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02 December, 2007

We didn't start the fire

Cheap villas falling down, prostitutes all over town
Roadworks, no perks, endless building cranes
Drivers, housemaids, everybody's getting aides
Asian labour, expat slavers, blonde Jumeirah Janes

Kids crashing sports cars, Saudis filling all the bars
Underage camel jockeys, getting round the proxy
Flickr blocked, Skype snipped, black texta censorship
Soaring oil, sinking dollars, rent hike apocalypse

We didn't start the fire
Though they burned Oasis, and they tried to blame us
We didn't start the fire
While the Palm was sinking, we just kept on drinking

Sheikh Zayed gridlock, all the way to Hard Rock
Burqas, workers, no one will pay 'em
Three palms, camel farms, Sharjah banning naked arms
Emaar, Alabbar, Sultan bin Sulayem

Muntafiq, Al Gergawi, carpets from Mostafawi
Burj Dubai, Sheikh Mo, how high can you go?
Hummous, shawarma, knock offs from Karama
Zayed, the sheikh and I, Bridge on the Creek Dubai

We didn't start the fire
Though the sun was boiling, and the boys were toiling
We didn't start the fire
While you built your icons, we were all in Cyclones



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am sure Billy Joel would approve.

Now, about the Palm sinking, any chance you could point me in the direction of a news article?

02 December, 2007 03:02  
Blogger nzm said...


02 December, 2007 05:13  
Blogger nada_a said...

Haha, not bad.

02 December, 2007 06:48  
Blogger Kyle said...

Love the rhyme lines!

02 December, 2007 09:00  
Blogger Shula B said...

5 stars.

02 December, 2007 12:00  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Happy 36th birthday, UAE!

Does RAK only have 35 candles on their cake?

02 December, 2007 17:05  
Blogger fadi said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

02 December, 2007 19:28  
Blogger fadi said...

forced prostitution, buy this stock, sell that, money laundering, punishment, but what for?! Homosexual sheikhs harassing young men in swiss hotels, Mercedes this, BMW that, economy is doing well, inflation rate is unknown. All this, and i don't even live there anymore. But as they all say, "inshalla kheir".

02 December, 2007 19:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no news about the Palm sinking but I do know that their sewage system is a disaster waiting to happen. It seems they did some major miscalculations during the construction phase and have had to build up this complex system which is basically impossible to manage.
Sorry I don't have the right terminology, but the information came from a very reliable source about six months ago who just shook his head at the crap-up that they've done of the Palm. However, Emaar engineers are touting it as this amazing state-of-the-art system. We'll see whose right, although, call me an idealist, I sort of hope the Palm works. If you're going to shit on the environment to that extent, you might as well have the damn thing be a success.

02 December, 2007 20:06  
Blogger rosh said...

Hi SD, It is the National Day today - it's her 36th B'day. Perhaps you could have shared some subtle & positive thoughts instead?.

02 December, 2007 21:50  
Blogger screwed.mind said...

Nicely done!

@rosh : it's all positive, isn't it supposed to be like that?!

03 December, 2007 00:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent – just love it! :-))))

03 December, 2007 03:20  
Blogger Mita said...

Billy Joel - eat your heart out!!

03 December, 2007 09:36  
Blogger Ammaro said...

yeah, 50 dirhams, throw yo hands up.

lots of sense in that. great post.

03 December, 2007 13:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's ok Slaves,

Come to our Country serve us ,till we kick you a$$es out.

03 December, 2007 15:47  
Blogger m said...

36 years.......... how much this place has changed.

SD what u said is even more poignant on this day.

03 December, 2007 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This country is doing bad. But is considered heaven compared to the shit holes that all the expats came from!

03 December, 2007 16:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


03 December, 2007 22:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

With apologies to Messers Rodgers and Hammerstein

Tea towels and fan belts and beating the Mrs,
Camels and Quad Bikes and wearing white dresses,
Whoring and boozing it up like a King,
These are a few of my favourite things...

Growing a long beard and big hooky noses,
Chopping off handsies and fingers and toeses,
Taking my Range Rover out for a spin,
These are a few of my favourite things...

Making my wife go out dressed like a Ninja,
Earning a fortune without lifting a finger,
Latvian prostitutes tied up with string,
These are a few of my favourite things...

When the bomb strikes,
When the well burns,
When I'm feeling Jihad,
I think of a few of few of my favourite things,
And I don't feel so ach-a-lach-a-laaaaad!

04 December, 2007 13:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Its so true! Well done SD. The story of Dubai could not be narrated in a better way.

BTW, does anyone have any Idea as to what hapened to the ongoing case of the French Boy? Hell! the last time I read the news paper it said the suspects lawyers argued it was consensual...What next?

Palm my oh my! The visions can't be wrong! Its Dubai after all..

04 December, 2007 18:50  
Blogger Susan said...

lol-classic! If the palm isn't sinking, the burj al arab was. I presume they got a hold on that years ago, though.

04 December, 2007 21:05  
Blogger Imhotep said...

looks pessimistic but completely true.

but how could u forget the Parking & Traffic ??

05 December, 2007 06:23  
Blogger Imhotep said...

for my self I like UAE more 10-15 years ago .

where I lived in sharjah with 9K rent 3 bed room flat!

sharjah to dubai 15 min
with taxi charge 10 Dhs!

only Mollaplaza ,citicenter & burjman r shopping mall in UAE .
tallest building was Dubai WTC but everyone satisfied

visa charge was 60 Dhs per passport ! (regardless how many attached)

u can drive 180 KM/hr with no fine and rarely to hear about accident

u can't hear about job for emirates only or jobless ppl or visa change or ban.

more families were there and more friends and social activities

05 December, 2007 06:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

It's ok Slaves,

Come to our Country serve us ,till we kick you a$$es out.

-- You wish dipshit

05 December, 2007 11:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beautiful poem.

05 December, 2007 13:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


No mention of Uptown Mirdif?

05 December, 2007 13:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this hatred !! what for ?
If this country is that bad what forces you all to stay ?
You get here more that what you deserve and beyond your expectations , that why you are so ungrateful to the land that welcomed and still welcoming all people around the world , you exaggerating about many story that you write about , that makes me feel that you are living in a different planet , the camel jockeys !! what the hell is that ? everyone knows that this is not existing anymore , they were replaced with robots !! or maybe you don’t aware about it ?!!
If your criticism is constructive I might find you an excuse , but it seems clearly that you just spreading hostility , lies and mockery .
If your homeland is a paradise what brought you to dubai ? you need to browse the skynews website to make sure that what is happing in the west is way worse that what is happing here , how about reading about the old people care homes in the UK ? the under-standers services the old people get and the humiliation they living with .
What do you know about the retired citizens and the low pensions , the teenagers who attacking passengers in public transportations ……
What you are dong is out of jealousy and the black heart you and your supporters have ,
You surely know that many if not all the expates ,including westerns arriving here penniless and after few months they become rich .
The charismas is approaching , you will see all shopping centers will be decorated for the occasion , can you for god sake tell me what country that allows minorities to observe a different religious ceremony on its soil ?
You need to know how Christians being discriminated against in Israel and even prevented from ringing the churches’ bells ……
If you wanna speak about slavery and servitude , you should have known that in Spain expates are treated like animals if not worse .
You just need to live in Israel to know what freedom is , will you managed to open you mouth there ?!!
Undoubtedly there is no perfect country in the world , and I don’t deny that some of what you have mentioned are true , but you need to learn how to be a fair critic , it is noticeable that malice and bitter feelings are possessing you MR SD!!
Wash your heart and try to think and protest in a civilized way and maybe it will be better if you cast light on the positive aspects of Dubai ! hah
Look at the bright side too

Matryoshka fabelinsky

05 December, 2007 16:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

80% of the population in the UAE = Expats

Grow up or go back to your hindu pimps to stick a price tag up your vagina.

05 December, 2007 18:49  
Blogger al-republican said...

Matryoshka fabelinsky:

Thank you for your good comments! What I don't understand is that on the one side these hate-mongering kind Westerners whine about how Arabs are "backward" with all their references to camel jockeys, dishdashes, towel heads and what-have-you. But, at the same time, they get pissed off and start their verbal diarrhea when Arabs take a stab at modernity. What the fudge? Where do these poor folks go?

Somehow, all the usual whiners here are OK with subcontinent people. Yet, I bet you my bottom dollars (Oh no! A good muslim should not be betting no, now let's all get together and bash al-republican... yayyyyy) that if you leave them in India for a few years they will start whining about them too.

You think I am exaggerating? Not a chance in hell! I have history as proof to back it up! You should try reading how these British bigots used to loot the Indians (Kohinoor anyone?) and at the same time get disgusted about their "uncivilized" lifestyle? Same was the case in Africa (remember Thatcher called Nelson Mandela a TERRORIST!?!)

Why can't you all decide if you want Dubai to be upto speed and as modern as you want them to be or you want Dubai to be the same camel jockey, pearl diving city of yesteryears? You can't bloody have your cake and eat it too.

Reminds me of these 2 stupid American human rights wankers in Pakistan who just got expelled for protesting against Musharraf's illegal detainment of Chaudhry Aitezaz Ahsan. Why can't these faggot Americans just let us do our own protesting? As if they bloody care about Aitezaz Ahsan, my arse! The expulsion served those idiots right. I hope those faggots can now go to Guantanamo Bay and protest against their OWN government's human rights abuse.

Or is America the Brave and the West in general beyond any accountability? What a bloody joke!

In any case, the remake of We didnt start the fire was pretty cool, hehe.

05 December, 2007 20:38  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Matryoshka fabelinsky:

You are obviously ignorant.

"can you for god sake tell me what country that allows minorities to observe a different religious ceremony on its soil ?"

How about UK, US, all the western countries, India, Sri Lanka, South Korea, Japan etc etc.

