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26 July, 2007

Dubai nudist colony

Accompanied by what must be the least effectively pixellated photo in the history of digital imaging, Gulf News reports that a Dubai labour camp has become "a virtual nudist colony" due to the summer heat:

When Gulf News visited the accommodation, the workers had no inhibitions - they went about the accommodation naked.

While some of them were walking naked to and from the makeshift shower to their rooms, others who went on a leisurely stroll around the premises, posed for a photograph."

It can only be a matter of time before the Dubai Big Bus Tour diverts its route to include this latest attraction.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good comment on the picture!!..hehe...yeah!..I was surprized too..the pixilation is sooo NOT affective!

26 July, 2007 08:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sure the Dubai government will be there soon to ensure that "decent" morals are adhered to.

Either that or theyre going to call for moving the bachelors even further away so that they dont corrupt the "innocent" ones..

Soon they'll have a labour colony on the moon and only then will the govt of Dubai consider that the familes and morals are safe..

26 July, 2007 09:46  
Blogger Unknown said...

Maybe they could encourage the workers to keep their clothes on by moving the camp to a populated, urban area....

oh, wait...

26 July, 2007 10:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ingenious! Some new form of unprecedented peaceful civil protest in the region and surely this form of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE exhibiting a mutual desire to express an opinion about their particular concerns seems to have the ability to raise a certain amount of attention. Unfortunately, the attention is once again circulated around the accustomed egocentric approach and lacks any form of human compassion. Moreover their timing is questionable, since they should have done this while the national minority is not out of town.

“When complaints are freely heard, deeply considered and speedily reformed, then is the utmost bound of civil liberty attained that wise men look for.”
(John Milton)

Mmmmm – maybe the tourist tour organizers will try to sell these guys as the original inhabitants, after all since everything else is artificial in Dubai why not produce a few “artificial natives”. While the UAE is making a serious effort to attract the cheapest form of package deal, all inclusive mass tourism à la Benidorm this innovation may certainly be a feasible undertaking. I can already envision a name for the new tour package of Arabian Adventures - he, he … :-) But what can we do about the matching topless females?

PS: If you do not like our cynical approach than please come up with some solutions to the problem – how about a “voluntary social year for all Emiratis” (practiced successfully in many nations around the globe) in construction (including board and lodging) to get the idea of how it feels to live under these conditions?

26 July, 2007 14:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They're trying to keep themselves entertained :-)

26 July, 2007 14:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahaa.....omg..i cant believe it actually i can..dubais a whore spot anyways...ok we got da men...bring on da women...its high time u knw...arabian adventures LMAO..haha...dam good...haha dey goina advertise it in da news papers soon "D

26 July, 2007 16:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So some dudes decided to strip. I believe that is due to probably social customs.

I mean the locals have been living here forever, well before air con, or any modern amenities. Even during those times, they were fully dressed, and the women more so.

Personally I think they should bring in the morality police; why not. I dont care how hot it gets, no one has the right to impose nudity on other peoples eyes. Especially if your a bloke, seeing naked men walking around must be a nightmare.

Anyway I think it will be interesting to see this spinned so that the blame falls on Dubai. I look forward to read the comments. Cammon anons, Cotton eye, RB, Summit, and the rest (apologies to all the other demagogues who havent been mentioned).

Lets see you spin the story. Go on.

26 July, 2007 18:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is the second time, I wonder what the xxxx is Gulf New's problem!!! The first time around, there is a certain journalist in GN that insists that that the Google Socialnetworking site ORKUT should be banned...and the so called 'staff reporter' hid himself behind some bogus views from the population (where did he/she ask? in Dhaid?)

This time, GN caught a laborer stepping out of the common bathroom (shared by another 100 people) naked...scandal, scandal.All, I can say, GN that is real cheap...

26 July, 2007 18:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps the heat! I wonder if they can do this act in winter. Another thing sometime back they was a debate on the dress code for women and there was lot of support for women wearing scanty clothes; the cause being the weather and of course this being a cosmopolitan town. And they are at their accomodation (desingnated area) they do not visit the malls their birthday suits. Why this witch hunt against workers?

27 July, 2007 09:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 26 July, 2007 18:06

First, how about getting some kind of nick name so I can refer to your idiocy directly :-)

Secondly, I don't see how Dubai should be blamed for this.

IF anything I don't see what the fuss is about. If you don't like nudity look away, close your eyes, turn around. YOU control what you look at.


p.s: I see you have not responded to the insinuation that You support exploitation of human beings in the previous post. I suppose it is true....

27 July, 2007 13:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 27 July, 09:13,

Which male would generally have a problem with scanty dressed females? (If we could all be honest for a change without the ongoing pretense and the obvious exception of those with a different sexual orientation???)

Nevertheless as much as there should be no discussion about this fact, there are obvious social concerns in the UAE in regards to the impact that foreign cultures have on the traditional structures in the UAE. Soaring divorce rates as well as other known practices, namely all those that do not really exist, are indicators of how intense this foreign imposition really is and how it affects a society that has not yet reached the “development level” to be able to handle this new impact.

To protect the local minority, while giving them the time they will need to adopt and obtaining the ability to think critically through educational reforms, the government should reconsider their liberal attitude and impose some restrictions on Western dressing habits. It seems absurd that we are arguing about Hooters in this blog, while you can go to any of the malls or hotels in Dubai and see women wearing basically next to nothing. (at least less than a Hooters waitress) The trend is already spreading to AD, where I have seen topless women on the beach and tourists with see-through blouses in restaurants. Not that I mind, but my local colleagues were obviously distracted (not necessarily in a negative sense :- )) and any serious conversation was out of the question.

