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01 August, 2003

Depths of Deira

Dubai is a quieter Emirate this month, with the sudden departure of Lola LebCan for the cooler climes of Montreal. But to liven things up, schoolteacher Margery has packed her carpet bag and arrived for another desperate attempt to nail an oil-rich dishdash.

Sorrows over the tragic and premature death of SHAC2 news were drowned out at Hibiki karoke bar at the Hyatt Regency. Career opportunities are everywhere in Dubai, so it was no surprise to get an "are you Russian?" offer of employment following us back from the bathroom. Margery was upset to discover this particular dishdash was searching for something considerably less committed than marriage.

But where there's life there's hope. If she can't score an oil sheikh, perhaps she'll make do with an oil worker at Jebel Ali Club instead.

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