In the UK you can even call for the bombing of the UK and killing of the queen and no one will do anything.

Try doing that in any Muslim country.

Do you really think UAE has religious freedom? There is none. If they had religious freedom, why can't churches look like churches and temples look like temples? And they only allow christmas because of the malls.

"You need to know how Christians being discriminated against in Israel and even prevented from ringing the churches’ bells ……"

You really speak rubbish. I have been to Israel and there is no such thing. You would be surprised how much freedom there is in Israel. Stop listening to arab media. This is the same media that has programs showing jews drinking kid's blood.

"If you wanna speak about slavery and servitude , you should have known that in Spain expates are treated like animals if not worse ."

I have lived in Spain as well, and nothing could be farther from the truth.

Stop lying. Back up your statements with facts. I can back all of mine up.

Now open your eyes my friend. Learn that in a Muslim country you have less rights than a muslim (even if you are a citizen of the country). Is that equal?


05 December, 2007 21:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Republican,

Is there compulsion in Islam?


05 December, 2007 21:25  
Blogger Keef said...

Damn good lyrics MR SD!

05 December, 2007 21:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So, this is the poem you’ve been waiting so long to publish… I will trust my assumption this time!!

Guys, believe me, It’s not worth it to go into this tough discussions. Anyone who went to the West knows their good and bad, and the same for Westerns who lived in the Middle East. I am sure that Secretdubai also knows so many good things about us, but her good words just don’t make good rhythm in her poems.

05 December, 2007 21:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

QUESTION: why do wealthy Arab women buy their underwear from the west?

QUESTION: shouldn't oil profits = middle eastern factories that manufacture women's underwear and provide jobs for middle eastern people ?

Question: Wouldn't working in that underwear factory at home be better than selling fruits on the sidewalks of NYC in the dead of winter?

Question: Are there any female Arab designers that could design underwear for middle eastern women on the level of victoria secrets?

I think it's kind of sad that most middle eastern women that are killed in wars like Iraq died with victoria secrets underwear on.
most so called female terrorists( In america)-( Freedom fighter in the Middle East) blow themselves up with victoria secret underwear on.

05 December, 2007 22:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why do infidel whores prefer to get fucked by arabs instead of cheap westerns that would kill for $1 ?

Why does the west allow for gays and lesbians to get married and they know where aids is coming from ?

Why do western people can't go on living without drinking alcohol ? I still don't understand why it hasn't been banned from all over the world (we all know its symptoms) as long the green is rolling why ban it ? Only a western would think like that.

Why are the foreigners too stupid when entering a country they get busted for carrying drugs ?

Who here thinks secretdubai is antichrist ?

05 December, 2007 22:31  
Blogger al-republican said...

Anonymous @ 05 December, 2007 22:15

You have just cracked the root cause of terrorism - Victoria secrets underwear!! Well done, mate!

QUESTION: Why are you so obsessed with female underwear?

QUESTION: Did you type all that with one hand?

QUESTION: Where was your other hand?

QUESTION: Were you able to find that tiny thing you call a penis eventually?

05 December, 2007 22:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous @ 05 December, 2007 22:31

Why do your women like it up the ass?

is it cos they are scared their future husbands will be upset about them not being virgins

Why do arab men run after any girl they see in a short skirt?

Is it because they have no brain other than the one downstairs

Why can't arabs live without indian slaves working for them?

Are they too lazy

Why are arabs so intolerant of other cultures?

Is it because they feel insecure

Why do arabs move to other countries and get violent?

Is it because they think they are superior to everyone else

Why is it that wherever muslims are there are problems?

Is it because they are intolerant of other people

Who here thinks the real anti christ is Mr.M who spread his evil creed through violence?

- DD

05 December, 2007 23:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

We are so peaceful that anybody who does not agree will be killed.

best regards,

A good muslima

05 December, 2007 23:10  
Blogger Imhotep said...

To Matryoshka fabelinsky

ppl coming 2 dubai cuz it have a lot of retards like u who can't do any productive work.

05 December, 2007 23:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You missed the point of my "Underwear Questions".
I posted these questions because several arab men on this site claimed it was their duty to" protect and shelter" their women from western infidels.
I found these comments to be silly by these men, given the fact that inspite of the vast wealth in the middle east, the arab women still need to buy their underwear from the white man and his mama.

Just imagine, you hate the west so much you'll blow yourself up while wearing the west's underwear.
Wow! arab women really are supressed, they can't even die with underwear on made in the middle east .
The Jewish woman is powerful, she can wear underwear made by her own people.

06 December, 2007 23:03  
Blogger al-republican said...


What is that you are smoking? How did you smuggle it into Dubai?

So now women's underwear are just not the root cause of terrorism, but also the reason for oppression. Great!

You are still going on about underwears. Here is some solicited advice for you: If you fantasize about these undies so much, try wearing some under your clothes. Who cares if you are a man wearing female undies, right? Now THAT would be true liberation! And you just might enjoy it more than whatever it is that you smoke.

Although you could have a hard time explaining to the customs at the Dubai airport why you are carrying women underpants...

07 December, 2007 00:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al republican,

Why don't you go back to reading Abu Hamza's speeches?

It was so much better here without you.

Intolerant, violent, evil, typical muslim.

07 December, 2007 00:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to get your ass extraordinarily-rendetioned to one of the rogue states. I bet it's one of your fantasies to get gang-raped by few Ba'thist thugs.

Count your blessings SD, just count your blessing.

07 December, 2007 02:43  
Blogger rosh said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

07 December, 2007 05:55  
Blogger rosh said...

"Do you really think UAE has religious freedom? There is none."

DD 21:25: As a Christian baptized in the UAE - and have had an opportunity to freely practice Christianity the past 3 decades, I vouch, there is religious freedom in the UAE.

Your subsequent set of comments is disgusting, vile, ignorant and hate filled - pathetic!!

07 December, 2007 06:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


what is disgusting and vile is the hypocritical nature of the gulf states.

Wow, they allowed you to practice your religion. But did they allow you to build a church which actually looks like a church? Would you be allowed to preach your religion to a muslim?

Why don't you try doing it and see what happens to you.

Have you ever been to Saudi, Iran and other such countries? Are you really blind to the way non muslims are treated? Can you imagine such a thing in any other country?

Have you read an arab newspaper and seen the racist comments and cartoons of jews? They are very similar to the nazi newspapers.

Why is there so much violence from muslims? Cut the crap about colonialism from the past. India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Philipines and many other countries that were ruled just 50 years ago have moved on and not engaging in terrorism.

Do you know what would happen to a local if he decided to convert form Islam? Death.... Is that religious freedom.

Stop being so naive and see what is happening to this world and stop with the Politically correct bullshit.


07 December, 2007 09:45  
Blogger Shaper85 said...

DD, let me add to your comment about the discrimination against non muslims in prison. I know that prisoners are urged to convert to Islam; those that do are treated better - longer phone calls, more freedom and perhaps larger portions of food. Those that don't are ostracized and treated as inferior. Why, memorizing the koran will get you years of your sentence!

To Rosh, you only feel a percieved freedom of religion - I think your 3 decades in the UAE has socially engineered you to behave in a way which 'agrees' with UAE policy - in any civilized country, this would be seen as pragmatic allowance of minimal religion other than Islam because the people fueling the UAE boom are more often than not, non-muslim.

07 December, 2007 13:04  
Blogger al-republican said...

Wow, the Christian fundamentalists our out here in full swing! Woohoo!

So are you guys planning for a revolution? I'd love to see this: Pansies leading a revolution. Being ably led by a "man" who proudly carries his breast... ermmm, I mean initials - DD!

Dubai can use some entertainment of this kind :D

07 December, 2007 15:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Al republican,

First and foremost I am not christian, I am an atheist, but I believe everyone has the right to follow their religion as long as it doesn't impede on other people's rights (which islam does).

Second, I see you have no response to any comment anymore other than changing the topic. Nice try you intolerant idiot.

Thirdly, I guess christian pansies cannot lead a revolution, cos you need a pedophile messenger to lead the crazies.


07 December, 2007 18:21  
Blogger rosh said...

"Wow, they allowed you to practice your religion."

Yup - "they" did.

"But did they allow you to build a church which actually looks like a church?"

Yes - "they" have, even in Sharjah. And yup they look like any church I have seen anywhere yeah, welcome to reality.

07 December, 2007 19:16  
Blogger rosh said...

" I think your 3 decades in the UAE has socially engineered you to behave in a way which 'agrees' with UAE policy"

Sharper: this is your opinion, and quite honestly, I could care less. However, I shall say this - my folks are from different backgrounds/cultures - I've lived in a few places over the 3 decades. No place is perfect, there isn't anything called "religious freedom or speech" in a true sense.

If you wish to point fingers - let me assure you, Muslims/Islam are not treated in parity with Jews or Christians here in the West. Try reading the Quran in an NYC subway. Yes, relatively they have - more "freedom" - but then that is not true "freedom" is it?

DD - have you, been subject to violence from Muslims whilst in the UAE? If not, what's your basis for all this jargon?

UAE has been a safe place to live and practice one's religion - as long as you do so with respect of local laws, traditions and culture. This isn't political correctness or a need to "agree" - it's a fact.

07 December, 2007 19:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Do churches in other countries look like apartment blocks??

Are you that blind?

The churches and temples in this country resemble apartment blocks. Why can't they look like how they are supposed to?

You still haven't addressed a couple of things - would you be allowed to preach to a muslim? Would a muslim be allowed to convert to another religion?


You say that it won't be possible to read a quran in a NYC train?


Have you even been there?

Why don't you do yourself a favour and check out the following movie on youtube: obsession - islam.


08 December, 2007 00:24  
Blogger rosh said...

DD: I'd talk to you, if you'd calm down and talk sense.

