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08 February, 2007

Justice in Sharjah

1. The 24-year-old Morrocan wife
Crime: "private time with a man", alcohol consumption
Punishment: 3 months in jail, 80 lashes, deportation

2. The 43-year-old Emirati lawyer lover
Crime: "private time with a woman", alcohol consumption
Punishment: 3 months in jail, 70 lashes

3. The 33-year-old Jordanian man
Crime: stabbing the lawyer at least thirty times with a kitchen knife
Punishment: 3 months in jail

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why we all love Sharjah.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

And this surprises you why? Sounds like good old fashioned Mid-East Justice to me. I"m surprised they punished the stabber at all...well, he was probably hopped up on evil Western 80's sit-coms or something. 3 months will give him plenty of time to de-tox...

08 February, 2007 10:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would have prefreed the american way of justice by dropping a bomb on the whole f'ing court and then clearing the mess later.

08 February, 2007 14:41  
Blogger nzm said...

This proves that live lawyers have a lower perceived value than dead ones.

08 February, 2007 14:47  
Blogger S. said...

Either one of these things happened.

1) He hired the lawyer to represent him. And this lawyer was DAMN good and got him off on a really light sentence. Hey if you got the money, lawyers will do anything.

2) The guy was some real big shot. And the judge in his "infinite wisdom" (wasta) saw the good in him and that he really didnt mean to hurt the lawyer. Crime of passion and all that.

This is where the law system here gets wierd. Your sentence is anything between stoning to a slap on the wrist depending on who the judge is and whether he had his coffee that morning.

08 February, 2007 18:57  
Blogger Briconcella said...

I like you, Secret dubai diary. I read you from France. Be very careful...

08 February, 2007 18:57  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Thanks Briconcella! Is that a general warning or something specific?

08 February, 2007 19:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Guys, Mid-East justice is not blind it's just stupid, but not that much as to touch investors! I repeat what I said in another post: you may harassed (like that finnish doctor saukonen I told in my old post) you may have a famous lover like him and be "untouchable".

nzm this proves that a lawyer and a lover are worst than a stabber, he didn't get all that lashes...

Secret Dubai I believe Briconcella means that Dubai is not all that free and that you may have problems if you say what you think. That's why I also like you...

08 February, 2007 19:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Now this one takes the biscuit, as obviously the young wife had led one up the aisle & was voraciously leading the Lawyer astray. Just as well 2nd relationship was not consummated, as the wife & Lawyer would have faced even more serious charges! The husband should be applauded as Honour Killings are part of the Jordanian make up & he obviously restrained himself, no doubt the Judge took this into account when delivering the sentences.

08 February, 2007 20:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi SD, don't bother approving this comment. Just to say there's a typo - very rare in an SD post, hence the comment. "deporation", 1st para.

08 February, 2007 21:32  
Blogger secretdubai said...

very rare in an SD post

Sadly not so rare as you might think - but people tip me off to errors quite quickly which is why things aren't the mess they otherwise might be.

And thanks! I published your comment so I could acknowledge your help ;)

08 February, 2007 21:37  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Off topic :

Hmm why do people hate lawyers ?

Did they kill any kittens :/

On topic :
Alcohol FTW!

08 February, 2007 22:08  
Blogger Unknown said...

Good lord i wish i even understood this post lol...

08 February, 2007 22:43  
Blogger Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Love the new banner! although with this new blogger version I just can't figure out the codes to fix mine up. And it was supposed to get easier!

I wonder, who "lashes" the accused? Does a male lash a male, and a female lash a female? Can a female lash both a male and female and a male only lash a male?

That is the level the interpretation of islamic law is at these days...Sigh.

09 February, 2007 02:55  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What passes for justice sometimes truly is amazing. Here in China we have many cases of such issues. Sometimes in reverse.

For example, a grade school teacher beats a 9 year old student to death in the middle of the filled classroom. The teacher has to pay off the students family $25,000 US and continues to teach in the same school.

09 February, 2007 21:50  
Blogger screwed.mind said...

The catch is that the stabber businessman has been double screwed, perhaps the lawyer had screwed his wife and they couldn't prove it. Then, after serving 3 months in jail, they will deport his wife and businessman is screwed again to have his whole life fucked up!

