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22 November, 2009

Seven star service

Here's a lucrative career suggestion for anyone struggling in the Dubai recession, and you don't even have to get out of bed:

"STUNNING star student Paige Ashley turned her back on a lawyer's career to make £1million as a real life Belle de Jour.

My biggest one-off job was with three Arab businessmen at the Emirates Palace Hotel in Abu Dhabi," she said. "It's a seven-star hotel and everything is decked out in gold leaf. They paid me £20,000 for one night with all of them. By morning I was exhausted.

"Arab men are fascinated by Western women. We're almost like status symbols to them. I've met girls working in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Bahrain who've made a million out of escorting."


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Blogger Kyle said...

Good to see you post after a hiatus.

Way to go, Paige & Gang, skin 'em dry!

22 November, 2009 10:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a surprise is it really, the whole flesh for sale thing has been sustaining tourism in the UAE for years now.
Good price for one night of intense exercise though. At least this European girl got paid, unlike all those businesses that have been unpaid from the Dubai construction companies!!
Interesting country of double standards and deception!

22 November, 2009 11:58  
Blogger Mita said...

Talk about stereotyping!

22 November, 2009 12:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the best you can come up with in 4 months??

22 November, 2009 15:54  
Anonymous sid said...

propaganda machine

22 November, 2009 16:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Awesome !!!, Where do I sign ???

22 November, 2009 19:55  
Anonymous Sven Karlsson said...

And no western men buy women for sexual pleasure? Especially women of other ethnicity than themselves, that they too find "fascinating".

As a matter of fact, Swedish men are the most frequent sex buyers world wide (if calculations are based on how many they are in total compared with other countries population). Look it up!
I'm actually born and raised there but not a sex buyer myself.

Please stop making ludicrous generalizations and post more constructive articles that are worth reading.

22 November, 2009 20:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sven, dont know whether you are Swede or not. The difference is the stinking hypocrisy where UAE Arabs pretend to be more pious than others, particularly "immoral" westerners...

Also the multitude of laws pretending "decency" is all important and extra marital sex is a big evil. Of course its an evil, but its acceptable as long as its a rich Arab man doing it....

22 November, 2009 20:38  
Anonymous Todd Judkins said...


Stereotyping is a human trait. And everybody at one point or another forms an opinion be that of another human or an object. It's been around for ages and it will continue, so long as humans exist on Earth.

22 November, 2009 20:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's the best you can come up with in 4 months??

Ditto. And it's closer to 5 months.

23 November, 2009 10:51  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Of course the UAE officials would say the bulk of the business is for foreigners and not for the virtuous locals. As for the comment about sex buyers, do you really think accurate statistics are recorded by nationality? Do you really think locals would self-report involvement with prostitution in a survey? Statistics collected in these countries are meaningless.

Now what I want to know is if there's any demand for a Western man. If the price is right ...

23 November, 2009 19:31  
Blogger Desert Scorpion said...

Wow! Its been such a long time I gave up coming back to check if anything new had been posted.

Only to find this!

Come on SD, surely you can do better than 'Rich Arab men like Western Blondes'!!!!

Yeah yeah bored of the 'double standard/stereoptype stuff!!'

Have you been in lock up all this time?

If you havent already, read Alex McNabb, Fake Plastic Souk, if you need direction.

24 November, 2009 12:46  
Anonymous Anonymous said...
The arrogance came to bite Dubai back in the a..
That is what happens when you treat 80% of your population/customer base as non-existent. I would have made Dubai my home and invested in the country given the right laws and frame of mind.
Unfortunately, we were discarded and deemed unworthy of belonging.

26 November, 2009 09:47  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Talk about Pious. Whenever an expat lady gets her visa renewed, the health department by making her take an HIV test is implying that every expat woman be she your sister, mother, daughter, wife or a granny engages in unprotected sex with strangers. If it were a health issue, why aren't national women subjected to the same tests?

26 November, 2009 15:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The whole place is collapsing, get out now.

26 November, 2009 16:21  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"The whole place is collapsing, get out now."

The smart money got out long ago.

27 November, 2009 07:59  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Yes, that's the way to go isn't it? she is real smart subjecting herself to aids PLUS any other kinds of diseases you can get from even just kissing, ulcers, oral thrush, etc.. - all it takes is just one wrong person... long live that smart girl, ya, sure, that is what I would want to do with my one life- how very sad.

27 November, 2009 08:14  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry to go off subject but I think Dubai has a few more real problems right now than what some misguided girl thinks is a great career move, horizontally I am guessing.
The events of the last couple of days are quite staggering, the cynicism of the Rulers of Dubai, the timing of their announcement being unable to pay their debts on time was callous and the impact worldwide dwarfs the entire debt of Dubai.
The most significant thing to notice is that if you go to The Financial Times online the entire front page is devoted to the irresponsibility of Dubai, the disastrous handling by the Ruling Family, the future disastrous impact on Dubai, the articles go on and on.
If you go to Gulf News on line, it talks about Reorganisation of Dubai World and Investors maintaining confidence in Dubai. I know Dubai is built on fantasy but I think this is the time that Dubai faces up to the fact in public that they screwed up big time.
How very very sad that the dream is now a nightmare, but who did not see this coming, most Dubai watchers did.

27 November, 2009 15:15  
Anonymous Rashed said...

Anon above, I dont know how you couldnt comprehend the wise vision of HH Shaikh Mohammad. We trust our leaders' vision as they are men of honour and respect. The announcement was perfectly timed to ensure people would get time during the holidays to digest the news.

We are fully behind our wise rulers so dont speak of them as you dont have the right !