Churches in SHJ or DXB look like apartment blocks to you? Have you been to the interiors of a church? But then, being an atheist how would you know?

"Rubbish. Have you even been there?"

..........have been living in NYC past 7 years......seriously, you are making a fool of yourself.

08 December, 2007 00:53  
Blogger rosh said...

DD: am not interested in a youtube video on Islam.

Why do you talk about UAE, Islam and violence in the same context. Have you or have you not, been subject to harm/ violence by Muslims whilst in the UAE? - it's a specific & a simple question.

08 December, 2007 00:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

watch out expats, if the american government collapses, you'll be traced and arrested. Freedomofspeech is a poor substitute for what you have here.

08 December, 2007 07:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


The youtube video on islam is a documentary.

Just check it out. See for yourself what the al Jazeeras and Abu Dhabi television, the preachers, the public are upto.

WRT Churches in UAE:
OOOOOH - the interior looks like a church. So how come you can't make the exterior look like a church?

For a mosque, both the interior and exterior look like one. Why not for a church?

Rosh, why don't you go out with a quran in NYC. And try going out with a Bible in Saudi. You will see a big difference...

Rosh, what does me having been subject to violence have anything to do with the argument about religious freedom? Is that how you judge freedom? "Ooooh, nobody attacked me in the UAE so I am free. But people look at me holding a quran suspiciously in NYC so there is no freedom there at all and america is evil."

Stop kissing UAE ass Rosh.

The truth is the truth. This cult is violent. This cult does not allow religious freedom to others or its own followers.


08 December, 2007 11:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if anyone has heard of this wonderful story:

British Teacher in Sudan

Apparently, she allowed one of her MUSLIM students name his teddy bear Mohammed. And she was sentenced to 15 days prison and 40 lashes. This was followed by marches where abuse was hurled at the UK (1 person's inncocent actions are blamed on the country when it comes to the west, but these same people want us not to judge them by the actions of people who kill in the name of islam)

Thankfully she is free now. AFTER british MP pleaded with the Sudanese government assuring them that Britain respects islam.

Doesn't anyone see the hypocrisy and the evil in all this?


08 December, 2007 11:14  
Blogger Jayne said...

Oh the irony SD........."We didn't start the fire" ! Why so many have got their knickers/undergarments in a twist over your change of lyrics is beyond me! I bet you're having a mighty chuckle hon!

08 December, 2007 16:01  
Blogger rosh said...

DD: here's my two fils (take it or trash it) - just go away to a church or a mosque and find some spiritual peace. A human soul, needs an amount of spirituality, even in the lightest form (not saying you need to be a religious guru). Being an atheist, troubles the soul, more than you'd know.

SD: Jin is right, sorry about that.

08 December, 2007 19:59  
Blogger al-republican said...


Did you forget to tell our audience here that the 2 British MPs who negotiated the release of the British teacher were MUSLIMS??

Ooo, doesn't suit your propaganda too well, does it? :)


Brilliant response! The guys really seriously needs to find some peace in his life!

08 December, 2007 20:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great!

I love to watch hijackers and gangbangers.

We have a mullah who's also a republican, a know-it-all-pacifist-multi-religious-freako and an atheist.

Bring it on guys, it's great and it's also fun to read you jerks especially when you'll make an ass out of yourself.

Brilliant show.

08 December, 2007 21:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al republican,

I didn't leave that out intentionally.

So what you are saying is, that a muslim will only listen to a muslim?

So if a christian MP went to Sudan he would not be listened to?

The real point is that something like this even happened - it shows so much about your "tolerant" cult.


Nothing wrong with atheism. Religion is the crutch of the weak and/or stupid.


08 December, 2007 22:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Shut down your blog! Etisalat has been already informed about your intentions of this blog and the way you are sending messages about this city/country to the rest of the world. It sure is not to enlighten them but show ‘corruption’ that you seem to acknowledge.

Bear in mind that many of your readers and comments are from people living outside the UAE. Though, you have been addressed directly and indirectly by readers and also warned many times NOT threatened about your intentions.

This blog has been read by people who I can’t name (i’m sure you know who i mean), and you will be subjected to justification. Why? You are posting those threads/topics from the UAE on the internet. Okay, you love the money and maybe there is some love/like to this country from you. But surely it seems that you forgot what this country is?

There are no political parties (democratic, republican, third party, left-wing, right-wing, etc.)… It is a Federal Government, a Sheikhdom and has NO party. So, before coming to the UAE or have started this blog and the reasons behind it you should have thought twice! You have a brain, right?

The UAE constitution provides freedom of speech, but this has to be positively. Negative comments about Islam, the government, ruling families, or UAE citizens (by expatriates) are punishable by imprisonment.

What is freedom of speech? It is all negative. So, for a fact you are breaking a law of this country. I’m not throwing junk at you SD. BE CAREFUL! Your Embassy can’t always stand behind your back and defend you when you break laws of a country…

Oh, and the poem? Nice touch, the guy who we don’t know how far he going as you said sure read it! Could be a final touch as well..

It’s a raid against Locals & Expatriates that have taken advantage of this country negatively (this is from a reliable source)...

- War against prostitution?
- War against rape?
- War against drunk drivers?
- Police Patrols all over the city?
- Banning insufficient career license not only in UAE but all GCC countries?
- Etc.

Hmmmmmmm… Corruption you say?
We know where to find corruption now (

08 December, 2007 23:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ ▲ I'd have thought yours was an interesting comment but then you had to go and ruin it with all those threats.

09 December, 2007 08:36  
Blogger Mnaz said...

I don't know whats more entertaining...the victorias secret "profound" questions
the billy joel "dubai" spoof..

09 December, 2007 11:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon @ 08 December, 2007 23:27

"The UAE constitution provides freedom of speech, but this has to be positively."

Somehow I feel that you have missunderstood the meaning of the word - FREEDOM.

09 December, 2007 12:52  
Blogger al-republican said...

I am coining a new term for all these nauseatingly often parroted freedoms - FREEDUMB!

Freedumb of Speech - help me spread the word!

09 December, 2007 14:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ 09 December, 2007 12:52

(Somehow I feel that you have missunderstood the meaning of the word - FREEDOM.)

It looks like you don't know a thing about the law in the UAE. Especially the part about Freedom of Speech!

No wonder why there's a Queen in XXX and people make public jokes about her.

No wonder why there's a President in XXX and people make public jokes about him.

Is that how you respect a leader? Royalty? I believe ALL people do mistakes! That's why UAE leaders have a Majlis to hear what the locals/the people of this country have to say NOT you expats who will leave sooner or later (eg. Jumeira Beach)

call it whatever you want.. seriously, why do you give a damn if you hate it so much? calm down.. LOL

09 December, 2007 14:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

come on SD...

don't you think its time for another topic?

09 December, 2007 15:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you think I can go to the Majlis and ask him to justify his multiple jets and yachts?
Can I do that?

I dont give a two penny about sheikdoms. These guys are spendthrigts using public money. That means they are thieves. And stop with your empty threats, you just made them up.

09 December, 2007 17:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anon 14:15

whether or not its a queen or an elected domocratic president of xxx or YYY or ZZZ it does not really matter,we still enjoy the jokes and we give a S*** about it unlike you. You people are born SADIA chickens. you simply don't know how and when to bite :-) So calm down chicken until you get some grains from your fav broad day light thieves...

09 December, 2007 18:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sorry not 14:15 it is to the anon at 14:59

09 December, 2007 18:45  
Blogger briton lad said...


10 December, 2007 00:11  
Blogger Eccentric M said...

10 December, 2007 04:05  
Blogger al-republican said...


I tend to agree that a system such as democracy holds leadership accountable. That is good and worth "emulating". I put it in inverted commas because that principle of checks and balance is inherently part of the Islamic governance (if anyone cared to read up on it).

Almost all of the Muslim countries are lacking severely in that regard and institutions have become a tool of the Presidency rather than a check on it.

But, do you know who your allies are who sincerely want to change the prevailing system of governance? It is who you call the "terrorists"! YES!

In case you think secular "democrats" in the Muslim world are sincere about introducing rule of law and check and balances then I ask you to look around in the entire Muslim World. Almost all of them are run by quasi-secular or pseudo-western liberals who have made a mockery of those noble principles that you bring up.

So then, are we willing to shake hands with the TERRORISTS?? :P

10 December, 2007 08:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

10 December, 2007 11:48  
Blogger secretdubai said...

I don't do silly text speak and "wacky" caPitAlisATion. If you want to write like that, go and find a website more suited to your intellectual level. Try Yahoo! Kids or something like that.

10 December, 2007 11:54  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Oh and I see the silly little emirati girl students have decided to jump on board. Sorry but I'm afraid you get deleted because you irritate me. Not because you disagree with me, but because you come across as so dumb. And I've met plenty of extremely intelligent, critcically thinking Emirati students, male and female, so I don't believe you are representative.


10 December, 2007 11:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD, i would pack my bag if i was you! Dubai is talking..

10 December, 2007 15:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since it is not ok to talk negatively about the UAE and its people etc etc.

Are the locals here allowed to talk negatively about anything non-local?


10 December, 2007 18:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to Anon @ 10 December, 2007 18:26

dont be so stupid!

locals are not allowed to talk negatilvely about their counrty, etc. as well which 99.9% of times they dont!

so you see, u come from a country where u are allowed to talk negatively about it which means u will about another!

so, i guess the answer is pretty clear & obvious here!

ask some sensible questions next time..

10 December, 2007 19:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

All this debate and resentment is going in circles. Every country has it's fair share of social deviance through various mediums. These people usually try to show "the unaware" the most revolting aspects of life in that country.

Cutting to the chase, every country has it's fair share of good and bad. The West has developed in such a way that democracy stands behind the fundamental principles of almost everyone, hence other core values such as religion and tradition becomes less important. The post-materialist's way of life does not mesh well with the Arabian way of life. It is only natural for these people to speak about their concerns.