Regardless, it really makes you wonder how anyone can make such a fuss over the picture of a naked male and label it as pornographic as well as something that can “influence children” – what do they teach children in biology in public schools???? Nothing????????? Upps – now I am concerned!

28 July, 2007 04:15  
Blogger Unknown said...

I had gone to that particular country, and have seen for myself it is okay for them to go around full monty. So I was not surprised.
The country is CHINA. heh heh heh

28 July, 2007 12:02  
Blogger Unknown said...

I have been to that particular country and am not surprised. Have myself seen people go full monty in massage parlour bathrooms etc. That country is "CHINA" heh heh heh

28 July, 2007 12:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the full sized picture of that labourer.

28 July, 2007 18:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is the bigger picture of that labourer:

28 July, 2007 18:39  
Blogger LocalExpat said...

Now if only we had female labour camps with the same 'customs' LOL :-)

29 July, 2007 02:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

isnt there a labour camp for chinees ladies in naif somewhere ;)

29 July, 2007 12:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe they can see to it that those people have airco, so they don't have to walk around naked.
No, i'm not joking!
Instead of laughing with all this, maybe you should start helping these people.
And yes you can without giving money!
There are collecting points where you can give your old shoes, clothes, soap, sugar etc
Here is a link where you can find all the collecting points:

But i guess your not interested and prefere laughing about the whole situation?

29 July, 2007 14:40  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Thank you for that link, I will be using it personally to donate some things.

Can I suggest that in future when you try to promote a charity, you don't do and then slag off the people whose sense of charity you are trying to appeal to?

Do you see me or anyone else laughing about the labourers' plight? Either on this blog or anywhere else? Because I don't. The fact that people find this story amusing (mainly due to the photo pixellation) does not mean they have no sympathy for the labourers.

But to show you I have no hard feelings, here's your link made clickable:

HelpingHands UAE - charity collection points

29 July, 2007 16:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes in some blogs they 'laugh' the situation away. Look in Giovanni's blog, its Giovanni himselve who laughs it away.
And sorry if i get a little pissed of if people laugh with those poor people.
Anyway, thank you for your reaction and for making the link clickable.
Greetings from the woman from Belgium :)
In the future i'll give myself the name Cartouche:)

29 July, 2007 17:02  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Brilliant! And it's so nice when people have recognisable names.

Do they also want women's clothes though? I mean some of the older clothing I have is really not something a construction labourer would ever want/wear, but it may sell as second-hand clothing then they could use the proceeds?

29 July, 2007 17:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sadly but true, they found 12 girls who work in the Emirates and live in the camps too, clothing/toiletries etc for them are very welcome.
What the labourers need the most you can ask at the collection points, but there is almost nothing that would'nt be welcome.
Thank you very much Secret Dubai for helping this people out!!
I hope many others will follow you!

29 July, 2007 19:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Back again...
If you go to this link, you can read all about it and you will know what they need the most:

Thanks a lot!

29 July, 2007 19:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cartouche / SD: Can I make a cash contribution if the basic necessities are not a doable thing?

Please advise how can I go about with this thing?

Much obliged :)

30 July, 2007 07:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed that Helping Hands do not have collection points in Abu Dhabi. Are there similar organizations where one could drop off clothes and other personal effects in Abu Dhabi?

30 July, 2007 10:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In case anyone whats to see this(these) alleged nudist colony

Its here and east to find. Head down Emirates Road in the direction of Sharjah. Keep on driving till you pass the Mirdiff, Al Mizhar, Al Munisiah, (dont know how to Spell them, oops), flyover. You'll see 2-3 story buildings on your right that are clustered together. Take the first right and you'll be able to drive in.

In case you are in Mirdiff, the directions are easy.

From the Up Town Mirdiff round about, head towards the airport road. At the flyover with, cross the airport road and go through the two small round abouts on the flyover and head towards Deira. Go straight through the next two round abouts. And you will see Sonapur on your right after about half a mile.

Oh, and dont forget to take a walk in the camp. Driving through the unpaved, dusty roads in your air conditioned car is not an option. This is not a freaking Safari.

Once you accomplish this feat, come back and bitch about how these people stink.

30 July, 2007 12:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous and Cotton Eye Joe:
The site is not mine, i'm just helping these people out.
If you go to the site, you can contact the owners and ask your questions per e-mail.
Thank you very much for willing to help the labourers, they really need it.

30 July, 2007 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Totally off topice but to all those UAE apologists out there:

A LOCAL kills a motorcycle rider (most probably a subcon delivery boy) while drunk - gets 1 year in jail, blood money and 5000 dhs fine -

2 Brits get caught with 1 gram of hashish and get 4 years. Thats right 4 years. -

So using a mild drug (that in many parts of the world is not a major crime) is a worse crime than killing a fellow human being??

Would you like me to start by pointing out flaws in the UAE legal system or Sharia?

- RB

30 July, 2007 15:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With just 400 dhs salary where do they buy decent clothes from ? with that much salary they can only have a budget of 20 to 30 dhs for a good clothing and now which outlet in dubai can sell you good clothes for 20 dhs .

31 July, 2007 02:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The picture has been removed by GN.


19 August, 2007 07:06  
Blogger secretdubai said...

It's lucky I saved a copy of it then! Now uploaded to Imageshack - just click the link above to see it ;)

19 August, 2007 14:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the full picture is at

29 December, 2007 01:33  

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