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15 February, 2007

Jumeirah villa man

Dubai dweller, expat fella
Thought to himself oops I've not a lot of money
I'm caught in a marriage terminally
I'm into swinging, karaoke singing
I'm paying the price for all the whores that I'm ringing
Oh it's the expat debauchery
He gets about, the wife finds out

He lives in a villa, a very big villa in Jumeirah
Always getting laid, even screws the maid in Jumeirah
He drives a Mercedes, leers at all the ladies in Jumeirah
He's a cheating sleaze who likes getting pleased in Jumeirah

He's been down the pub, pissed behind a shrub
Had a rub'n'tug at Jebel Ali Club
In touch with his own impiety
Weekends at Hatta Fort, likes to talk sport
He's eating junk and always getting drunk
Oh he has no sobriety

He lives in a villa, a very big villa in Jumeirah
The wife and kids have left, but he's not feeling bereft in Jumeirah
He gets in his car, drives to another bar down in Deira
Takes home a tart, got another early start in Jumeirah

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Blogger Photograph Abu Dhabi said...

Love it! :D

15 February, 2007 02:53  
Blogger Al Ain Taxi said...

We have him in Al Ain too- 'Falaj Hazaa Man'. Unfortunately, 'Falaj Hazaa' is hard to fit into a song.

15 February, 2007 07:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

is it a spoof of something....i can't figure what tune i'm supposed to sing it along to

15 February, 2007 08:49  
Blogger DXBluey said...

I now picture you as a cheeky cockney ladee Phil Daniels.

That's no bad thing really...

15 February, 2007 09:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely! U should seek a second (or third?) career in songwriting.

You forgot to mention 'Sung to Country House by Blur'. Now that tune's gonna be stuck in my head all day.


15 February, 2007 09:38  
Blogger Sex and Dubai said...

Rings so true! Fantastic!

15 February, 2007 10:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

xIts so true....

15 February, 2007 12:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lovely, SD. It remembers me of somebody I know...

15 February, 2007 12:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

probably spoof of:

lets get a house
a great big house in the country

15 February, 2007 15:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe Western man are entitled to enjoy themselves.
They get to have a nice youngy dusky bird to pamper them, and let them re live their childhood.

The women they already have are more concerned in competing with them, and are usually same age as them, i.e middle age. Most of the time they just argue.

It is not the western man's fault if young lovely dusky maidens find them attractive.
So the cynical amongst you might say they only love them for their money, I say so what. Its all a game these days anyway whoever you attached with.

If Western ladies dont like it, well I say tough, and doubly tough.

15 February, 2007 16:57  
Blogger secretdubai said...

We all know men like this, don't we? That's the tragic thing. Often with very nice, intially unsuspecting wives and small children.

And then we get the ghastly, pretentious, The One-obsessed braying Janes who often have very nice, long-suffering faithful husbands.

Bitches and bastards never actually end up together. It's one of the strange and sad facts of life.

15 February, 2007 17:20  
Blogger anon_mediator said...

So true - the worthy men are all snapped up by beyatches (or gay).

15 February, 2007 17:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Bitches and bastards never actually end up together. It's one of the strange and sad facts of life."


15 February, 2007 21:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hmm so one is a bastard for liking dusky maidens?
What is someone supposed to do. Imagine you're an average guy, and most girls wouldnt give you time of day normally. And your whale of a wife is rationing sex.

Now suddenly you take a flight for a couple of hours, and all these 10/10 are eyeing you. What is one supposed to do? Its consensual between two adults. They just dont like western man for money ar whatever. Believe it some of these girls actually do find middle age Western men attractive. Sorry but its the truth. Most men agree, I believe.

16 February, 2007 04:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol this is too good, but often very true :) nice job SD!

16 February, 2007 07:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Dear! just been dumped SD....???

16 February, 2007 23:22  
Blogger Hello said...

i love the spoof poetry/lyrics - perhaps an anthology is on the way?

I didn't see your question about these pix until I switched to Google blogger yesterday - - they were taken with a Canon EOS400D that I bought with a kit lens from Carrefour Mall of the Emirates for Dh3,500 all in. I've jazzed up the pix by making them B+W and upping the contrast, which basically masks the flaws, but you can't really avoid shooting good stuff in Gaza. Thanx...

17 February, 2007 12:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

At Anon 04:23 'Believe it some of these girls actually do find middle age Western men attractive. Sorry but its the truth. Most men agree, I believe.'

The only thing they find attractive about you is the weight of your wallet and the space between your ears that allows you to believe they find anything attractive about you.

17 February, 2007 13:14  
Blogger Zee said...

Ewwwwww. Whatta life.

17 February, 2007 13:27  
Blogger Shaper85 said...

Actually, although a lot of these sugar daddy relationships are questionable, I guess some women would like the financial security and experience that going with an older man brings, even if it means sacrificing carnal pleasures.

17 February, 2007 21:25  
Blogger i*maginate said...

I bet he's got a builder's bum and beer belly to top it all off.

18 February, 2007 22:01  
Blogger Taunted said...

Fantastic, and I've linked to you on BE

19 February, 2007 13:32  

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