I do not know what you people are trying to achieve, and I do not know what your true goals are. But picture it like this, would you like it if somebody started living in your country and exploited all its corruption and filth. Of course you wouldn't (and if you did like it then I would have to call you an idealist; hence changing your title on this blog from rational satirist to raving activist). So imagine how we feel, of course you are going to find hatred pointed towards you, because you have no true right to speak so wildly about how things work in our country, it is truly pointless.

Look at it from our point of view, I would say a majority of people are happy in Dubai/UAE, and we all know that things are done in a specific way here, and it's true that the way matters are handled are unconventional; but we also know there are slow but effective transitions taking place as we speak, the way you are talking about Dubai is as if we have some kind of organized crime ring running behind our backs.

On a personal note I can't say that I am too happy about the way things are run in my country, but just like all Europeans and Americans I will have to stand by my country and show my loyalty, for if I don't then I do not know who will, and because I am standing by my country and have faith in it (along with a few fellow slightly angrier countrymen), that itself shows that we might just have a chance for the future (now I'm the idealist :P)

Finally (sigh of relief from the readers if they have made it this far), I know that this request is not going to make you stop "spreading the truth" or "trying to make the masses aware" or whatever you call it, but if you could just find a different approach or a more subtle medium, I would appreciate it.

11 December, 2007 01:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

you know, i lived in abu dhabi for abou 17 years. That is, from the day of my birth to the year of my graduation from high school. i have since vowed never to go back. When i learned of your blog, I thought it would be amusing to check out. Instead it served as a harrowing reminder of the arrogant, orientalist attitudes of the Westerners that I grew up surrounded by. They - or you - taught me and my impressionable high school peers that you were better than us. Because you were always imposing western ideals on us arabs. you snubbed us and you looked at us with disdain, even though - and here i echo the calls of a number of those who commented on your posts - no one is really forcing you to be here! So please, for the sake of my Arab brothers and sisters who you unabashedly demoralize with your misinformed, pretentious diatribe, shut the fuck up or get the hell out. there is no room for colonialists in these parts anymore.

11 December, 2007 07:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great post SD. Love your blog. Your style of writing is amazing. It's simply brilliant. You tell it like it is. Rock on!

11 December, 2007 10:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hii SD

lsn .. it is right that we have the freedom of speech .. but it still isnt right wen we dont stand for our country ..
with all respect to you SD .. i think our minds are bigger than urs no matter wat .. say wat ever you want to say .. becoz we r sure of who and wat we r ..
ur words wont scratch a single bit of wat we do and how it is done in the UAE ..
at last .. there is no country that wodnt have comments on it .. and this is the best prove to show how great we r ..
seriously SD .. get a life =)

11 December, 2007 12:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

From the way you're talking, its as though UAE's the only country with those problems .. Look around people, its not like your countries are any better. Every country has its bad sides but you dont see us talking about your country do you ? Maybe that's because we know a little something about respect.
You're the people who came to our country and you actually have the audacity to talk in that way?
If you dont like it here, its simple .. just leave; instead of talking about things you yourself know its all around us, not only in the UAE.
You didnt start the fire but how come i see you holding the lighter?
So much hatred .. and so much rage .. but why ?
What has UAE done to any of you ? ..
nothing, absoloutely NOTHING =)

11 December, 2007 13:05  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For the genius who was talking about victoria's secret being from the west I hate to bust your zit filled bubble, sad and unfair as it may be some of victoria's secret lingerie is actually made in go bust a nut will ya?

11 December, 2007 14:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's very nice... but, I believe that all of you down there started the fire, you simply love that damn place and get your big money

11 December, 2007 17:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I believe there is a Muslim - Christian conflict here.
Well, you Muslims must accept you don't even imagine what is freedom of thought and speech, that you are misogynists, that there's no Arab country where there is religious freedom, that when you see a western woman you almost ejaculate in your pants. Look at your self in a mirror, ARAB man.
While westeners will do a great thing leaving that country, letting it die in its own shit, but they love Arab money.
Anyway, DD your answer to that silly maschilist anonymous was right. He is talking about drinking as if it is worst than whipping women as they do. (FROM A WOMAN that would never go to bed with an Arab no matter how much money does he have).
And you don't talk Arab men not out of respect but of ignorance. I flew away from your country and will never set a feet again in such a place

11 December, 2007 17:33  
Blogger al-republican said...

Anonymous @ 11 December, 2007 17:33

You first say, "...when you [Arabs] see a western woman you almost ejaculate in your pants." And then you continue to say, "...but they love Arab money."

I believe the word you are looking for is "prostitute".

11 December, 2007 20:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous @ 10 December, 2007 19:51:

So Locals never talk negatively about the west? They never talk negatively about the U.S? They never talk negatively about other religions?

Why don't you give a sensible answer for once.


ps: they are the religion of peace. You better agree or else.....

11 December, 2007 21:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i don't know you got these silly info about UAE and the properties!!

and i don't know what to call these bullshits!

and i don't know what is your problem with Dubai, sheikh, religions.. etc !

this is our country.. this is the way how we live.. this is our freedom.. if you like it stay here.. or go to your country.. if your county is better than dubai !

every country has there calture, there rules, there way to live and people who live in should respect that

some countries are against islam and don't let muslims live free.. no Hijab.. no Pray.. and they call them self Democracy Countries!.. and me as muslim id i don't like that i will not go to them! they are free

BUT!, when UAE offer jobs, palces to live, freedom to do every thing expect something that hurt our riligions... all people talk and don't like it !.. this is our home.. so you should respect as!

i hate our developoment.. you know why?? becouse before people were respect as and we were living in peasce... but know every sickish are comming here live and eat.. and after that saying these bullshits like you!

Finally! hope you understand me.. and Please if you want to live here respect us.. if you don't, please leave us and don't talk about our country.. we are happy with every thing here

and don't try to blurr Dubai image for the people who live outside..

salaaam !

11 December, 2007 23:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


you are deleting our comment! where is your freedom of speach!

fuck you man

12 December, 2007 00:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dubai Lover,

Stop reading only arab media

First: Can you please tell me where in the west it is illegal to wear your hijab and to pray?

Second: How does building a church (which looks like a church) hurt your religion?

Third: Why is there a death sentence for people who leave islam? I though there was no compulsion in isaml?

12 December, 2007 00:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where in the west it is illegal to wear your hijab and to pray?

France.. they tried many times to stop people from waring Hijab.. specially some schools !

Pray.. in USA.. specially after the 9/11.. not only pray.. Muslems cannot go out side there homes on that days!

How does building a church (which looks like a church) hurt your religion?

who said i mean chruch!

First.. we have chruch here.. and we allowed people to go.. who said there are no cruchs in UAE??

what i mean by hurting our riligion is some habits.. such as kissing in public and naked wear.. even if some do that no body will talk to them!

Why is there a death sentence for people who leave islam? I though there was no compulsion in isaml?

ok.. there are two situation:

first.. if he was a muslim and after that he leave islam.. then there is a death sentence!

and today no body kill other becouse of that.. becouse there is no islamic adjudgment exept in KSA

second.. if he is not a muslim.. there is no death sentense.. i don't know from where you got these info about islam.. if he is not Muslim no boady can kill him

if we return to real Islam rules.. we will find that anybody from none-muslims live Islamic country should pay "Jezyah" and the leaders of the country should give him the safety

and you can notice that these days nobody take "Jezyah".. but we give the people who live with us the safety and secure

Please people.. don't just read about islam from the Web and belive that is the true!.. many people try to give wrong info about islam

12 December, 2007 01:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First: Can you please tell me where in the west it is illegal to wear your hijab and to pray?


Second: How does building a church (which looks like a church) hurt your religion?


Third: Why is there a death sentence for people who leave islam? I though there was no compulsion in isaml?



12 December, 2007 01:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


i know the place of one of them.. which is behind Rashid Hospital.. and i think it is for indian riligion..

and what make me sure there are another.. is that my boss was used to go to chruch.. and he is christian :)

this is a proof


there is no death sentence in UAE.. give me your garbage proof !

12 December, 2007 01:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There may be no formal death sentences for people who leave Islam, but people are certainly killed for such actions:

A 16-year-old girl died in hospital late Monday night, hours after police in Mississauga (Canada) received a call from a man saying he had killed his daughter.

Muhammad Parvez, 57, has been charged with murder in connection with the death of his daughter, Aqsa Parvez. He will appear Tuesday in a Brampton court.

The victim's 26-year-old brother, Waqas Parvez, has been charged with obstructing police.

Students at nearby Applewood Heights Secondary School in Mississauga said the teen had recently clashed with her family after ceasing to wear a hijab and adopting a more Western style of dress.

- - -

Disgusting, absolutely disgusting. Any religion that leads people to commit such actions (whether or not outrightly condoned by the religion) has nothing to do with any God that might or might not exist.

12 December, 2007 05:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12 December, 2007 05:08

well it isn't the most interesting post that's for sure but it's the most recent one. It's truly impossible to deal with all this crap at once and it's just turning into one big snowball effect. Ok getting to the point, so you're telling me there hasn't been any religious intolerance over the years, only because people are more aware and information passes through the world quicker that it sounds so much more bad. Earlier religions who commited such acts as late as the early 20th conetury aren't being punished for any of their wrong doings, why does it always have to go back to religion, i dont get it. Ok fine religion is responsible for a lot of the conflict going on in the world today but seriously you can't just generalize and say oh yeah it's because of your religion that you're fucked up; there are other factors thaat can pertain to unacceptable social behaviour.

and to all of you that can read this
intoo lesh tihtamoon ef kalaamhum, 5alhum yelt3noon, n7na 7atta low ensibhum lain youm ilqeyama ma beyisktoon. yalseen enlif oo endoor, 3ala kil topic achof nafs il ashyaa2, eysiboon il shyoo5 oo eysiboon islam oo eysiboon il sha3b, oo n7na na3rf inneh shay mshakel 3ndna bs tafkeerhum '3air oo bayeqten3oon. 9adgoony hathaila yetfalsafoon 3al fa'6ee, kalaam
fa'6ee. ta3rfoon awal ma sha'3alo hal blog ma7ad kaan eyee ihnee, bas youm gamoo eysiboon il emarat oo il shyoo5 kil 7ad gaam eyee. its just a way of attracting people.

