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23 January, 2003

All shopped out

Iraq's pavilion was again by far the best at the Global Village - a multitude of brilliantly coloured, extremely cheaply priced tribal rugs, stacks of oil paintings with delightfully lurid depictions of Arabia, and posters of The Last Great Tyrant all over the walls. None were available for purchase. But the man who sold me a very huge and beautiful carpet for just 120 dirhams has promised to give me a display one at the end of the festival.

Dined on chicken schwarmas and sharply sweet chilled tamarind juice scented with rosewater.

Fairground rides were even more exceptional this year - seeing the lights of Dubai and the ink-black sky spun upside down while swooping in a huge arc through the sky is magical.

Topped off the saturation shopping day with a trip to City Centre to meet Lola LebCan, who is boycotting the Global Village this year for some reason. Arrived back exhausted after carting the heavy tribal rug around on shoulder-top for most of the evening and night.

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