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05 April, 2005

Ajman baby farm

Ajman's infamous one-man breeding initiative Daad Mohammed Murad rears his head again, this time in 7Days. Contrary to previous reports, he is only on his eleventh wife, though is about to take a twelfth. There is also no reference to four spouses dying, mentioned in earlier reports, something which seemed considerably unfortunate given the UAE's excellent healthcare.

"Already head of the largest family in the UAE, Daad Mohammed Murad Abdul Rahman is about to marry for the twelfth time. Daad, 57, has 68 children by his first 11 wives, with two more on the way. A near-fatal road accident may have cost him one leg, but it has done nothing to dampen his spirits."

Daad's reasons for so many wives and kids are far from compelling. He wants to "remove the demographic imbalance" of Asian expatriates - despite the fact that eight out of his first eleven wives are Asian. He wants them to act as a defence "in case of any foreign invasion." And he wants to get into the Guiness Book of Records. But perhaps most unpleasantly:

"Daad relies on his wives to do much of the housework, so he says he needs to replace them when they get too old.

"When one woman became weak, another strong one had to be brought in to manage the home.""

The fate of the women he divorces is also not mentioned. The print edition of 7Days reveals his wives to include five Indians, two Pakistanis, two Bedouins, a Bangladeshi and an Omani. The "generosity of the emirate's ruler" not withstanding, how exactly is Daad providing alimony - obligatory in Islam - to his many exes? Rent is hardly cheap in the UAE. Who do their children live with and who looks after them? Does he repatriate the divorcees?

Daad may well be an excellent father. But a woman whose only role is to do housework and breed children, and be "replaced" when she becomes "too old", is frankly little more than a concubine. Islamic scholars may correct, but this family structure hardly seems to be in the spirit of what the Prophet recommended.

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Blogger Irina Tsukerman said...

So what else does this guy know how to do?

05 April, 2005 20:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In Islam, it is forbidden to marry any woman with an intention of giving divorce later. Divorce can only be given as a consequence of an unresolvable dispute, not as a tool to get rid of someone too old.

The Prophet(SAWS) himself has expressed his vow at people who marry women with the intention of leaving them later.

12 April, 2005 13:07  
Blogger secretdubai said...

That makes sense, thank you for your information.

12 April, 2005 13:22  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous, strangly though, some schoolars now permit marriege with the hidden intent of divorce. Which sounds to me more like deciet than anything remotely islamic. I fair to contemplate their logic here.

28 August, 2005 18:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

*fail to contemplate

28 August, 2005 18:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is strictly forbidden to marry a woman with the intention of divorcing. No scholar or judge will officiate such a marriage.

Having said that, such practices have been done before by the rulers wishing to preserve a male line, and have lots of descendants. For example the King of Saud did this, and so do many of his children. Ofcourse it is not possible to verify if he planned to divorce them when he married them, but with hindsight there seems to be a pattern.

However I doubt that he specifically said he will divorce them when he married them as that would have been illegal.

By the way is this one legged guy a bedouin? I couldnt tell from his name. But probably is a bedouin.

21 August, 2007 13:08  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this guy brings shame to the islamic community..such primitive practise should long be abolished by now..he treats women no better than during the jahiliah period or dark ages.

22 August, 2007 02:58  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I read "forbidden" and "strictly forbidden" in the comments above but what is being done about this? Does being a bedouin make it right for someone to create more dependents for the state because he wants to prove a point? How many wives will it take to prove that someone is a serial mono...poly...err "breeder"?

26 August, 2007 00:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

النبي الكذاب جديدة في عجمان

رأيت قصة راءعه في الأخبار من مواقع ايران.

ووفقا لهذه القصة ، من امرأة قالت انها يمكن ان تلقي الالهام من النبي محمد (صلى الله عليه وسلم) ، النبي عيسى (صلى الله عليه وسلم) وغابرييل يعيش في عجمان ، منطقه زهرا،الی جانب مسجد مير الان.

اسمها سمیره (فاطمه) فارسي. وقالت انها لا تستطيع العيش في جزيرة قشم ، ايران. بذلك ، وقالت انها مع عائلتها (خالد رضاپور واولادها) واخوتها (عبدالقادر وعبدالواحد فارسي) مع اسرهم وايضا اسرة اخرى وهاجرت الى دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة (وبطبيعة الحال مع من تأشيرة الاقامة غير المشروعة من دبي) وبعد ذلك الى جدة ، بالمملكه العربية السعودية. الشرطة السعودية القت القبض عليهم بسبب الاقامة غير المشروعة. ثم انتقل الى سوريا وتوصلوا في النهاية لدولة الامارات العربية المتحدة ، عجمان.

هذه المراه وتتلقى التوجيهات من الأنبياء عندما كانت ناءمه او واعقاب ثم يقول لأكتب.

وقالت انها لاثنين من اخوتها الطلاق عن زوجاتهم (4 +5 لها مع الاطفال) والاربعاء مع اصدقائها.

عندما كان شعب لا نقبل لها التوجيهات والاوامر ، وتقول ان هذه هي توجيهات من النبي محمد (صلى الله عليه وسلم) واذا كنت لا توافق على انه سيكون لديك سيئة المصير. وقالت انها مع هذا حل لها السيطرة على اتباعها.

انهم كانوا يخشون من الشرطة الايرانيه واضطروا الى الهجره.

وقد لبيع ممتلكاتهم في ايران للعيش في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة. وهي شاغرة ولكن في الآونة الاخيرة انهم يسعون الى الحصول على فرص للعمل.

على أمل لا يمكن أن تجعل الناس الملتويه الاخرى في دولة الامارات العربية المتحدة ونأمل من زاويه منع صنع بدعة جديدة. إذا كنت تعيش في عجمان ، ورعايه!

يمكنك ان ترى بعض المصادر للقصة في الصفحات التالية :

You can see some of them in the following pages: (Abrar Newspaper) (Khorasan Newspaper) (E'tedaal Newspaper) (Ashti Newspaper) (with the highest rank among Iranian news websites)

I saw a wonderful story in the news websites of Iran.
According to this story, A woman who says that she can receive inspirations from Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him), Prophet Jesus (peace be upon him) and Gabriel is living in Ajman, Zahra district, beside meer (mir) mosque now.

Her Name is Samireh (Fatemeh) Farsi. She couldn't live in Qeshm Island, Iran. So, She with her family(Khalid Rezapour and her children) and her brothers (abdulqader and Abdulvahed Farsi) with their families and also another family immigrated to UAE (off course with illegal residence visa of Dubai) and then to Jeddah, KSA. The police of Saudi arrested them because of illegal residence. Then went to Syria and finally came back to UAE, Ajman.

This woman receives directions from Prophets when she is asleep or wake and then says to write down.
She order to divorce two her brothers from their wives (with having 4+5 children) and wed with her friends.
When the people don't accept her directions and orders, She says:

"This is the directions of Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon him) and if you don't accept it you'll have a bad destiny."

With this technic she have control on her followers.

They were afraid of Iranian police and they had to immigrate.

They have to sell their properties in Iran for living in UAE. They are vacant but recently they are seeking for job.

11 August, 2008 09:24  

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