12 December, 2007 05:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

and to all of you that can read this
intoo lesh tihtamoon ef kalaamhum, 5alhum yelt3noon, n7na 7atta low ensibhum lain youm ilqeyama ma beyisktoon. yalseen enlif oo endoor, 3ala kil topic achof nafs il ashyaa2, eysiboon il shyoo5 oo eysiboon islam oo eysiboon il sha3b, oo n7na na3rf inneh shay mshakel 3ndna bs tafkeerhum '3air oo ma bayeqten3oon. 9adgoony hathaila yetfalsafoon 3al fa'6ee, kalaam
fa'6ee. ta3rfoon awal ma sha'3alo hal blog ma7ad kaan eyee ihnee, bas youm gamoo eysiboon il emarat oo il shyoo5 kil 7ad gaam eyee. its just a way of attracting people.

12 December, 2007 05:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You idiots:


France banned all religious outfits ONLY in GOVT Schools. This means all christian crosses, hindu symbols everything was banned. You can still go out in public with whatever outfit you want. The ban was ONLY in schools.

Everyone else was ok about it except the Muslims who, surprise surprise, got violent.

Churches and Temples in UAE:

I never denied that there are churches.

My point is why can't a church or a temple look like a church or a temple from the the outside. (yeah yeah, I know they look ok from the inside - but why not from the outside?)

And what would happen if a christian or a hindu tries to convert a muslim - jail time.

Yep, thats freedom for you.

Leaving Islam:

So you are saying that if a muslim wants to leave, he can be killed????

so there is compulsion in Islam then... I mean if a person is not allowed to leave then it is compulsion right?

And if all the punishments are so violent (lashings, stonings, death) then there is violence in Islam right??


12 December, 2007 08:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Dubai Lover said:

"Please people.. don't just read about islam from the Web and belive that is the true!.. many people try to give wrong info about islam"

Why shouldn't we read about it from the web? Is it because you people don't control the web?

Why do we have to learn it from you? So you can give us some other version and justify all the violence?


12 December, 2007 08:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You are not going to believe what they are offended about now:



12 December, 2007 10:51  
Blogger al-republican said...

To the 2 idiots DD and RB (you both have a lot in common):

Yes, Islam is VIOLENT and we do kill people and hate, and we jail and chop and all the other hateful things that give you orgasms.

So now what? You think you have convinced us to leave Islam? Or is this about stroking your egos? What are you trying to prove with your CONSTANT tirade against Islam? Pray tell us!

Show me ONE convert to Islam who sits and badmouths the religion he has left behind. You see, we are not into trashing religions and religious personalities. What you two clowns do is what every insecure person does: Trash the message and malign the messenger. The only difference is that they have a stated purpose. For example, Christians Evangelists such as Pat Robertson want to turn fence-sitting Christians from converting to Islam (which is alarmingly high in the US). What is your agenda, please tell us?

So what if we don't have churches that look like churches and we kill converts and other blah stuff? I think what you idiots need to concentrate on is that your beautiful West has all the freedoms possible - even the freedom to openly attack Islam ad nauseam - and YET Islam is growing like wildfire in the West. WHY, Sirs, WHY?? Why isn't your audience listening? Despite all the "proofs" you give and all the smart ass comments you make? Inspite of all the regular hateful vitriol you churn out with RELIGIOUS zeal, your problem remains - Muslims are on the rise in the West.

Sit back, relax, re-assess your strategy and try to come up with a new course of action. This one is really not working.

To SD:

How can you allow these 2 idiots to spread hate continually? You were very quick to ban Balushi for his absurd comments, but try explaining to us how DD and RB are doing any good? Just try replacing Islam with something that is dear to you SD in their posts (like "womens right") and I guarantee you will see the obvious hate in their comments!

Obviously, I am not holding my breath.

12 December, 2007 11:00  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Al Rep - I do not understand how this poem led to either Islam bashing or Western bashing, but anyway I will post a new topic soon.

12 December, 2007 11:06  
Blogger al-republican said...

DD piss talker:

Next time a Muslim country plays in the West, how about we wear Swastikas and see your wonderful freedom champs stir up a commotion?

You know what, pigs like you are only convincing Muslims like myself to start trashing you bastards. We should return all your favors in kind and see you lose your marbles.

And when shit gets out of hand we can ALL blame SD and perhaps she will have to come up with a new version of "We didn't start the fire".

12 December, 2007 11:08  
Blogger al-republican said...


You need some administration on your blog. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out where the problem is over here. It is constantly 2 persons who start with the anti-Islam tirade in EVERY post. This is getting absolutely stupid now and I for one will understand if TRA decides to ban your website.

Your continued silence to their brash behavior is going to be seen as your endorsement to incite hatred. You haven't even ONCE (to my knowledge) told them to back off and take it easy.

If you feel I am a western basher then ban me too. This hatred has to stop and I hope you have the decency to admit who is at fault here.

12 December, 2007 11:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm criticizing Arab misogynist men as well as all westeners that are in UAE,'cause they are there just for MONEY.
Read well what I said. I'm not talking of prostitutes women.
And about closing SD blog you show you have no idea of what FREEDOM of speach is. If you don't like it JUST DON'T READ IT that is what we call FREEDOM.
I were in UAE and flew away. There is just stupid luxury, emptiness, no culture, no history, no religious freedom, only Skyscrapers and money.
I prefer less money but more social justice.
Just don't enter again to this blog if you don't agree and learn what FREEDOM and RESPECT is.
In UAE you cannot even use SKYPE and more sites in Internet are blocked (try to visit UAEPRISONS if you are able). That's your SHEIK's idea of FREEDOM?

12 December, 2007 13:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


Want to know something of DEATH PENALTY in UAE? Try to visit
You won't be able cause it's banned in your lovely country.

You know that Abu-Dhabi prison is a kind of black hole? Person enter and never go out. You may say Guantanamo is the same.
Yes, but I didn't say USA is a paradise as you seem to believe of your piece of desert.

12 December, 2007 13:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al Republican,

Seems like I have touched a raw nerve.

It has taken you a million posts to finally admit that Islam is violent. You have kept claiming that Islam is peaceful before and now you finally admit it isn't.

Sorry, got to rain on your parade, the rate of conversions to Islam in the west is not as huge as you make it out to be.

Islam is growing but it is for the following reasons:

- The large number of kids muslims have.
- The forceful conversion of minorities in muslim countries.
- The death penalty for those who attempt to leave Islam.
- Criminals converting for reduced sentences :-)


So you find a red cross offensive. That red cross is the symbol of the city of Milan.

I find it offensive that you people say that there is no god but allah because that means my god does not exist. Will you stop saying it?

You people go to the UK and try to get christmas celebrations turned down - cos it is offensive.

So how come you are not prepared to bend even a little bit to accomodate others?

You get offended reading these comments - so don't read them. As simple as that, twit.

The only thing you and your people know how to do is to threaten others with violence if you don't agree with them.

UAE prisons

All of a sudden, things make sense.

If you are a criminal you can get a reduced sentence if you convert.

So no wonder there is so much violence in the muslim world.

All those converts are criminals.

he he.


12 December, 2007 13:57  
Blogger al-republican said...

DD (Dumb Dumb)

You say that the following are the reasons to contributing to increasing Muslims in the West:

- The large number of kids muslims have.
- The forceful conversion of minorities in muslim countries.
- The death penalty for those who attempt to leave Islam.
- Criminals converting for reduced sentences :-)

Firstly, may I ask where you get these facts from? Your inspirational explanations during your masturbating sessions don't count, sorry. Let's look more closely at your "analysis":

(1) Large number of kids Muslims have - Are you crazy?? Ever been to the midwest?? They beat Muslims hands down when it comes to procreation! For the love of God we are talking about Muslim CONVERSION in the WEST!

(2) Forceful conversion of minorities in muslim countries - You Idiot! We are talking about Muslim CONVERSION in the WEST! So Muslims are majority in the West? :P

(3) The Death penalty for those who leave Islam - You Idiot! We are talking about Muslim CONVERSION in the WEST!

(4) Criminals converting for reduced sentences - You Idiot! We are talking about Muslim CONVERSION in the WEST! It is a fact that in US prisons, people are embracing Islam in droves. So you are telling us that the American system reduces prison sentences for people converting to Islam??


12 December, 2007 14:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Al republican,

Since you are a champ at taking comments out of context I should have made it clear the I was talking about the populations of Muslims increasing in the world.

The way you were describing conversions in the west you made it look like people were camping outside mosques in mile long queues to convert.

Anyway.... enjoy your pathetic, close minded, hate-filled life.


12 December, 2007 14:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

then there is violence in Islam right??

No.. there is not.. you will not understand me..

there is punishments for muslims when he leave islam.. you know why?

becouse he found the truth.. he found the droit.. and after that he is leaving.. !

this is for Muslims.. and i don't know why you are say Islam is violent just becouse of that.. you are no nothing about Islam.. you are just learn some judgments in Islam and then talk

if you know the Islam 100% you will find this judgment is right

Why do we have to learn it from you? So you can give us some other version and justify all the violence?

