland

When it sands, ain't it dusty
And the camel's getting lusty
We'll frolic and play
the Bedouin way
Walking in a winter sandyland

In the desert we can build a sandman
Then pretend that he is Mullah Brown
He'll say: Are you married?
We'll say: No man
He'll say: Then goodbye you're going down

Later on we'll perspire
as we sweat by the fire
Of the hot desert sun
It's such sandy fun
Walking in a winter sandyland
Walking in a winter sandyland

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Blogger Magnus Nystedt said...

Another classic piece ;-)

25 December, 2006 06:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No comments for the poem :-)

By the way, Merry Christmas. Hope all your days are filled with happiness just like today :-)

25 December, 2006 09:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Merry Christmas everyone!

25 December, 2006 12:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good one SD...Merry Christmas and Here's a Christmas song from Down Under......


Dashing through the Bush,

In a rusty Holden ute,

Kicking up the dust,

Esky in the boot;

Kelpie by my side,

Singing Christmas songs;

It's summer time and I'm in

My singlet, shorts and thongs.


Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells,

Jingle all the way;

Christmas in Australia

On a scorching summer day.

Oh, Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells

Christmas time is beaut;

Oh what fun it is to ride

In a rusty Holden ute.

Engine's getting hot;

We dodge the Kangaroo;

The swaggie jumps aboard,

And he is welcome too.

All the family's there,

Sitting by the pool;

Christmas day the Aussie way,

By the Bar-B-Que!


Come the afternoon,

Grampa has a doze;

The kids and Uncle Bruce

Are swimming in their clothes.

Time comes 'round to go,

We take a family snap,

Then pack the car and all shoot through

Before the washing up.


Debbie Menon

25 December, 2006 13:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

25 December, 2006 16:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has anyone seen the Damac offer?

They are raffling away a jet now.

Smells like desperation time.

Hopefully the crash is not too far off now.


26 December, 2006 10:02  
Blogger littlejimmy said...

Dashing through the sand,
In a blacked-out four-by-four,
O'er the dunes we go,
Honking all the way,

Horns and flashing lights,
If you get in my way,
Oh what fun it is to drive at high speed here tonight...

Oh, Jingle Bells, Dubai Smells,
Sharjah's even worse,
If you're lucky your landlord,
might leave dosh in your purse,

OH! Jinle Bells, Dry oil wells,
At least we've got the malls,
Spend and buy on credit
Till they have you by the balls.

27 December, 2006 21:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ha ha he he ho ho...

what a piece of shit u wrote

happy new year ;-)

28 December, 2006 12:03  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But 'secret Dubai' keeps pontificating
In her red dress she's felicitating,
the poor sand man who's so petulant
Although he vowed to be vigilant
And now he wonders how to eradicate,
her erotic impact but it is too late
He'll ask her out just to expound,
his untenable position and how he's found:
that the shortest way to any man's heart
is ,kid you not, through his underpants.
Happy new year.

31 December, 2006 10:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

thats pretty funny.

08 January, 2007 11:24  

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