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22 January, 2003

The pain of rain

Aboriginal Australians believe rain is the Sky God making love to Mother Earth but to my mind it is the Almighty pissing on us. Even after eighteen months of near-total dessication the chilly drops are still very unwelcome, loathesomely reminiscent of the expat Homeland, wherever it may be.

Drove through the splattering drops to Dubai's nicest hotel, Emirates Towers, to meet Abu Dhabi's second highest British expat (after the Ambassador, as he modestly points out). 2HBE is on excellent form, and I head back to Little Bombay fully fed and fully briefed on the latest gossip from Abu Dhabi village.

Tomorrow is a special day taken off work to make the annual pilgrimage to Dubai's most sacred place: the Shopping Festival. Or more precisely the Global Village, where I am keen to visit the Iraqi pavilion for posters of Saddam which I intend to flog on ebay.

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