So, don't trust any info just by reading.. even mine.. if you find any information about Islam try to make sure they are true..

and if there is anything you don't like.. that not mean you speak about Islam like this..

if i don't like somthing in other riligion i will not talk about it.. they are free
but why all people tallking about Isalam? i don't know !

Finally: please.. leave us.. leave Islam.. don't know why you are talking about us like that

if you don't like the rules in UAE.. so leave it.. this is our way of living whether you like it or not..


12 December, 2007 15:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ur tooooo funny!
luved the poem hehehe
and as a local from dubai i didnt find this poem offending on the contrary it was so true...

12 December, 2007 18:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sveI don't understand you people....
This is just a poem, and a good one too.
The whole world makes poems and jokes about, habbits and religians of other nationalities.
If the joke is about you and you have a little sense, you can laugh with it.
Why is it, when it comes to Islam, the moslims always have to make such a big deal out of it??????
Not long ago on the news:
A female teacher called a teddybear Mohammed and all the children agreed with the name.
The whole moslimworld was offended and they wanted her death.
There is one thing I know:
Moslims are very dangerous lifetreathening adolescences...

12 December, 2007 18:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To al-republican: You ROCK, man!!! Keep it up and know that you have my full support in what you say! Salam :)

13 December, 2007 01:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

secretdubai said...
Al Rep - I do not understand how this poem led to either Islam bashing or Western bashing, but anyway I will post a new topic soon.



13 December, 2007 01:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Janice Jones
33 years old

13 December, 2007 01:54  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes Al - lets just ban everything that offends us. Face it banning and blocking have no place in Islam.

The wonderful proxy: Dont you just love that big blue warning screen that
you see when you attempt to access certain website. Is there a more
disgusting show of hypocrisy than this big blue screen?? Porn sites are banned but prostitution in Dubai is out in the open. Gambling sites are banned (including some fantasy leagues) but the Dubai Duty Free openly advocates gambling?

13 December, 2007 03:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Secret Dubai,
As a long time reader and observer of the "debates" on your blog, I just wanted to tell you that I appreciate what you're doing and I fully support your critical approach to this country. You're a real breath of fresh air to me.
Keep up the good work!
And don't forget, despite all the provoking comments from some geniuses, there's a great silent majority that eagerly awaits your posts and that supports you.

13 December, 2007 10:25  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My Name is Mishaal Al Gergawi. I am also a UAE national. I am not a protectionist or xenophobe. My social circle is extremely international. I spend more time with non-emaratis then I do with emaratis. Myself and many others who don't appreciate the level of deterioration in your blog will start commenting regularly to offset the comments which have convinced you that you're on a mission to 'expose this place for what it really is'.

I will not stop till your negative border line hate tone changes. I have no interest in campaigning for this website to be blocked. I will engage you with my identity revealed. Can you?

I will personally to seek have you apologise to the gentlemen you've mentioned for using their names without their prior consent. You wanted feedback from the 'locals'... well you got it.

Janice or whatever your name is. I don't know if I really want to ask you to take your negative comments with you and go back to the UK, Australia or whatever limetree country cafe you came from. But what I want to tell you is that I used to read your blog two years ago. I used to enjoy it because you talked about real 'specific' issues. Shame. a real shame.

THIS POST? Is disrespectful to me, my country, our sheikhs and all the 'hardworking' gentlemen you have mentioned. These men whose names you use for your rhymes have created a little oasis in this desert which your parents couldn't even transit in 30 years ago. But all that is not good enough, nothing is unless this 36 year old country must adopt all your old empire's values NOW, not in 10,20 or even if it took 50 years. NO, NOW! NOW you demand a full transition. Because it doesn't matter when you guys figured things out, but once you did suddenly everyone everywhere has to at once.

I think it got to your head eventually! With 100+ comments on even one liner posts it got to your head. Did you think you were going to start a revolution here? We don't have Louis 14's to behead. This is a country of unity, not of conquer and independence.

You have become a petty bitter and jaded girl. If you've lost faith in this place then I assure you we and a whole lot of people that live here have not.

You offer no solutions, only criticism; or is that not part of your mandate? What is your mandate? Sometimes young countries don't need so much shooting down but encouragement to improve. I guess that's not important for you.. Cause if that would happen then you'd stop having so much to say and you wouldn't get 100 comments anymore. What would you do then? you'd have to just go about your life and try to make things better in your surroundings.. like everyone else.

Oh.. you can't imagine being like that anymore. Can you?

13 December, 2007 10:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Mishaal
"...will start commenting regularly to offset the comments which have convinced you that you're on a mission to 'expose this place for what it really is'."

I think that's precisely the point, what could be wrong with that if there is anything fishy to hide?

"I will engage you with my identity revealed. Can you? "

It's easy to say that, and it also sound a bit threatening. As for me, should this debate take place in my home country, I would certainly disclose my identity, but you understand that it's not possible here except for a UAE national is it?

"You offer no solutions, only criticism; or is that not part of your mandate? What is your mandate? " & the rest of the post. This is what apparently you fail to understand, that one doesn't need a mandate, or to be 'constructive', in order to make a critic. It is an inalienable right, and a condition of freedom. Freedom itself being a condition of a modern society. So you cannot tell SD that you like some of her posts in the beginning, but that she's now gone to far: it's all part of the same way of thinking and approach of society. Freedom of speech is not something that you grant on a case by case basis, a exceptional favor that you are making to someone. Back "home", it use to be that, but in the meantime, there have been events you might have heard of, and which are dear to some of us, like the Habeas Corpus or the French Revolution.

13 December, 2007 11:40  
Blogger hut said...

Mr. Gergawi,

It was Louis XVI, not the Sunking Louis XIV who was beheaded during the French Revolution.

But, as you said, yours is a newish country. You are excused.

13 December, 2007 12:00  
Blogger hut said...

You are right: Louis XIV was the guy who made the gilded chairs in your majlis...

13 December, 2007 12:04  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Hi Mishal, thanks for your comments and for using your real name.

I take your concerns on board, but I would like to mention that the references to various "famous names" in this poem are not intended to be unequivocally negative. I'm extremely careful to avoid defamation - albeit of a famous person or an unknown individual.

"How high can you go?" is a fair reference, I believe, to the fact that Dubai is building the world's tallest tower (and the next even taller one after that!), under the auspices of Sheikh Mohammed, to the world's admiration, envy, surprise, bewilderment, disapproval and approval.

This poem - like the pop song it satirises - is basically a list of icons, some humorous, some negative, some neutral. There's nothing bad about "bridge on the Creek Dubai" or hummous (in fact it's tasty) or shawarma (ditto).

Sure - there are plenty of negative references. That's partly for humour, partly for satire, partly for truth. You might also notices that the poem satirises and criticises expats more than anyone. "expat slavers" and the references to expats drinking and going to Cyclones - this is hardly an anti-emirati or anti-Dubai-government poem. It's generally taking the piss, it's observing all the many things that make Dubai Dubai, and I hope it makes people think and have a bit of a laugh.

Yes, I realise that being included in such a poem may offend the sensibilities of some of those named. That's tough - and it's something they have to learn to deal with if they're putting themselves out on a world stage.

You, Mishal, and others that think I do nothing but criticise: if I wanted to trawl Gulf News and Kretin Times for negative stories, and post them day after day, it would be easy. However I don't.

You may have noticed that I didn't blog anything about the recent rape case of the young French boy. Why? Because I didn't see it as being specifically representative of Dubai, and it seemed to me from an early stage that appropriate legal action was being taken. Had it been a case such as in Saudi where the rape victim was punished, then yes I would have blogged it. But Dubai - thank god, thank Sheikh Zayed, thank Sheikh Mo, thank the emirati people and the expats - is nothing like Saudi.

I've never demanded a "full transition" in Dubai - I am not sure where you go that from. I don't even know what a full transition is. I do believe that any country, any regime, anywhere should respect human rights and dignity and act in an ethical and respectful manner. I don't see why this should be any different in a Christian country, an Islamic one, or a secular state.

13 December, 2007 12:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"from an early stage that appropriate legal action was being taken."

You must be kidding? It's only because the mother of the boy took upon herself to contact the foreign medias and tried to embarass Dubai, not so much on the rape case itself, but on the fact that the police lied about one of the rapist being HIV positive.

Of course the rape itself wasn't particularly representative of Dubai itself, but the way the case was initially handled was. Also, I don't know if you've seen the arguments used by the defendants' lawyers? It's way below any sort of moral standard.

13 December, 2007 12:38  
Blogger Kyle said...

You offer no solutions, only criticism


What exactly is criticism, if not to find or work on a solution!

I'm planning to reactive my LinkedIn account to read more about you. That is if you were the same person that posted at 10:58 AM today!

13 December, 2007 12:40  
Blogger secretdubai said...

critical mind - I agree, but action was taken, and it is a sign of progress that (1) this kind of stuff now makes the UAE media, and (2) media pressure forces action.

Sure it's still thousands of miles away from what I would expect in the UK (theoretically expect, in reality there are plenty of rape victims that don't get justice there either), but not quite the million miles away from acceptability that the Saudi case is.

Tiny signs of progress should receive at least some praise. I didn't want to blog that either in this case, because like you say, there was a lot lacking, but it hasn't been so bad as in previous cases. For example - and I think you can search my blog for it - the ordeal of French businesswoman Madame Tiouli.

13 December, 2007 12:48  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Oh and critical mind - thanks for your comment on the mandate. I really don't have a mandate. This blog is in some ways a million miles away from when I started, and never even had to think about public opinion because no one ever read it. But I don't have any overriding mandate or mission. If I blog about something that causes something good to happen, then that is wonderful. And if I help open someone's eyes against a stereotype or myth, so much the better. (It's amazing how many people in the "West" still don't realise that emirati women work and drive. Or how many people in the "East" still seem to think that all westerners lead dissolute and miserable lives).