Moral of the story :
- Make sure the victim is dead after you stab him 30 times or he can come back and screw your wife again; with the difference that next time your wife would be single and you can just sit and watch. Remember, you can claim the dead guy was raping your wife always and get away with the murder; After all, you can have your normal life afterwards!

09 February, 2007 22:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate saying this - however, as a Sharjah native, I often wonder, if Sharjah may ever "develop" something more substantial and/or of substance......oh well there is always hope.

BTW - I find it rather hard to digest the lawyer survived after 30 stabs hmmmmm?

Even more surprising the Jordanian dude didn't stab his wife (honour killing) - perhaps his in-laws might have that pleasure, if & when she returns to Morocco or Jordan?

Having said that, Sharjah is a beautiful place to live, atleast it's honest about being "Arab" and Arab Suburbia - unlike ahem -Dubai!

09 February, 2007 22:46  
Blogger moryarti said...

BTW - I find it rather hard to digest the lawyer survived after 30 stabs hmmmmm?

Any knife cuts; flesh, deep, or even what we would normally consider as a tiny scratch - will be legally/officially considered as a 'stab' if inflected upon by an assailant.

10 February, 2007 02:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The lashes were for having sex.

Both the lady and the Emirati should have been executed for commiting adultery for being married.

Beat urself to the wall if u don't like it.h

10 February, 2007 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Morocco, not Morroco.

10 February, 2007 12:58  
Blogger Egyptian Kangaroo said...

I have a video I would like you to see and hear. i am also interested in hearing your feedback on my blog.

10 February, 2007 14:34  
Blogger secretdubai said...

The lashes were for having sex.

No they weren't. Neither was found guilty of actual adultery. They were found guilty of "khulwa", or being in seclusion with an unrelated person of the opposite gender.

But of course you're the devouta and learned muslim, so I'm sure you know this already.

10 February, 2007 15:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I was wondering if there is also any punishment if unrelated men and women use the same elevator. Considering that most of these multi-storied buildings do not have a large number of elevators, and nor do they have separate ones for men and women, it is sometimes unavoidable.

Is it also true that unmarried men and women cannot share the same taxi? In that case, it was it foolhardy of the folks at GITEX to persuade unrelated men and women to share one, since the number of taxis were limited. Just imagine if any of them were caught after crossing the border.


10 February, 2007 19:47  
Blogger Briconcella said...

Hello SD, what an active comments column. No, I have no insider information, no connection with the special forces or cyber police, just that I am always scared in countries where women may end being stoned. But I have recently learnt that google has wisely kept the servers of the blogger platform in the states. So it's ok, I guess. Love the banner.

10 February, 2007 22:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so .. let me get this straight... if someone .. stabs some one.... he/she lives or dies.... or... if he rapes someone.... he onlt gets like a couple of months in jail... and some lashes.. hmmmm i think this is more a law of convinience .. i mean.. them arabs like getting bummed.. so jail for them.. they as it is kinky.. hence the lashes.. and if they do drugs.. they get 4 years.... thats probably cause they din share it with the cops of that area.... sweet country....

11 February, 2007 16:41  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Briconcella, don't worry. The chances of anyone, male or female, getting stoned here are very remote, what with the drugs laws being what they are.

12 February, 2007 16:24  
Blogger Rejected said...

@ Rosh“Having said that, Sharjah is a beautiful place to live, atleast it's honest about being "Arab" and Arab Suburbia - unlike ahem -Dubai!”

That depends on your definition of being an “Arab”:) When I was there I was despised and looked down at by men with beards with women covered from head to toe and I was wearing normal clothes. I had bunch of women (I guess for only their eyes were showing) with their phone cams shooting me when I got downstairs from my room in the hotel to inquire about something from the reception. That freaked the hell out of me to tell you the truth especially that I was not in swimming suit but normal jeans and tshirt.
I am not sure if Arabs are like that my dear friend, at least that’s what I hope for :)

17 February, 2007 03:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear SD,
Absolutely hilarious :-) I am reading you from the States - please keep it up!

How about justice in Dubai?

43-year-old prominent and highly respected Emirati HR lawyer gets himself a life and gets caught being alone in the same room with his equally prominent and internationally respected blonde German girlfriend.
Of course we all assume that he was just reading poetry to her, instead of making her "really enjoy" her short vacation to see him all the way from DC.

According to the media, they both got convicted to a three month prison term.
What type of distorted justice system is this meant to be???

