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02 May, 2007


The latest celebrity due to be adding her unique sense of class to Dubai's already breathtakingly classy celebrity scene is Baywatch star Pamela Anderson:

ROCK star Tommy Lee and ex-wife Pamela Anderson are buying a luxury home together in Dubai, we can reveal.

The Motley Crue drummer is snapping up "Greece" - one of the man-made islands forming The World collection in the Gulf state.

Pamela can look forward to family barbecues with Jim Davidson, Michael Jackson, Benazir Bhutto and cardboard cut-outs of a host of international footballers alleged to have bought property in the sandlands.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can she get arrested for dressing "Improperly" in US?

I mean, Its in the TV! what else proof the judges need.

02 May, 2007 19:15  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do you really believe Dubai is worth any other kind of people? Do you think that talented, elegant, intelligent people go to Dubai? Or maybe they prefer the delightful Caribbean sea? Do you think that great doctors or engineers work in Dubai? Please!!! Are you surprise that only coarse people go to live in Dubai? Just 'cause it's tax-free, just for money?

02 May, 2007 19:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the world was already sold out before being announced , just like all the 1000s of towers 90 % sold under freehold , going by the advs .


02 May, 2007 22:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If you saw the Pam and Tommy porno then you know that location doesn't matter. They did it in Lake Havisu or Lake Tahoe or something. I saw. They were floating down a fake canal with rockface covered by chicken wire. Duabi is perfect for them.

03 May, 2007 01:53  
Blogger Justin said...

A lot of country are very great but the Dubai crazyness is unique.

03 May, 2007 07:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ah.. so you are saying that if you are in Dubai you must be not talented? I resent that. The grass is greener on the other side -- and you simply won't realize that until you're on the other side.

Now, no one has said that the World was sold out of even 90% sold out. Where did you get that from? Nakheel have never made such an announcement.

03 May, 2007 08:12  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"and cardboard cut-outs of a host of international footballers alleged to have bought property in the sandland"

ROTFLOL. This made my day!

03 May, 2007 09:09  
Blogger One Nine Seven One said...

Dubai's already breathtakingly classy celebrity scene.

Oh yes.

03 May, 2007 09:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't think the World is even 35% sold out, but even Nakheel admit that one.

Problem is - to reach that figure they've had to 'gift' several islands.

03 May, 2007 10:11  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Just 'cause it's tax-free"

Hmm, check out your next hotel bill. Notice that 10% Municipality Tax? There are more where that came from

03 May, 2007 10:43  
Blogger airball said...

i think that dubai has his own beauty...i prefer caribbean sea...but im sure that there existing talented, elegant, intelligent people that go to dubai...i think its a matter of taste....

sorry on my bad english

03 May, 2007 12:58  
Blogger Shaykhspeara Sha'ira said...

Pamela and Dubai, well it is not really that hard to fathom. Both are into construction work I reckon.

Anon I reckon Dubai has room for both the intelligent and talented and the opposite. And what's more, it needs both.

As for great doctors working there, I personally know two from sweden, a cardiologist and cancer specialist. Swedish docs at that level don't muck around.
There's good and bad everywhere.

03 May, 2007 14:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Posh Beckham's second cousin, two times removed, the guy from German TV in the 1970s singing along to Mantovani hits, the sound mixer from some of the best Italian hits of 1983, a member of Pakistan's 1988 cricket team, and the Slovakian republic's sixth favourite comedian, are all reputed to be buying in Dubai. Shopping in Spinneys will become like global celebrity reality tv. Lovely!

03 May, 2007 15:23  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why should she buy a house with her ex-husband? that does not make sense, except if it is a common investment???

At least, Jumeirah Beach will be safer once she starts keeping an eye on the drowning people.

And who knows maybe the undercover cops on the beaches who are on on the lookout for "perverts" could use her as a prey/decoy...just an idea.

03 May, 2007 15:32  
Blogger ReginaFilangee said...

you only have to open up Ahlan's top 100 celeb special to see how many already reside in cesspit city.

03 May, 2007 17:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oooyy, I just thought I'd say this to all the dubai failures, those jealous types that hate it when others are minting it.