Most of all if I record something I want to remember, or amuse/interest someone, then that's more than enough for my "mission" ;)

13 December, 2007 12:53  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"(...)it is a sign of progress that (1) this kind of stuff now makes the UAE media, and (2) media pressure forces action."

I'd like to be as sure as you are that it's indeed a sign of progress...
But thanks for the clarification.

13 December, 2007 15:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD, tough it not the right attitude. You have not asked these people for permission to use their names in your satire. And this humor you show to your readers at the expense of these people is not in line with this region's cultural values of exposure. Don't say tough. Because I could say tough. and we'd be no where.

I definitely never read any constructive recommendations about a certain problem. I too criticize specific projects or events that happen here. There many things that have not been done correctly. I have blogged in the past about my views of labor worker rights and that there should be a development in such issues. I have wondered many times why we are building the world's tallest tower in the world but fail to introduce a door to door post system.

It is not that I shun, in fact it was that I interested me in your blog in the beginning, but unfortunately, you do not offer solutions. And if people who run this country just pointed fingers and waited for someone else to do something about it then Dubai would never come to be on your map of importance. Sure you can criticize indefinitely..

but if you do not suggest solutions then you will have minimal impact. Unless of course this blog is just for humor and entertainment then I will delete it off my bookmarks.

But I promise you one thing. You have no right to include these men's names without their permission. They do not want to be part of your satire - regardless of who else you include in your poem.

Kyle, I don't really use linkedin and the information there is predated - do you know how to deactivate it? However, if you give your email I can send you my cv or answer questions. lol, you don't have to 'research me'. That's very funny.

Real Nick, you are right - I mistyped - indeed it is the 16th. We don't have any of that extravagant looking furniture in our house, it's a bit more cozy here.

Critical mind, I will try to be brief:
- UAE has nothing to hide, but when you feel the approach of people of all cultures whom you welcome to your country act as an investigator that doesn't really believe why we're really doing everything we are it eventually gets to you. I'm sick of the ongoing bashing when this city is trying to do its best as fast as it cans. Once again, be proactive and recommend solutions since most - if not all - recently relocated expats come from more developed countries with richer experiences in public policy and economic and social development.

-Identity revealed, I promise there are many emaratis who will criticize me revealing my identity. But I tell you this, the only thing SD has to fear should she come out is direct offences - NOT CRITICISM - to individuals. Because she has an opportunity to raise the bar and be like: I live here, I have a vested interest in this place succeeding so please don't misunderstand me. Sheikh Mohammed would not block her. I am sure. The real reason, in my opinion, that you don't think she can is because has done the above. This satire if you call it that - is not appreciated here. No, there are only bare minimal global values (honesty, respect etc). What is funny in one part of the world is offending in another part. If you fail to understand this then there is fundamental gap between me and you.

Finally, again to SD. Please don't lose this momentum - and following I dare say - and just nag and whine. I want to believe you are here because you believe in this place and not only the pay. So make a difference, don't just agitate the crowds because of a rush you may feel. Provide suggestions, try to find solutions. But if you bundle up all the characters in Dubai into a satirical poem then you will achieve only that.. chuckles and smirks. If that is your goal, I promise you have had many hatricks already, only I'm hoping you want to do more.

apologies, I have to run to diff. I will not be able to reply till the evening.


13 December, 2007 15:18  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm sick of the ongoing bashing when this city is trying to do its best as fast as it cans"
Well, I think it's only fair to have at least some bashing when the vast majority of articles/PR operations is quite positive about Dubai.

"Once again, be proactive and recommend solutions since most"
Actually, I came here to work and generate wealth for myself and obviously for the country and region I live in. I'm even thinking to create a business here. I take an active part in the economic life of the country and in its development, in that respect, I am entitled to give my opinion on various topics as any stakeholder is, or should be.

"What is funny in one part of the world is offending in another part."
I would rephrase that into: "One part of the world constantly feels offended by anything the other part does or says about it."

13 December, 2007 15:43  
Blogger Kyle said...


I do like to research, which I do when it's worth it!

As for deactivating LinkedIn, I just didn't log in for about two months and surprisingly it got deactivated, which was a bit strange for a pro networking site.

Since you didn't comment on my criticism versus solution theory, I take it we're in agreement on this one?

Well, so far, I don't see the need to see your Resume' but I'll take you up on your offer when the time's right!

13 December, 2007 16:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Cue Voiceover*

Is this the end of the Secret Dubai Diary?

Has the evil Sandman driven SD to a sticky end?

Find out; same time, same place next week on...... Intrigue and Adventure in the United Arab Emirates...

*Fade to titles*

13 December, 2007 16:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dare anyone to find a country that is even close to perfect! Even the "Land of the Free", and the UK no longer can claim to be the answer, the superior that can judge others.

Who is judging Dubai? And for what? Dubai is choice, no one was forced to go there or to stay there. If one has sympathy for the asian workers they should act to protect those who are shipped to Iraq being told that they were taken to Dubai and can't leave there!

With all its faults, Dubai offered the region and the arabs a new alternative and new opportunities. But i don't accept that anyone form the UK or anywhere else comes to tell us what is right and what is wrong. You'd better start fixing your own problems first. im not from the UAE, but was glad to live there. Dubai opened its doors to everyone. Some people like it, others don't and thats fine. whats not acceptable is you come to Dubai, make your money, enjoy your time and then trash the city.

13 December, 2007 18:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To the last post anonymous 18:27
'no one was forced to stay here'....

Guess you mean the ones who have no contracts, or the ones who are not forced to stay cause they toulk there passports???

Wake up idiot. Everybody who comes to the emirates, is forced in a way, to stay at least a few years.
Some unlucky people are forced to stay for ever cause there bosses toulk there passports.

Free to go????????

13 December, 2007 21:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...



u blame the locals & Dubai?
Such a Dumb-ass

13 December, 2007 22:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ Critical Mind:
As for me, should this debate take place in my home country, I would certainly disclose my identity, but you understand that it's not possible here except for a UAE national is it?

No it’s not. It all depends on what you are saying and the language you are using, whether you are in your home country or foreigner.
We are all humans and we all have flaws, but an advice in public is nothing but a disclosure. No one likes to be disclosed, even if he well knows his flaws.

13 December, 2007 22:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@kyle, forget to comment on that. vague general criticism is not constructive - it provides no alternative - sounds more like ranting about traffic to me. you're still stuck in it next day and the year after if you don't write to someone or suggest something. If you want to be spoon fed your solutions then sure keep complaining maybe everyone will drop everything and pay attention to your 'rant' cause that's all it is.

@critical mind, your contributions are very well compensated for by whoever employs (local or international institution). True stakeholder-ship exists when recommend solutions. Again your opinions are worthless if they are not followed by alternatives - that way whatever you disapprove of will not change and you'll keep complaining! unless you just enjoy such vicious cycles that don't ever improve?

@Anonymous *Cue Voiceover*, you may have been joking but I feel a painful element to what you say. That is what we are to you.. the evil sandman who has come online and spoiled your last place where you can nag about Dubai and all its failures. Notice that, so far, all you want to do is tell me have your own opinion but don't really want to discuss it. Sure you can have your opinion, its a fundamental right! But your freedom ends when someone else's freedom begins. You are not really interested in listening.

I only see hope in SD herself (it seems most of the commentators are un-hopeful and at times inaccurate). I'm hoping she wants this blog to be more than this. I am waiting. I don't want to tell you all something easy and mediocre like "go home cause there are hoards of others in line." Everyone in Dubai needs each other. This is a collaborative project where no one is dispensable. I want to talk and exchange thoughts. Do you? If you don't then it is you who has rendered yourself dispensable.

14 December, 2007 01:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Somehow I knew what tune it was in my head even before I got to the chorus and am wondering what that says about my age...

Nice piece o'work there though!

14 December, 2007 03:27  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seriously Im shocked... Dubai s bad points nowadays are known by most of the ppl in the country but a poem ths pathetic... never knew tht could exist !
First u have to consider that the UAE is only 36 years old thus it s a very young country startin to take a place in the world. Because if u take the other countries such as UK, France... They have done really worse througout their history... Who do u think is at the start of the problems between israel and the Arab countries???? I ll help u on tht it s the UN with a large support of the UK... Do u think during world war 2 only the germans deported and killed the Jews??? No france helped volounteerely. Do u have just a slight idea of all the horrors tht occured during the colonisation by the westeners???? The hidden prisons in guantanamo where ppl are tortured, mistreated! What do u call tht?
Seriously do u think the western countries are any better than the UAE??? You re really mistaken!!! I admit there are bad points tht should absolutely be modified in ths country but you re really overdoing it.
But besides tht what really pisses me off is u re racist jokes and u re disrespect for the dead! Because by posting such a poem on internet the only thing u re doing is expanding u re racism against muslims and arabs from the gulf... By doing this what u do not realize is that u re as bad as the ppl ure criticising because u think tht all arabs have big cars, get drunk and rape chicks???? Man open u re eyes a bit on the world and look a bit further than u re prejudices... Get informed on whats happening else where before talking about this country!

14 December, 2007 12:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I had fun singing this aloud.
Except for "Though they burned Oasis, and they tried to blame us"

Spectrum wrote:

where I lived in sharjah with 9K rent 3 bed room flat!
I feel old man!! Dubai 12K - two bedroom (not broom closet) apartments.

sharjah to dubai 15 min with taxi charge 10 Dhs!

So true! Deira -> What is now Wafi area - 8 Dhs!! You bargained on distance and if they asked more, wait 2 mins and you get another cab .. mostly orangish Datsuns. Whatever happened to those cars?!

only Mollaplaza ,citicenter & burjman r shopping mall in UAE.