How come thousands of foreigners can have a great time in Dubai and once a mixed couple is having a relationship, it becomes a criminal offence? This is an outrageous act of racism!


17 February, 2007 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lawyers? or you mean to lairs? either or the courts in Dubai became a market for beting.. how much is that judge and and or " oh he is a damn good lawyer and an expensive one" law in here like any other country became a Market.. lawyers know it juges know that I know that.
Why aren't questioning the CID for exmple and the how many crimes they comit in the name of law and order?

05 March, 2007 08:18  
Blogger Unknown said...

I got convicted in Dubai for a drug charge. Possession n use of marijuana. There was no bail during my 3 month wait to get convicted (which is not considered a long time to wait). However, for a guy I met in the cells below the court. There was bail. He only stabbed someone in the neck though! He got 3 months. I got 4 years! CID should all be shot. They even changed my buddies test result to show that he'd smoked. This is not uncommon if they don't like you. Justice, is in the hands of your arresting officer.

20 March, 2007 22:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Being in seclusion unlawfully which can lead to fornication/adultery is a very serious crime in ISLAM. That would mean you'd have to be Muslim and understand Shariah to understand this. Otherwise, of course you'd think this was crazy, stupid, etc. The laws are not man-made but most people don't care what God says. Most people prefer their own messed up logic. Funny, some of the same people think American justice is better! HA!

23 March, 2007 10:18  
Blogger MK said...

i like ur site, i'll be back if i can figure out a way to bookmark ur page :-(

12 May, 2007 02:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What is/are the consequence/s if you slap a man or a woman?

26 July, 2007 17:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need to know what happens to someone who under the influence of alcohol i.e. 4 pints of beer has a quarrel with his wife. The wife reports the husband to the police. He is kept in jail for 3 days but still the court has to prosecute him. He is out of jail now but does not know what sentence will be given to him. Any idea on the punishment in Sharjah? This is urgent, please!

12 February, 2008 16:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
my only crime is to be an americam thats all.
may god bless his majisty shikh mohamad.

28 March, 2008 08:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think I need to reiterate the fact that UAE (and Sharjah especially) is still living in middle ages when it comes to basic freedom. I had one horror of a night yesterday in Sharjah. I'm of South Asian origin who has lived in US for a long time. I was in Dubai on a business trip and I met this beautiful Philipino girl and we decided to spend some time together. I had to spend a day in Sharjah to meet some of my clients. After I was done, I decided to spend a night in Sharjah and see its night life (I was completely unaware of no alochal law in Sharjah). I call my girl friend and incidentally, she had never come to Sharjah before. She was dressed up pretty casually (but very elegantly)in a short skirt and a spaghetti top. Once she came to Sharjah, we decided to walk for a while before settling for a restaurant. We must have walked for less than 20 meters and we were stopped atleast 5 times by complete strangers (Not to mention countless prying eyes who were acting as if they had never seen a girl, holding hand of a guy, walking down a road). All these people, mostly Arabs, were not very happy with the dress the girl was wearing. One Arab guy with a long beard didn't like two people from two different nationalities and not married walking together (He asked me for my marriage license and I was like WHAT??). Anyways, we managed to reach the restaurant, however, the person at reception had a problem in letting both of us go together without proving that either we are blood relatives or married. I gave up and decided to call a friend. He was nice enough to invite me to his apartment, however, when we reached his house, the watchman had a problem letting us in. Apparently, in Sharjah, you have these lousy, frustrated psychopaths (In Sharjah,they call them CID)who just love to harass people for reasons as simple as wearing a short skirt. They have right to detain you without any arrest warrant for violating the 'decency law' and 'corrupting' the social fabric of the community (although I fail to understand how a short skirt can corrupt a community!). After convincing him for atleast 30 minutes, he let us in. Once we went inside, we were told that you can't be found together in a room with a person of opposite sex who is not your blood relative or wife! Our intentions were very platonic.We just wanted to go to someplace where we could talk, but, it seemed every goddamn CID out in Sharjah was there to get us. And let me just summarize what our 'crimes' were:
1. My girl friend wore a short skirt and a spaghetti top!
2. She held my hand on a busy road in public.
3.Two people of oppsoite sex, of different nationalities and not blood relatives wanted to have a decent conversation.
Can ya imagine being punished for this anywhere else??

17 August, 2008 07:30  

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