28 November, 2009 02:53  
Anonymous Offramp said...


First-off, learn how to speak in a non-programmed manner -- case(s) in point; wise, vision, trust, leaders, men, honour, respect, etc. -- It inclines me to believe that you're spewing out the usual fed-upon vomit that is so prevalent from the likes of you.

Second, your country has flown into the worst shit storm and instead of determining how you got yourselves into this shitty storm, your commending the vision of your leaders? Dude, wake up and smell the thorns!

Third, I suppose your an educated guy or gal. I say this based on the fact that you read blogs and know how to post a comment in a forum. So, for once demonstrate arrogance that would show the world that you have the balls to question your so-called 'revered' leaders that are keeping you happy with scraps of leftovers instead of a real meal unless of course you and your brethren are content with rotten leftovers?

Fourth, in a forum every person has the right to speak their mind where it's the duty of the likes of you to counter in an intelligent manner instead of telling someone to STFU. But if you still insist, then Hey, right back at ya -- with invisible obscenities of the highest order!

28 November, 2009 08:50  
Blogger secretdubai said...

Come on SD, surely you can do better than 'Rich Arab men like Western Blondes'!!!!

There is something more serious in tone I want to post, relating to the current meltdown, but I have to hold off for a another week or so. I will post it soon though.

28 November, 2009 20:01  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is something more serious in tone I want to post, relating to the current meltdown, but I have to hold off for a another week or so.

In a week, Dubai may have melted.

28 November, 2009 21:44  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

In a week, Dubai may have melted.

Not if Big Brother can help it not.

After all, it's gonna a prize catch!

28 November, 2009 22:41  
Anonymous CN8CUMN said...

Rashed, what vision? Are you blind as a bat?

Anon@28Nov_22:41… BB has already taken control. Macks lost. Prolly the new airport, seaport, RTA, Metro, etc. all part of BB empire as we speak. The announcement, reshuffle of execs, etc. all dictated and timed by BB.

29 November, 2009 10:36  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how does gaining all of dubai's assets benefit abu dhabi? they are all in dubai after all? i wonder if abu dhabi, the stupid rich emirate, realises that letting dubai default in payments will bring the down fall of the whole emirates and not just dubai, NO ONE will invest in the UAE ever again

29 November, 2009 19:06  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not surprised in anyway about the Dubai crash.
Property prices were higher than in Europe. It didn't have the necessary population to live in the million flats it built.
The villas are rubbish quality. Got to India,Pakistan,Iran look at the quality of housing, much better than a Dubai villa by Emaar/Nakheel.
Dubai will still be the best destination in Middle East, its better than Saudi etc.
But they cant pretend they are on the same level as Europe. In Europe you are protected by laws and you can make a business without a emirati partner/sponsor. Who wants to buy property in Dubai and live there? Too hot, nothing to do, no real arab culture, just spend money in malls everyday. Leave Dubai to arab gulf people, every other nationality should focus on business in Europe or US.

29 November, 2009 20:35  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Rashed, thanks for responding to my post. It only goes to prove that you guys are blindly following a clueless leadership into oblivion.
By not questioning what your leaders are doing and have done is so naive but also so unpredictable.
About your reference to the timing, do you not think that it was just the height of irresponsibilty for a miniscule city state to make an announcement then running to hide their heads in the sand and watch the world stock markets crash on the abominably timed announcement. The money lost on the markets dwarfs the whole debt of Dubai.
Nobody in the world financial markets will ever take the Dubaí rulers seriously again.
Also DIFC has lost every ounce of credibility it had, no clarity, no information and no chance left for Dubai.
Great Rulers, Great vision, I think not!!!

30 November, 2009 00:28  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

this site is as boring and overrated as dubai. u can get more juice on dubai by simply googling for it

06 December, 2009 02:49  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my God.
I just checked out her website.
She is now a fashion designer making hand-crafted knitted bikinis and underwear to the rich and famous - and promoting herself with her special charity to rescue poor lost dogs.

I wonder where she got her money from to promote herself as an international fashion designer to the rich and famous.

She is not even slightly good-looking.

I wonder what psychiatrists would say that means about how she feels about herself.

07 December, 2009 16:06  
Blogger Dubai Jazz said...

"Arab men are fascinated by Western women."

In this case, it's more like fascinated by western hookers.

12 December, 2009 10:04  
Anonymous Dubai City Information Guide said...

my favorite analogy of all is it that you cannot watch sexually stimulating videos on youtube but you can go down your hotel and find 3 hookers to sleep with within 5 minutes?

21 January, 2010 07:34  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Arabs would go for anything with legs and a dress.. but yes, they have a weakness for white flesh...

10 February, 2010 19:06  
Anonymous az@israel said...

in a real way most of arab men dont have any respect for western woman as they all are not muslim and not modest. this kind of *work* is a huge risk, and i dont belive it worth this money...

12 February, 2010 17:53  
Anonymous Dubai Escorts said...

One-hit-wonders like that story are more sweat, stereotypical ferrytales as realism. True, in rare cases they happen every now and then at every place in the world, but more realistic, Dubai is not the best place for escorting nowadays and not the reason why you should be here,if you don't like that country as well for other reasons...There are a lot countries were it is alot easier to get the mentioned million...but nowhere in units of 20.000 donations.-)

18 February, 2010 03:46  
Anonymous High class courtesan said...

...and true swedish man are the most sex buyers. They should do it outside the country though. There are ferries which have 35% of coustomers who weekly take a ride with a same-day-return, still the need a cabin - guess why.-)

18 February, 2010 03:49  
Anonymous Traveler said...

Form where to get £20,000 to spend in one night!!

08 April, 2010 23:15  
Anonymous Elva said...

Write a book.

18 June, 2010 01:34  
Anonymous blue_mirror said...

Who says this is a man's world ?


15 October, 2010 02:10  
Anonymous Philipp von Plato said...

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