Don't forget Al Ghurair!

visa charge was 60 Dhs per passport ! (regardless how many attached)

Sigh! before GREED factor into the equation.

more families were there and more friends and social activities

Really miss those. Maybe its just me but if you went out after 5pm there were families out and lots of kids playing in open spaces. It made the place ... lively!
Now - no open spaces, fewer kids or families(at least where i stay). Sad really.


15 December, 2007 08:24  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Having read through the above, I have come to the inevitable conclusion that the overwhelming majority of Emiratis have no sense of humour whatsoever. A few barbs, some great lines and overall a magnificent lampoon.... just accept SD's verse for what it is instead of jumping on your high horses in oh so typical fashion.

And the most unintentially funny (and true) line of all from the above comments was this gem:

"The UAE constitution provides freedom of speech, but this has to be positively. Negative comments about Islam, the government, ruling families, or UAE citizens (by expatriates) are punishable by imprisonment."


Now that's what I call real freedom of speech.

15 December, 2007 21:17  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

RJ @ 15 December, 2007 08:24


15 December, 2007 22:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


I think there is a major element of romanticism to your post. You're talking about 1995 latest. That's 13 years ago! Times have changed and cities grow and prices go up... Fundamental economics!

16 December, 2007 04:42  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If other countries allow you to trash them, then that's their choice. Emaratis dont like people trashing the country and talking about it in a negative way.. that's our problem, our country our rules.. u dont like it then simple LEAVE :S I donno what's keeping you here, i'm not emarati, i've lived in dubai & UK,and i love it here.. it's not perfect but better than other places. I've travelled to many places and hvn't seen a perfect place. It's a muslim country which follows islamic rules and respects other religions & cultures... Eid is in a few days.. go around dubai all u can see is christmas decorations, and i aint complaining... churches that look like churches... again (Islamic country) we do give u alot of freedom but not to the extent u take over everything... common we do need to keep abit of our culture, tradition, and religion... if u dnt like islam then tht's ur problem. go to a non-muslim country :S islam no matter wht u & ur media say is a religion of peace and it'll always be like that, and u dnt like our rulers again ur problem coz they care about the people here, they're not perfect but better than others (dont need to mention names)... there's the good & bad everywhere.. we know dubai is not perfect but we love it... it's the land that baught us together, got friends tha t come from different backgrounds and religions, we get along perfectly and live together peacefully... you wanna break that peace.. go do it somewhere else... judge ur country before judging other countries (wherever u come from)... i'm not her to judge or hate u it's ur opinion... sorry if i did sound harsh... but seriously who forced u to stay? i really need an answer.. again thnx... Eid Mubarak and merry christmas... and Peace

17 December, 2007 12:56  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To anonymous at 17th Dec, 12:56, to answer your question: "but seriously who forced u to stay? i really need an answer."

I didn't want to come to Dubai, but a local company head-hunted me, and asked me to come to their company because they needed the expertise of my skills, which they couldn't find in their own country. I came in good faith, but the locals didn't tell me anything about Dubai (traffic mess, spiralling rents, exploitation of labor, lack of freedom of speech etc) But don't you worry, I left Dubai after a year of staying there. The company offered to renew my contract, but I said no thanks, I am outta Dubai! For good! So to answer your question, I didn't want to come to Dubai, but rather it is Dubai which needs the experts and professionals from abroad to help them run the country! As simple as that!


18 December, 2007 00:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

SD, Great poem....I love it...we need more of it! Thx!


18 December, 2007 00:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

18 December, 2007 14:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


You could've said no. Wait! you didn't you your research, you thought you were moving to London. Pathetic excuse.

19 December, 2007 00:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all as a local woman from Dubai I would like to say that the poems were very rude and offensive. And if you’re living in our country and not liking it here you can easily just get on a plane and leave to your country. This way all of us will be happy. I don’t mean to be rude but there was no need for you to write all these things. I would just like a reasonable explanation to why you are saying all this. Another thing is that there is no reason to mention any names such as "Al Abbar, Al Gergawi, Bin Sulayem and most importantly our Shiekh.” You disrespected our country, our citizens, our traditions, and our culture. Secondly I would like to quote "Sharjah banning naked arms" at the end of the day this is a Muslim country and they have all the right in the world to ban whatever offends and is against our religion. One point I would like to say is that we do not come into your country and point out all the negative things. Of course each country has positive and negative points but no need to ruin the countries reputation by posting something such as this on the internet and labeling a certain country. What do you have against this country who respects and welcomes expatriates. I would like to hear ur comments!!!

20 December, 2007 22:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to whom said that emiratis can't talk negatively about their country.. guess what I'm emirati..I do talk about my country negatively.. I do recognize its flaws..but I couldn't ask for a better country..and our leaders are like family to us, so I won't sit back and watch people talk negatively about them with so much ignorance.

23 December, 2007 18:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ a said - I can certainly understand your disappointment at having members of your community singled out but I wonder if you have ever said anything negative about the people and leaders of other countries? As an American, I have heard more than my share of criticisms of my country, my politicians, my educational system ad nauseam and often from people who have no first hand experience of even living in the US. Perhaps it's time for everyone to be a little more constructive in their comments or at least make an effort to live by the old golden rule, or be stuck with the 'you can dish it out but you can't take it' maxim.

23 December, 2007 21:39  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the whole point of blogging is to dish it out as well as you are forced to swallow it. people here dont like criticism? good for you. We will criticize more. Take it all you bitch. you think it is unfair? take some more, you bitch. you think you all live in a small piddly shit called uae which you think is heaven? take some more, you shit. you want me to be constructive and decent? you have the whole country bowing and licking your shoes, dont expect me to. There is shit going on there, and if you dont like it, dont read this. live in your palace, close your eyes and imagine it is heaven. the fact that you guys hate the truth coming out makes it worthwhile to write all this.

25 December, 2007 19:09  
Blogger Saudi Bridget said...

This is helarious..
I liked particularly the part of:
"Saudis filling all the bars"
its true I have seen them.. nice rhyme..

27 December, 2007 09:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

God bless the "Page Down" button...once I got past the initial few decent comments the rest of the crap was a blur...SD u have professional blog trolls here...anyways...loved the post..had me humming the song trying to get the words to match the rhythm. Billy would love it.

27 December, 2007 23:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the country needed u.. yes the uae does need the support of ppl around the world.. coz they started as fishers farmers bedouins etc... they had the help of other countries in education.. we r willing to learn and not ashamed of it.. we need help and advice from others and we're not ashamed of it... u cant make an illetrate person to work as a teacher... tht person needs to be taught so he could then teach... we dont like criticism.. criticise but there is a way of speech.. u should know how to talk and bring it in a better way... and yes u should've done research about the place... know where u're goin... as a muslim i wasn't comfortable in the non-muslim country i lived in.. so i went bk... and still i dont go trashing tht place :S it's just not the right place for me so i left.. (i'm not emarati btw) and the only place tht i felt comfortable in was the emirates.. i traveled alot and lived in more than one country muslim or non-muslim.. and uae is the only place i could settle in... i'm not rich, and i dnt drive a fancy car or live in a palace... and still i love this place... there are things i dont like here coz it's not perfect, but still i wouldn't go this place sucks :S coz tht isn't how an educated mature person would talk.. it's as if i'm an angry person and takin my anger out on others etc... calm down and please find a better way to send ur msg.. ohh and u left.. then wht's wrong.. was dubai so important that u still have to keep on talkin about it.. has it affected u in tht 1 yr u stayed there... or r u just tryin to make the emaratis wake up from the dream or fantasy place they live in to find out it's faults.. if tht's ur intention then thts gd u r tryin to make it a better place.. but trust me tht's not the right way to approach.. tht's only my opinion... not here to fight..sorry if i sounded rude.. but i tried my best not to (even though i was angry wont lie).. but tht is not a way to talk or discuss a problem... again tht's only my opinion.. an individual.. i dont represent the uae or nythin.. but i'm just tryin to be fair

30 December, 2007 00:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

good lyrics sd.

31 December, 2007 10:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

seriously.. who r they aslan?? those "gentlemen" u r talking about??
they r nobodies who created their names from stealing and being major brown nosers LOL!
bas 3alashan ur last name is gergawi ??? allah y5aleek fikna wiskit lol!!
LOL @ al muntafiq and gergawi carpet from mostafawi :D
to tell u the truth ppl like those who do not originate from the UAE in the first place and get the highest ranks and a license to steal! r considered dangerous to me (a PROUD BEDUIN GIRL)...

03 January, 2008 01:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the name GERGAWI is iranian and the meaning is mischeveous wolf...
hmmm... very interesting...
i really thank u for this poem and for being the voice for all the locals who feel that our country wud b better off without crooks like gergawi who have made dubai lose its true identity and turned it into a place we dont recognise anymore.
Allah bless u my dubai and clean u from all the trash, who i feel will soon b uncovered and sent back to IRAN.. where they belong.

03 January, 2008 01:48  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous: "coz they started as fishers farmers bedouins etc... they had the help of other countries in education." Dubai was a sea port and thus was a hub for prostitution. This legacy lives on that day Hey! no shame about that. And before you question my parent professional status; no, they are not in tha profession. Dubai was built on prostitution which I guess is good for tourism.

19 January, 2008 20:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

haaha! awesome mate!
after living 2 years in this shithole, I can totally agree on these lyrics!

27 January, 2008 11:06  
Blogger Foreigner at home said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

23 February, 2008 12:53  
Blogger Foreigner at home said...

Born in the country that I can't call mine.
People with power say that your money is mine.
Partiality in every aspect of life,
Humans and Foreigners seperated at the visa stamp line.

I have to live through the mistake my father made by having me live in UAE throughout my life. As I am transitioning from dependant to bread winner I am constanlty challenged by lots of things that just get on to my nerves! I just feel like just pack my bags and go... but where is my home?

23 February, 2008 13:35  

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