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27 March, 2009

Lie back and think of Abu Dhabi

Bad luck to single women as well as married women: you now have no control over your fertility. According to the medical clinic at a major Dubai company, the UAE recently stripped away any rights to contraception without a husband's consent:

"[Dubai Company] Clinic have advised that due to a change in UAE federal law, there is now a requirement for a Doctor to have the consent of a spouse to prescribe contraception. The impact is that married staff will require a consent for to be signed by their souse and that the clinic is now unable to prescribe or dispense contraception to single/unmarried staff. The provision of contraceptive pills for the treatment of medical conditions is still allowed. As this law includes the application of severe penalties for any Doctor who do not comply with the law, the clinic will be unable to deviate from these requirements."

Don't worry - they'll be on the black market soon. Just like the morning after pill and the abortion pill, both of which can be obtained for a few hundred dirhams if you nudge the right winks.




Anonymous Anonymous said...

sweet. another absurd law

27 March, 2009 01:32  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As far as i know you can buy contraceptive pills over the counter for 35dhs a box without prescription. Not sure what's the point of that law.

27 March, 2009 14:29  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great laws for a great country.
Take a look at this link about a woman given asylum in USA, she's from Abu Dhabi and was sexually abused.

27 March, 2009 19:15  
Blogger jlr said...

I bought contraception over the counter in Sharjah when I was visiting my sister a few years ago. And I bought a few months' supply, since it's so much cheaper there and I was uninsured in the USA at the time. How's that work?

27 March, 2009 20:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

maybe you were given a placebo...sugar pills

27 March, 2009 20:50  
Blogger Shaper85 said...

jlr said: 'I bought contraception over the counter in Sharjah when I was visiting my sister a few years ago

Thats nasty!! :P

28 March, 2009 05:19  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the morning after pill is available in UAE. wow! i wish i knew how to get that. :)

28 March, 2009 10:24  
Blogger secretdubai said...

the morning after pill is available in UAE. wow! i wish i knew how to get that. :)

According to a couple of sources, what doctors prescribe instead is a one-month packet of birth control pills. You take five at once, and then five again later. Obviously you need to go to a "western-style" doctor for this ($$$) not a government clinic.

28 March, 2009 13:25  
Blogger Rami said...

Or, you know, look it up on a trusted source on the net (yes, there are websites devoted to providing information on contraceptive-pills-as-a-morning-after-pill. Some are run by Planned Parenthood and other such organizations).

No one I know has ever been asked for a prescription for contraceptive pills here.

28 March, 2009 15:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So all the condoms being sold in the UAE are being used buy married couples. Ya right! Looks like condom licences will be required soon.

But really, who comes up with these laws, some mufti who hasn't been laid probably.

29 March, 2009 03:27  
Blogger Johnonymous said...

Hey SD,

How about checking my new post:

I caught a racist fresh and red handed. It's a Dubai employer. Let me know your reaction. Thank you and I love your blog!

29 March, 2009 09:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh..and here is another hidden gem of uae. if you are indeed married and get pregnant, and run into some trouble on your pregnancy, it is illegal to conduct an abortion. the doctors are not allowed to do conduct a simple abortion ( d&c) that will take you half and hour. the patient will be put on pain killers, and left for as much time as it takes for it for the natural miscarriage. this is inspite of clear medical data that this is an unsuccessful pregnancy and needs to be removed, for the physical and mental health of the mother. I have gone through this, though no hospital will own up to this, and will say of course we will do it if mothers life is at risk. but then if you ask them again, it is never at risk till you are dead, is it.

29 March, 2009 14:39  
Blogger dicer999 said...

This is just fucking irresponsible.

29 March, 2009 20:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the better stories "The National" newspaper has published.

30 March, 2009 19:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

so what happened to these new decency giudlines? i was in moe today and everyone is still dressed as hookers? mmm

30 March, 2009 20:18  
Anonymous Baldwin said...

@ ano 30 March, 2009 20:18

Fuck you. Let people dress as they wish. If you consider them hookers then you have a complex. Its people like you who judge a book by its cover. Your education is probably from the Quran and thus will soon be extinct as humanity progresses and you stay impotent.

31 March, 2009 17:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

acctually u twat im english , yeah i honestly dont give a shit how people dress , i love the way everyone dresses like there on the beach seriously i do it makes dubai unique compared to a lot of boring places ie england, but you have to be honest, what some people where in dubai is very outragous compared to europe

from a european

31 March, 2009 21:14  
Anonymous FFP said...

Dude, if you really are english i think you should go back to learn your own language. Just a thought...

01 April, 2009 11:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be interesting in knowing more about this new law that allegedly has been passed. Have searched in vain to find any references to it - would be helpful if any of you could verify its existence.

Even if it can never be enforced (contraceptive pills are available over the counter at pretty much any pharmacy), it is very concerning if the authorities have decided to disempower women in this way.

09 April, 2009 21:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi jlr can u pls advise me from where in sharjha u got contraceptive pill as i am in need pls help me or any one who know from wher i can get pills to avoid pregnancy help me my id is

17 April, 2009 16:50  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

does anybody know where it s possible to get the Morning After Pill?...some western style gynecologist has gotsome of them in the pocket for sure...
pls help
48hrs left

18 July, 2009 10:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The honey bee bite.

eddie brown
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21 July, 2009 04:54  
Blogger izzymo said...

Hmm, where is the source for this article. I'm a single American expat living in the UAE and I just purchased birth control pills for 37.50 AED this month.

20 September, 2009 00:20  
Anonymous Dubai City Information said...

very interesting...makes you wana think if girls will go next door and find an alternative there :-)

but very hard to believe the facts about contraceptions and only married couples privileged to take advantage of them.

05 November, 2009 09:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Um people do dress like hookers at MOE... my cousin (who i have a strong feeling is an escort) dresses like a hooker when she goes to MOE. but shes a foreigner so i think its ok that she doesnt respect local customs and believes nudity should be appreciated not shyed away from (im being sarcastic here ofcourse)

05 November, 2009 20:21  
Anonymous Dubai City Information said...

sad to hear, especially now that abu dhabi is showing a lot of promise in a slow and steady development. watch out dubai, your neighbor will overtake you shortly

09 November, 2009 06:06  

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