If you really really dont like it, move somewhere where you will like it.

I know this has been said many times before, but I still think its not said enough times. If you dont like it here, and this place makes you depressed, bitter, lonely, or just magnifies your failures. then its simple, get the heck out.
There tons of people wanting to come here, and I dont care what some of you might say. There are literally alot of people who want to have a chance to come here.

For some people this place is a stepping stone to move to another place, but still it provided that stepping stone. For some they stay here a few years till they go back to their own countries, slightly richer for the experience, oh the treason of it, financially better.

So I'll say it again Mr Bitterman twisted, if you dont like it here guys, please make way for someone else.

03 May, 2007 19:53  
Blogger Beckster said...

Good grief, I didn't realise Pammy and the three-time ex were even still TALKING, let alone buying one of those places!
Amazing story re. the lash, I mean, both of the above mentioned probably deserve a good session each, but the details astound me. Thankyou!

03 May, 2007 20:57  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who said Dubai it Tax-free, may be you all need lessons in economics, dumb people :)

03 May, 2007 21:38  
Blogger rosh said...

If she so much as hints an anti-KFC sentiments whilst in the UAE - she's gonna face some unpleasant wrath from UAE KFC lovers :)

ummm for those fortunate souls who've not had the misfortune to dine on American KFC - let me assure you KFC in the UAE is the REAL deal people - it's soooooo much better in every aspect :)

on Pam - she has her positive sides to her and I don't mean the physical attributes. Plus the woman's got another 10 or 15 years to live, given she has hepatitis - so let's cut her some slack shall we? Let her have a moment of Dubai sunshine and seisha.

03 May, 2007 21:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As usual Dubai reads like a Who's Who of Tack. Is there anyone classy and cultured here? (Secret Dubai excepted, of course!!!) Come on, name names...

04 May, 2007 13:26  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ReginaFilangee, its not so easy to get away ones you work in Dubai.
First of all, most of the people have a contract for several years.
Second, there are a lot of Azians, Phipipino's etc who can't get away because there bosses keep there passports.

So please stop the b*ll that if you don't like it, you just have to leave.
It's not that simple.

04 May, 2007 13:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to ReginaFilangee,
my comment was posted to Anon, not to you

My apollegies.

04 May, 2007 13:40  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

it is possible

04 May, 2007 14:45  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Shaykhspeara Sha'ira: I must tell you that 90% of "intelligent" people going to Dubai just do that for money not for professional reasons... There is not much research in Dubai, ¿is it? there is only money and private medical system... Two good sweden docs? One specialist in cancer? GREAT NUMBERS... Many football players, many unclassy people. Why has people "discovered" Dubai during last years? Just for money. Forget it is a great NATION, it is just a third-world dictatorship, don't think too good of your place.
ReginaFilangee: cultured people are not celebs who appeared on TV or BigBrother, that is just shit.
I'm happy I flew away an year ago

04 May, 2007 19:38  
Blogger Tene' said...

Are they together again? I can't keep up with their relationship.

04 May, 2007 20:20  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Secret Dubai Diary:

I'm a reporter heading to Dubai in August, read your blog regularly and wondering if you would be able to help me in my reporting. Email me at if willing.



05 May, 2007 04:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn you Borat, now whenever I think of her I laugh!

05 May, 2007 08:16  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

H in A says to all those who suggest "Get out if you dont like "
the following types love dubai, and will defend it till death. Includes all of you for sure-

1. Desperately short of money in own country and will take anything including tin pot freedom and terrible heat and plastic city of debauch
2. Miserable failure and underachievers in own country, who see friends and family do better, and has to do something to keep the pretence
3. Seen only own hometown/city and Dubai, and thinks this is heaven
4. Finds it convenient to ride the local racial preferences, provided you are on the right side o colour
5. Came to dubai with heavy loans even to get air tickets/ sold land back home so cant go back home
6. Thinks hanging in here will help them move to australia and america, land of the promised
7. Dont even have passports with them,kept by sponsors, so they really cant even leave
8. completely unqualified barmaid in own country becomes major company PR head in dubai, so living up the booze and parties here
9. Professional bodysellers, sticking it rich in a country of only men
10. unfortunate locals who have no other pasport, and actually think they run the country, and think they are lucky to belong to this desolate wasted traffic jam.

