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02 March, 2003

Farewell, Little Bombay

Goodbye to your dust and dirt, the crowded alleyways, the slum buildings, the litter piled thick in the streets, the increasingly pot-holed, unmetalled road with viciously exposed iron draincovers waiting to rip through car tyres.

Goodbye to the flocks of saris never bothering to move out of the way of moving vehicles, the bicycles driving straight into oncoming traffic, the babies screaming for hours down echoing hallways, the mega-decibel hacking and spitting outside my bedroom window, the leaning on car horns pre-dawn and post-midnight for minutes at a time.

I will miss the feral cats. Civilised by comparison.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't stop laughing. Funny stuff. Most of all, I can relate to everything you wrote.

27 June, 2005 10:19  

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