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10 December, 2002

Heat is Sweet

The best thing about Dubai must be its glorious weather. Arguably the summer is too hot, though once your blood has thinned and your lungs relearn to breathe in 110F/50c heat it's bearable. Now it is midwinter, and after getting worryingly cool in mid-November - as low as 24c in the daytime - the mercury has surged back to a respectably warm 30c, with cool balmy evenings. And it never rains.

Today's press conference produced the worst food and the best present ever. In the dark corner donuts dripping with brown paint-like topping, dire Lebanesesque pastries, and some spongiform lifeform that appeared to be the descendent of school-canteen "cherry" sponge cake. In stolid, slab-like chunks.

In the happy corner: the coolest ever "credit card" style Victorinox swiss army knife. Admittedly the fattest credit card any wallet has ever seen, but it does have a blade, tweezers, a toothpick, nailfile, "quattro drive", and a long thing that appeared to be a stabbing implement, but claims to be a ballpoint pen.

I wonder how easy it will be to get it onto an aeroplane?

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