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27 March, 2003

Cracks in the Iron Curtain?

Last night, speedsurfing the internet at home via newly installed ADSL, was greatly alarmed to stumble upon two easy ways to access hardcore of all variety, despite the proXXXy server. Are chinks beginning to appear in its solid granite defences? The Viking tech - present to fix ADSL on the powerbook - was equally distressed, his normal defences to the shock of free western content quite broken down after a year or so of black-texta-censorship.

SHAC a little less shiny and happy these days, with three colleagues missing in Iraq. Other things trundle on, but the shadow increases every day.

Off to visit the King tonight, currently stopping over in Dubai to fly his girlfriend back to the UK for a long needed break. It seems that compared to Yemen's fun-party-nightlife scene, Riyadh is Ibiza.

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