Now those of you still standing, cmon, try having a go at me instead of innocents.

05 May, 2007 11:13  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tatGulf News has printed a statement from Nakheel saying this is not true. The World it seems is by invitation only, every year 50 invitations are sent to people around The World to buy

05 May, 2007 14:43  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha ha, funny points raised. Now I repeat again If you criticising in hope to make things better, and defending your rights then fine.
If you criticising because you care for the place, then fine too.
If you are criticisng because you dislike dictatorships, then fine too.

If by any chance, you happen to dislike the locals, and have a knee jerk reaction to blame anythings on locals or maybe blaming everything here under the sun for any small misfortune that befell you today.... then ladies and gentlemen the solution is simple. Get the heck out you ungrateful shit.

05 May, 2007 17:31  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This " desolate wasted traffic jam" is OUR country and we BELONG to it.. We love it.. and are completely happy and content with it.. So.. if anyone has a problem.. they should prolly go back to their OWN countries..
As for the dumb blows at underachievers and what not.. REALLY? like failures arent all over the world? and isnt being able to stay in ur OWN birth country where u get to work and live with family and friends a failure on its own?

HAH.. i see alotta jealousy.. its kinda entertaining XD

06 May, 2007 00:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the smartest things that has ever emerged from from the advice shitheap you all call a comments section is this accidental gem:

Isn't it some kind of failure to make good at home?

Last year, I was a librarian. A successful one: My friends begged from me. I spent a lot of time with pigeons.

Things are different now. I eat Central Asian pussy for breakfast.

Don't blame Pam and Tomy for joining in here. They'll never realize the joke's on them. Which means it ain't.

06 May, 2007 05:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah this is not true - i have a friend who works for Nakheel's The World department and said that there are celebrities trying to gain publicity by just saying they have bought or were invited to buy the island. He said the invitation list was made to especially keep out these kind of people.

06 May, 2007 21:07  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tax-free Dubai?

If that's the case, please can one of you refund the Dhs 1,300 housing tax I've been paying every month? There must be a mistake!!

07 May, 2007 13:04  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Then how do you explain Ireland being sold to a consortium who want to turn it into 'an Irish theme resort'

Also...its a bit of a crappy marketing policy when you have only sold 35% of the islands. I mean, there can't be that many people who have $20m kicking around to buy an island.

07 May, 2007 13:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nakheel sells Greece on The World
by Dylan Bowman on Thursday, 02 August 2007

The World is made up of 300 manmade islands.
Nakheel has sold the island of Greece in its manmade archipelago The World, it announced today.

A spokesperson for the Dubai-based developer told the island was sold on Tuesday for $15.5 million, but would not reveal details of the buyer.

However, the spokesperson could confirm the owner is not notorious US rocker Tommy Lee, who said in May he wanted to buy the island for ex-wife and former Baywatch star Pamela Anderson.

The buyer is also not UK budget airline entrepreneur Stelios Haji-Ioannou or Greek shipping magnate Theodore Angelopoulos, both of which have been linked with the island.

The spokesperson said there had been a minor bidding war over the island, but did not reveal how many parties were involved.

The $15.5 million paid for Greece is at the low end of the scale for one of The World’s islands.

Prices range from $15 million to $50 million, but the total cost of developing an island is much higher as owners are expected to provide all the necessary infrastructure.

Around 40% of the 300 islands that make up The World have been sold so far.

The spokesperson said all of the islands that make up the US and Canada have been bought. Most of Europe has also been bought, although no one has yet to buy France.

So far this year Nakheel has sold 21 islands, including Kazakhstan and Moscow, the spokesman said.

Some of the islands represent countries, while others represent cities.

Each year Nakheel invites 50 people, made up of mainly celebrities, business elite and royalty to come and view The World, and then if they are interested buy into the project. The next invitations are expected to be sent out in November.

Reclamation work is set to be completed in 2008, at which point the islands will be handed over to developers.

12 August, 2007 17:08  

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